Zelda and Myelin Sheaths on Wednesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday brought out players for live trivia in Maryland and Virginia!

Check out all the action below.


Hard Times Cafe – Arlington, VA

It was Opening Night at the newest venue for Pour House Trivia – the Hard Times Cafe right in the heart of Clarendon.  What a great set-up they have trivia!  We had a nice mix of new teams and PHT veterans, but all told, a field of ten teams battled it out for some trivia glory!  The lead changed hands several times throughout the night, but at the end of round three, our top three teams were separated by just three points.  Only one of those three teams were able to come up the correct response on the final, and that was Jimmy’s in Vegas!  Second place went to the aptly named It Ain’t Over ‘Til It’s Over, who jumped a few spots on the final, while third went to Two Girls and an Idiot.  We’ll begin next week with a question on the Sight and Sound Film Lists.  See you then!  ~ Matt



Applebees – Frederick, MD

The new season is off and running, and we had plenty of old faces in
the house, as well as a handful of new ones.  There was definitely a
bit more silliness tonight than usual.  During the game I somehow
ended up with a My Little Pony sticker on me, which prompted one team
to change their team name to Chad’s A Brony almost immediately (if you
don’t know what that term means, Google it).  I also got plenty of
bragging from teams about the Ravens losing (sad, I know…) and my
buddy almost winning the elimination league we’re in (told you I’d
give you a shout out Jenna!)

Tonight’s game started out asking about the band Iron Maiden, and to
show their readiness last week’s winners, Suck It Trebek, had at least
one member wearing an Iron Maiden t-shirt. After that we asked about
Penicillin and how it is NOT a psychoactive drug. Next was one on
entertainment headlines, this time asking about the new host for
Celebrity Apprentice’s upcoming season, which is none other than the
governator himself, Arnold Schwarzenegger.  After that was a question
about things that start with Z and end with A, so of course there was
a Zelda mention in it. After that was a question about the Greek
letter Zeta, and the African country of Zambia, although to be fair I
don’t think there’s another country in Africa that fits this
description.  Ending the round was a controversial question about the
card game Hearts, which is honestly very different to Spades; the only
difference I could find is that in Spades you bet on how many ‘tricks’
you will take, and there is none of that in Hearts.

In round two we started out with asking about bands with
‘mythological’ names, which were Styx, Incubus, and Imagine Dragons,
which are three terms that you don’t hear too often associated with
the word ‘mythological’.  Next we asked about George Washington and
the many folk tales that are associated with him.  Apparently he threw
a silver dollar across the Potomac River, which means he can throw
almost as far as Uncle Rico, who can throw a football clear over a
mountain!  Next was one about the young man Ahmed Mohamed who made his
own clock and brought it into school, prompting him to get arrested.
Of course this happened in Texas, where almost every crazy story seems
to originate, right up there with Florida.  I loved the question about
Sharknado 3, especially since the subtitle for the movie is “Oh Hell
No!” which is just ridiculous.  Ending the round was one about Jay Z
and his song “Hard Knock Life”, which sampled the song from Annie in
the track.

Halftime had the teams deciphering pictograms (or rebuses) to get the
name of the famous athlete that is pictured, as well as guessing which
company, Nestle/Mars/Hershey, makes several different popular candies.
After that was a question about one of the most underrated Cartoon
Network shows of all time in my humble opinion, Samurai Jack.  I
didn’t know Phil LaMarr was the voice of Jack, however, which
surprised me a little bit.  Then was a question about the statue of
Christ the Redeemer, which apparently was a joint effort by many
different churches in Brazil.  A difficult 3 clues/ 1 athlete question
followed, with a few teams pulling out Bob Gibson, although nobody got
the bonus for guessing early.  Ending that round, however, was a
question about Rehab, the hit song by Amy Winehouse off the album Back
to Black.

I liked tonight’s 6-4-2 question about Dos Equis, especially since
Jonathan Goldsmith is a name that people should know but don’t after
how popular the character has been.  Nobody got there, however, until
we gave the fact about the German creator who moved to Mexico, hence
the Spanish name.  Then in round four we started with a question about
idioms, this time on the origin of the idiom ‘to pass with flying
colors’, which was based on the colored flags used by ships to
indicate if they were successful or not on missions.  Airport codes,
always a fun category, came next; this time we asked about JFK airport
(a bit of a softball, sure) and Orchard Field, which is now O’Hare in
Chicago, and the Paris airport, which has the code of CDG to honor
Charles de Gaulle.  The 90s films question was next, this one being
about the classic comedy My Cousin Vinny, and about the judge in the
film, who might be better known as Herman Munster, the legendary Fred
Gwynne.  A difficult A+B=C question followed, asking about all the
states that start with the letter ‘S’ (South Dakota and South
Carolina) and all the different parts of speech other than articles,
which there are eight of.  I don’t feel like listing them all here.
Ending the round was a bit of a confusing one for some teams, since
the SSA wasn’t established until the 1930’s, although the question
asked about popular first names in the 1880’s that are both prominent
in the Bible.  This confusion caused some teams to sadly talk
themselves out of answers, which was unfortunate, but the answers are
Mary and John.

The final question tonight was about famous speeches, and several
teams were able to get the correct answer and change the final
standings around a bit.  Third place went to the Carolina Reapers, who
had the lead throughout the whole game but slipped a bit on the final.
Second place tonight went to Dalek Dance Party who managed to jump
over several teams on a correct answer.  Winning tonight’s game,
making it a repeat for them, congrats to Suck it Trebek on back to
back wins!  Next week we start out with a question about the reality
show Teen Mom, so that should be fun stuff.  I will see you all again
next week!

