You Demand a Trial by Trivia? We Give You a Trial by Trivia!


It was a knockdown, drag out, stabby, Game of Trivia on what turned out to be a beautiful Friday night! A whopping 18 teams packed into Belles’ in order to partake in one of our much anticipated specialty theme games. Tonight’s theme: Game of Thrones (TV show specifically). Oh, and if it wasn’t already stated about a special game of trivia for a still-on-the-air TV show: SPOILER ALERT! TURN BACK ALL YE WHO WISH THINGS NOT BE SPOILED!

With that out of the way – a Word from our Sponsor:

george martin live trivia

As with most of our theme nights, the team names (mostly) reflected the show and some got especially juicy.
Some personal favorites:
The Red Wedding Cake
Hung Like Varys
Littlefinger’s Littlefinger
Army of Bastards
And many more, including a few cameos from a few teams who ended up not playing, like Quick Pink and Vine Gang and FnQ. Everyone was interested in the Game of Thrones action, even if not all played. 
The armies were organizes and we began to march through our game…
Tongues were waggled with the skill of Jon Snow – Ygritte was talking about him having a silver tongue, right? What did she mean by that? 😉
Teams collected points like Daenerys Targaryen collects armies – A girl has GOT to accessorize, right?!
Everyone was at the top of their Game of Thrones games. It was bloodier than the Red Wedding! At halftime, we had an average puzzle page score of 18/19!! Every single team was out for the crown and for blood. 
Even the joke answers got intense! One in particular got VERY spicy- I won’t repeat it but trust me, it was a doozy. Of course it turned out to be a bit of a misunderstanding, but I’ll still be keeping my eye on Phlitches from now on, playing under the name Hodor last night – I’m on to you ladies!! 😉
And speaking of Hodor, what the gamesmiths thought was a solid 6 point clue reeled in more than half the teams with the correct answer! We had some true super fans out there it would seem, and the scores reflected it.

Finally, after a fun 4 rounds of trivia, we reached the final questions Some teams had taken a few knicks, others had lost a hand or two, some had been forced to fight Gregor Clegane, and one or two survived the Red Wedding. But unlike tonight’s theme namesake, we DID have a winner of the Game of Thrones!

In third place, came team Spam, Eggs, Bacon, and Spam! Well done guys, and congrats for making off with a steal of a prize; Denny Grizzle, gamesmith Chad Bartholomew, and I were all drooling over that mousepad! 😛

game of thrones live trivia
In second place, with my hands down favorite team name of the night, Michael of House Bolton! A hard fought match guys, well played! 
game of thrones live trivia

But taking the crown, now seated comfortably atop the Iron Throne with a shiny new set of shot glasses and a very fancy Behind-the-Scenes book, leading the game all night was Jaime’s Fisted Sister! Congratulations guys and gal on an excellent game of trivia! Westeros is yours!

game of thrones live trivia

Thank you all for playing tonight! I Great times all around!

Until next time, Valar Morghulis.