You Can’t Top Terrific Tuesday Trivia!

Our Tuesday night game was back in action for the new year, as most of our teams breezed through the first half, but a couple of rather interesting second half questions led to a shift in the standings before our final question.  For most teams, they will not be able to ‘unlearn’ the derivation behind the French word ‘bidet’.  We finished off the night with a little pronunciation guide (or mis-pronunciation?) from the world of sports.  On to the nightly recap:

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (87 teams across 12 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South) with 173

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Poovey Farms (Tilted Kilt) with 163

–> Highest First Half Score: Drunk and Disorderly (Cugini’s), Poovey Farms (Tilted Kilt), Wingardium Triviosa (Quincy’s South), Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South), BTW (Quincy’s South) with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Hillary Did Harambe (Capitol City Brewing)

–> The halftime page played on the easier side tonight, scoring an average of 18.2, with about 30% of our teams scoring 20 points.

–> About 40% of our teams scored six points on the 6-4-2 question by knowing Gayla Peevey scored a hit with the 1950s song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (26.9% success rate):

–> In most contexts, this six-letter word is pronounced with a hard “C”.  The exception is in a sports context, where it’s pronounced with a soft “C” instead.  What is this word?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Whole Foods Market in Ashburn, VA

Ah my family!  It’s always lovely to see you.  It was a close game from all of my regulars.  We had a fast paced, intense game covering a wide array of topics.  While Kelly’s Heroes was in the lead for a good portion of the game, it was Taco Tuesday who came away with a steal on the final question, as they were the ONLY team to come up with the correct answer.  What a great finish!  Here are your final standings:

First Place:  Taco Tuesday

Second Place:  Kelly’s Heroes

Third Place:  Mindbenders

Our next game will be Feb. 7th, and our first category for that game will be a Dolly Parton Audio clue.

See you then!

~ Zach

Dolly Parton Trivia


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

On the tenth day of Christmas, Cap City gave to me:

Eleven teams a-playing!  Ten Disney remakes!  Nine floral pictures!

Eight dead Harambes!  Seven hungry hippos!  Six James Bond actors!

Fiiiiive gold bideeets!!!!!  Four illegal ferrets!  Three Million People…

Two Valley Girls, and a third straight win for the Hillbillies!

Carols aside, it was a seriously thrilling night – three teams (the Hillbillies, Goofballs, and “Three Million People Can’t Be Wrong”) were tied for first after the halftime sheet.  The “Three Million” missed their five-point bonus on that tricky Bermuda Triangle question, though, leaving them at a serious disadvantage through the second half.  The sports-wordplay Final separated the winner’s circle from the rest: Harambe and the God Complex Particles surged up from the middle of the pack, and the Hillbillies locked down their first three-peat win this season!  Will they make it four next week?  Come out and see!  Your top three:

First Place:  I Want My $2 (a.k.a. Capital Hillbillies)

Second Place:  Hillary Did Harambe

Third Place:  God Complex Particles

Next week’s first category:  Boston Celtics History

~ Austin

Boston Celtics Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

It was our first game of 2017, and if this was any indication – it’s going to be a good year!  We had 13 teams full of smiling faces who marched on in to do battle at Champions tonight.  Maybe your new year’s resolution was to finally learn the periodic table?  Hmm?  I know we all learned a few things tonight, personally I liked the fact that there are as many constellations as there are keys on a piano.  Poetic and fitting, no?

Talk about poetic and fitting – that final question!  Comebacks all over the place, and a damn good shake up on that leader board.  Halfway to a Threesome had been in the lead going in but their strategic wager was not quite strategic enough and they fell to third place.  Second place went to Charlie and the Vodka Factory, who now have TWO things to celebrate tonight – they were super excited to hear NPH was going to be on Netflix…  Finally, first place tonight went to a team who are not strangers to the top podium – it’s a good thing they are not scared of heights!  And We’re All Out of Bubblegum!  Next week we start off with Pacific Islands.  Have a good week!

~ Sam

Pacific Islands Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

Here we are back again for the first game of 2017 for these fine players here at Cugini’s in Poolesville.  In the spirit of New Year’s, we opened with a question about Dick Clark, followed up by our own Chesapeake Bay, and “The Great One” in the world of ice hockey.  Round two covered vodka, precious stones, and an upcoming Disney re-make.  Our third round featured ferrets (which are AWESOME pets btw), and a Brad Pitt baseball film.  For our final round we examined a document coined as a precursor to our own Constitution and French device which guarantees you’ll be squeaky clean if you use it properly.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Never Mind

Second Place:  MoMo

Third Place:  Five Must Get Beers

Next week’s first category:  Maryland

~ Ronnie

Maryland Trivia


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

In tonight’s game we started things off with a category called “Chad Performs Hamilton”.  Now anyone who knows me should know that I absolutely love “Hamilton”, so that was no sweat for me to figure something out.  It ended up being pretty fun and actually pretty tough, as only a few teams managed to pick up points on it.  There was also a minor Hamilton reference on tonight’s halftime page, where teams were asked to match different awards to the people who won them in 2016.  One of the answers was Lin Manuel Miranda, who won the Pulitzer Prize for Drama for writing Hamilton.  The game was not without drama either, with several lead changes and even somebody temporarily leaving their team after they were ignored on the Magna Carta question!  Sometimes trivia is serious business!

