” ‘You quizzed on my best shirt!’ – and other stories of Thursday pub trivia night.”

The teams threw it down tonight for a couple hours in MD and Va. The Maryland and Virginia teams are ready for some World Series action this Saturday! I personally can’t wait for this to go down.

Champions – Frederick, Maryland

Tonight’s trivia festivities started out at Champions Sports Bar in Frederick, MD. 21 teams gathered in tonight to battle wits and gather some momentum for this Saturday. It was Vitrifiers who earned an early lead and protected it nicely right on into the winners circle. And that was no easy feat with last seasons World Series winners, Stink Floyd,  right on your tail. In fact, Stink played with only one member tonight so that was uhh…pretty insane to take 2nd Place as a solo against 20 other teams! Rock it Stink! 3rd Place was earned by Carlos Danger’s Junk with a dynamo little jump from behind on the final question. Great, great game everyone! I wish all of you GOOD LUCK this Saturday at World Series 8. 

However it plays out, I will see you next Thursday night at Champions for our opening night of Season 9. And the Vitrifiers have invited us all to study up on a little “The Carrie Diaries” TV show trivia to start off our brand new season! Have fun working on that one 🙂 dg

The Carrie Diaries at bar trivia

Shooter McGees – Alexandria, Va.

Always much love to the wonderful teams and staff at Shooter McGees, and our Thursday night game was a real close one! Dumps Like a Truck has put together a full team and it showed tonight as they pulled out an impressive win! Sorry Folks, Parks Closed paid a visit to our game and rolled into to 2nd while Humantaray came on over to Shooter’s from another venue to take 3rd! See you all next week, where our first category for Season 9 will be Division 1 College Mascots! Good luck at the World Series Saturday! ~ Ronnie

Main St. Oyster House – Bel Air, MD

It sure was cold outside in Bel Air Maryland, but the trivia game inside Main Street Oyster Bar helped warm it up a bit!!!! New comers to the joint “Wax on Whats up” took the top slot with 140, leaving Balls So Hard at 2nd place with 135, If we only had a brain was back from their break taking our 3rd place slot at 115. Wax on Whats up wants to see questions about BEER next week, I think every new relationship should start off this way. Stay Warm, and good luck to our Bel Air teams at the World Series, Do me proud!— Nat
beer trivia company

Guidos – Frederick, MD

Getting warmed up for the World Series this Saturday was a grand old time tonight at Guido’s! We had TNC fill out the top spots tonight by snagging third place! In second was We Made A Huge Mistake, making a huge comeback! In first was the team-to-beat, Col.Angus@clownpenis.fart! Their choice for first category next week…a nebulous one:  1 CLUE, 3 WORDS!! See you at the World Series, guys!! Then again next week, THURSDAY at Guido’s !! ~Torie

Fish Market – Alexandria, Va.

Lots of new trivia teams tonight here at Virginia’s coolest trivia bar: Fish Market. And great times were had by all! Among a crowd of new faces, our veteran team Gone Squatchin’ went down hard in the first round but kept fighitng back! After being in dead last after 5 questions, they pulled themselves together to take the lead going into the final. After a correct answer, Gone Squatchin’ secured the comeback win! Congrats to them. 2nd place finishers were a new team, a duo, named Hydrolic Frolic, who sniped the final answer and jumped ahead a few spaces! 3rd place went to a new team as well, Let’s Get Beiber Drunk. Great game, fun times. And it’s all coming back next week, Thursday night, here at the Fish Market for our debut of SEASON 9! We will start off with the category of: World War 2
Thanks, see y’all soon!- Bill
1st: Gone Squatchin’
2nd:Hydrolic Frolic
3rd:Let’s Get Beiber Drunk

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Bunkers, you were rockin tonight with 13 teams battling it out! We even saw some new faces, and one of those new faces managed to sneak in to 3rd! Nice job Combustible Lemons! You also get a formal nod from me for a fantastic team name. 2nd were our heartstrings story of the night.. .Fanilows! I got to announce you in 1st! Twice! The final took a toll though and you fell to 2nd while the ever present gentlemen of Indians war whooped their way in to a win! Great game! Good luck this weekend to my teams at the World Series and I will see you next week for the first night of Season 9 and a category of Jack Nicholson. ~Samantha

jack nicholson bar trivia company question