You’ll never be persona non grata to Pour House Trivia! Monday roundup!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday night included five venues of wild live trivia action!

Fun (And actually true, for once) fact of the night: 

Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse of the Heart” was written by Jim Steinman, who wrote Bat Out of Hell for Meatloaf, and was part of a vampire musical!

Think about that the next time you’re falling in love, or falling apart 🙂

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Check out the games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Thanks again to all the teams who patiently waited as I was mired in stand still traffic, you are all certainly the best!

It took a tiebreaker to settle first tonight, and it was Rubber Sheets Club who came out on top, with Defenders of the Constitution taking 2nd.

A new team, H.R. Puff N Stuff was our 3rd place team tonight. We are certainly on next week for a little Labor Day live trivia, and our first category will be Led Zeppelin!

~ Ronnie

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Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Man, oh man, what a great night of live trivia at the Greene Turtle!

We keep adding new teams to our list, and a few old teams showed up tonight after a bit of a layoff.

It’s always fun to see who’s going to arrive!

The final question mixed things up a bit, as teams were sliding all over the leaderboard after that query! 

It’s Just Toothpaste took home third when all was said and done, followed by Chances Aren’t in second, and winning thanks to a smart final wager, I’m Just Here For The Free Water!

They have chosen a first category of Robin Williams, which we’ll use to kick things off on Labor Day!

See ya then!


robin williams trivia


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game featured One Crow Short of a Murder shooting off to a commanding lead from which it did not look back. They led by double digits most of the game, solidifying their win before the final question was even read!  Grats to One Crow! 2nd place went to a well fought game by South Paw Fish, as a duo, and 3rd went to Much More Deeper!  Good game guys, we’ll be back next week for our last week of summer before our 10th World Series season begins! W e’ll see ya there!
1st Place:     One Crow Short of a Murder
2nd Place:    South Paw Fish
3rd Place:     Much More Deeper
Next week’s category:     “Scrubs”
Scrubs Trivia Pour House Pub trivia maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

It was a relatively quiet night at the Roast House, which means we were only down to a dull roar; it’s ALWAYS a party at the Roast House!

With all veteran, regular teams, it meant the smack talk was flying early. It would die down quickly though, in what would turn into one of the toughest nights Roast House has seen.

Highlights of the night:

I’m sorry School’s Out, my Latin is a bit rusty, but somehow I don’t think S***o Outta Lucko is actually Latin. I could be wrong though…

The award for most gutwrenching answer of the night went to Hart of Dixie. Few teams got a correct answer, but several knew the bonus: unfortunately none of them got the correct answer to earn that 2-point bonus :-/
The final question saw 5 different answers come in. What would that do to the standings?
Multiple Scoregasms and Brain Freeze were tied for first going into the final. However, as it turned out, no one got the correct answer! That said, because of some strategic wagering, we did have a top three decided!

In third place, came School’s Out Frederick! Good game guys, it was a tough night; way to hang in there.

In second, came Multiple Scoregasms! Great game guys, tough break on the final.
With a defensive wager, Brain Freeze took it down! Congratulations guys, way to go!
Brain Freeze has decided to kick it 80s style and have chosen John Hughes 80s movies as their first round category for next week! So for all you brains, athletes, basket cases, princesses, and criminals, borrow your dad’s convertible and a bunch of your geeky sidekicks and come on back next week.
Until then,
Sixteen Candles Trivia Maryland


Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

After just a few weeks at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon, we’ve got our regular crew established, and our top teams were clustered tightly at the top of the leaderboard as we headed into the final question.  No one could come up with the correct response (although several teams crossed out the correct answer), and so it was Liquor? I Hardly Know Her hanging on for the win.  Sorry Folks Park’s Closed took second with Korner Bar in third.  Next week begins with a question on the Gemini / Apollo Space Programs.  ~ Matt

Apollo Space Trivia Arlington