Until next time,


Newcomers and pub trivia veterans gathered into Barefoot Bernie’s Wednesday for some live trivia craziness. we even had a first date (msday for some live trivia crazinesshat trivia night makes the perfect first date – it gets you talking, having fun, yelling and screaming at each other cuz you wanted to bonus sports and she wanted change a letter – you know the story! It makes the perfect fertile ground for a love connection 🙂

Pour House Trivia Live Trivia Maryland

In addition to the matchmaking service we ran this evening, WOW!!! What a game! It was a good, fun set of trivia questions. I think my Top 3 favorites were:
Penicillin – I mean, it gets rid of stuff
Zelda – I’ve now vowed to meet a gal named Zelda and live happily, ever after
Myelin Sheath – reminds me of college days

Pour House Trivia Live Trivia Maryland

It was a pretty steady game until round 4 hit. That’s when the scoreboard went wacky. We did some pre-final musical chairs. But when the final Q was asked it was decided already that “Move Bif Get Out the Way” would enjoy the 1 spot! Good job y’all! And congrats to our Top 3 tonight as well – great game!

20150923_221810.3 20150923_221853.2 20150923_221955.1

Thanks for playing tonight everyone – fun times for sure. Next week we have been invited to all go an (re)watch the movie SEVEN for next week’s Winner’s Choice question. Until then, “what’s in the box?” Love ya 🙂 See ya next Wednesday! DG

Pour House Trivia Live Trivia Maryland


Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

If you don’t know about Belles on Wednesdays, then you just don’t know – Mary and Joseph!. After some somewhat distracting male necklines, we got the game going – even with the cray cray fair traffic!

I was quite excited after the final- only one team got it right, and it pushed them from 4th in to 1st! Flight Level Awesome, previously league of nerds, previously Damn you Hugh Jackman, previously Escapees- It was the very first time I got to give you a first place coo-pon! Mr. Big socks got you last time and I was a good bit jealous. 2nd went to Wednesday (See, better late than last) and 3rd went to Roc Pile- as a Duo! Impressive! I was impressed when the disaster film question all I said were the actor and actress, with the bonus and you all didn’t even want to hear the question. Apparently I am missing out.

I’ll make sure to see it if Sharknado ever does a Sharks take Manhatten, hehe. Next week you start out with Constantly changing sports teams (Relocation of sports teams) Study up!


Pour House Trivia Live Trivia Maryland



Tonight’s game featured our regular crowd (minus last week’s winners, though we were blessed with their first round category choice “My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic”), playing for season 12 points and weekly prizes.

The Gold Team was here tonight after a solid 3rd place finish at the Summer Tournament, perhaps they’ve found their groove? A groove that took them all summer to hit? Tonight’s game would be able to back that up or not. Though the Gold Team were coming off their high finish, it was Chuck Rodent who were the best team in the place tonight, holding the lead for most of the game and locking up the win with a correct response on the final! Only a few teams were able to get the final question correct, and they were awarded with the top 3 finish! 2nd place, a bit of a come from behind finish for Pegging Patschak, and 3rd to Strangers have the best Candy! Great game tonight, back in a week with more season 12 action! Until then 😉

1st Place: Chuck Rodent
2nd Place: Pegging Patschak
3rd Place: Strangers have the best Candy

Next week: Caddyshack (Why do people love picking this category so much?)

Caddyshack trivia pour house pub trivia maryland




Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD


Yet another awesome night with my Memories Charcoal House Family!

It was definitely a rowdy one tonight! There was some yelling, some flailing, some running, and a healthy dose of laughter.

An excellent game unfolded throughout the night, and the scores looked a little something like this: In third place were my lovely Men & Pausers, who are nothing if not consistent 😉 In second place with one of just a few correct final answers – Our newly renamed Polyamorous Virgins!! (I’m sensing a theme here!) In the first place prize, not to be de-throned was So, What Had Happened Was with a NEARLY PERFECT GAME!! Very impressive!!

Their choice of first category for next week? FLOWERS!! See you next Wednesday!

– Torie


 Famous Flowers Pub Trivia Maryland




The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Tonight’s trivia game at The Tavern got pretty exciting by the end of round 3 and stayed that way until the final question was answered. At first it was looking like one team was gonna run away with the win, but after round 3 their lead had shrunk to 7 points and then to only 5 points at the end of round 4! The chance for a comeback victory now rested with how you wagered, and being right or wrong… In 3rd place tonight was Moving Forward! With a great second half comeback stopped short, (both they and the team leading answered the final correctly) 2nd place went to Suck It Trebek!! It started getting close but they held on for the 1st place finish,  John Lithgow’s Fan Club!!! Their pick for next Wednesdays winners choice is “Towns in Oregon”, so good luck with that, and we’ll see everyone back next week at The Tavern!!!   ~  Jon J


Coming soon!


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

It’s starting to get a bit chilly out there on the patio, as I had a few players shivering while handing in their answers here at VG! Fall is coming!

Great game of live trivia though, and kudos was given to tonight’s NHL question.

Here are the results of tonight’s action:

Southpaw Fish in 1st

Stupid Sexy Flanders in 2nd

Shake Weight in 3rd

Join me back here again next week, where our first category will be the Beatles.

~ Ronnie

Beatles Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland