You Have Ten Seconds to Comply with Weekend Trivia!

Last weekend’s games of Pour House Trivia welcomed 47 teams across five venues.


Saturday’s game kicked off with a look at this TV title character:

Both weekend games featured an early Three Clues question about a Hollywood star, as we quizzed our teams on some of the lesser-known facts concerning Julie Andrews and Bradley Cooper.  The most difficult question of the first half was asked during Friday’s first round, as only 37% of the field could recall the song “Hot Hot Hot” by Buster Poindexter.  Three teams recorded a perfect first round score, all of whom were playing at Belles’ on Saturday night: Rumble in the Bronx, Smarty Pants, and Demented and Sad But Social.


We threw it back 230 years during Friday’s audio question, as we listened to “A Little Night Music” by Mozart.  The high brow questions did not escape our Saturday teams, as we asked this query on the subject of literary opening lines:

–> Published in 1850, which Charles Dickens novel opens with the line: “Whether I shall turn out to be the hero of my own life, or whether that station will be held by anybody else, these pages must show.”?

Just over half of our Saturday teams correctly responded with “David Copperfield”.  Moving quickly from high brow to low brow, we closed Saturday’s first half with a look at this classic TV show:

Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (Springfield Manor) posted the only perfect score of the second round.


Friday’s halftime page asked our teams to identify the film work of Harold Ramis (both in front of and behind the camera), while our Saturday teams got into the Mother’s Day spirit by naming celebrity mothers.  Five teams earned a perfect score of 20 points while the overall average landed at 16.3 points.  Here is the weekend leaderboard at the halftime break:


Third round topics from last weekend included TV show episode titles, the human body, and this video game series:

While our Friday teams struggled to remember the ingredients in a Tom Collins cocktail, our Saturday teams were given a pair of wicked questions that were each loosely related to films:

–>  After starring in a 1997 film which portrayed Chinese military officers in a negative light, which A-list actor was once banned from entering China?

–> Dating back to movie editing houses of the 1920’s, which phrase is used in common parlance to mean “discuss the most pertinent issue”?

In each case, less than 25% of our Saturday teams gave us a correct answer.  The first answer was Brad Pitt (as a result of the film “Seven Years in Tibet”), while the second was “cut to the chase”.  None of our weekend teams scored 36 points in the third round.


Final round topics from last weekend included Olympic diving, Beatles song titles in other words, and the career achievements of this Hall of Fame slugger:

Kyle’s Angels (Springfield Manor) posted the only perfect score of the fourth round.  These were your highest scoring weekend teams heading into the final question:

FRIDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (50.0% success rate):

–> In addition to being the name of a 1990s music group, which phrase was first used as a reference to press liaisons after the 1984 Reagan-Mondale debates?

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (37.5% success rate):

–> Inspired by a Twitter post claiming that “since Philadelphia has a statue of Rocky; Detroit needed one that could kick Rocky’s butt”, an 11-foot bronze statue depicting what title film character is set to go on permanent display at the Michigan Science Center?

The correct answers to these questions were Spin Doctors and RoboCop.  Congratulations to Little Lebowski Urban Achievers (Springfield Manor), who posted the only Perfect 21 of the weekend by answering all wagering questions correctly.  Here is your final weekend leaderboard:


Springfield Manor Winery in Thurmont, MD:  Little Lebowski Urban Achievers   (Next week’s first category: Australian Prime Ministers)

Black Walnut at P.B. Dye in Ijamsville, MD:  Four Pours and Seven Beers Ago  (NEXT GAME ON MAY 24 – First category: Marvel Comics Characters)

Vanish Brewery in Leesburg, VA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK   (NEXT GAME ON MAY 17 – First category: “Community”)

Whole Foods Market in Ashburn, VA:  Four and a Half   (NEXT GAME ON JUNE 14 – First category: “The Office”)

868 Estate Vineyards in Hillsboro, VA:  ON HIATUS   (NEXT GAME ON MAY 25 – First category: History of Wine)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Rumble in the Bronx   (Next week’s first category: Brand Name Origins)

Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD:  Irish Beer Mafia   (Next week’s first category: Batman)