The final question for tonight was a sporty wordplay game, and ended up with only one team getting it right (and they got it almost immediately too!).  It was funny because they are definitely NOT the sports team, although they DID get a sports question right earlier, though to be fair that was pretty much a movie question too, asking about Moneyball.  The changes on the final led to third place going to Suck It Trebek, second place went to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, and the win tonight goes to Black Steel!  Congrats!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Next week’s first category:  1990s Disney Music (AUDIO)

Disney Music Trivia


Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

Teams were hungry for trivia after a long weekend, and devoured our first set of 2017. As all eyes look towards World Series, we do have a few more games left in the regular season to attend to.

As teams worked through our game, scores stayed close and competitive. In the end though, enough of a gap had emerged to lock up our final three.

First Place: Poovey Farms

Second Place: Hookers and Blackjack

Third Place: The Trivia Knight

Poovey Farms selected “Saga” as next week’s first category. Get to reading, and I’ll see you next week!

~ Nick

Saga Comic Book Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

Our first game of Pour House Trivia of 2017 is in the books for Senor Tequilas!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Don’t-Overthink-It-Guys”: The Chesapeake Bay question has most of the teams very suspicious at how seemingly easy the question was, many teams waiting to the buzzer to discuss before turning it in.  Guys, sometimes it really is just an easy one for you.  No need to be so paranoid!

In “All-Beauty-No-Beast”: The Beauty and the Beast question tonight saw everyone get their wager, and know that Emma Watson was playing Belle, but the Beast’s actor eluded most of the teams.  The tale of who is playing him I guess isn’t as well known as the tale as old as time…

In “A-Bid-What??”: The bidet question through the entire field for a loop tonight, and I don’t even think I have that good of an explanation for them!  That one was really tough!  It shook things up right at the last minute too!

In third place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, Quiz in My Pants!

In first place tonight, Beer Pressure!

Next week we will kick the game off with a Therapists question; study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Dr. Katz Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

It is now evident that the holiday break is over, for at least most of our players. Milwaukee Beers made an appearance after an absence and a butt-kicking. How’d it end up? Read on.

(In Buzzfeed Style) 10 Reasons Fireflies is the best venue:

10.  There’s always competition, even on those few night when participation is lower than usual.

9.  The special flatbreads are AWESOME.


8.  Chief is the best host in the PHT universe.

7.  Happy Hour extends to 1930 (that’s 7:30, civilians), just as we’re getting underway in trivia.

6.  There’s healthy competition.  Always.

5.  Mrs. Chief occasionally appears as a ringer, to whatever team recognizes her brilliance and beauty.


4.  Danny makes a damned fine pizza.

3.  We get newcomers all. the. time.

2.  Live music, comedy and drag shows —of all things — break up the pre- and post-trivia monotony.


1.  Chief is the best damned host in the @pourhousetrivia universe.  Speaking of which!  Check out our website or FB page for details about the World Series:  or

Your top finishers for the week:

First Place:  NEWCOMERS Peak Mariah with a clear 4-pt margin!

Second Place:  Milwaukee Beers (it’s clear now that the one-week vacation hurt you)

Third Place:  Spanish Inquizition

Next week’s first category: “The Office”

As always, friends and competitors, fair winds!

~ Chief

The Office


Quincy’s in Bethesda, MD

FINALLY! At long last, Pour House Trivia has addressed one of my biggest pet peeves with an entire question devoted to the pronunciation of the word “Celtic”.  There is only one correct way to pronounce it and SPOILER ALERT, the Boston basketball team AIN’T IT!  To quote Louis C.K., “Boston doesn’t have an accent.  It’s just an entire town of people pronouncing things wrong”.  Pahk the cah and come at me, bros!

But I digress…

Team Skylar took the top spot tonight just narrowly edging WCHS Alumni down to second.  Team Jams rounded out the group with a solid third place finish.  Next week’s winner’s choice category is ’90s R&B hits – we’ll see you next week!

~ Eric

1990s R&B Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

A whopping nine teams kicked of the new year right by battling it out over trivia at the Blue Parrott on Tuesday.  But while many hoped 2017 would bring them luck, one team stole all the glory, staging one of the best comebacks the Parrott has ever seen.

Romeo’s Revenge finished the first round tied with three other teams for fifth place.  But they slowly clawed the way to the top, dominating their opponents without missing a single question in the second or third rounds.  Ultimately, it was their knowledge of hard and soft “C”s that won them the day!  Congrats to all who competed. We’ll see you next week!


Here are your final standings:

First Place:  Romeo’s Revenge

Second Place: Quizknows

Third Place:  Memphis Blues

Winner’s Choice: University of Michigan history

~ Caitlin

University of Michigan Trivia


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

It was the most hyped final in Pour House Trivia history.  It was dubbed a shining gem of a question.  “We should have saved this one for the World Series,” said PHT owner Denny Grizzle.

And no one got it.

But, that’s the way the cookie crumbles sometimes over here at Pour House Trivia.  They’re not all winners, but Sad and Demented but Social sure is!  They took home 20 big world-series points.  Close behind was Sloppy Seconds, followed by 3rd Quarter Nose Dive.

The one thing we all learned tonight, though, was that Mbube by Lady Black Mambaza could be the greatest pop song ever recorded.  Stay hungry (like the wolf), my friends.

~ Colin

Next week’s first category:  Duran Duran

Duran Duran Trivia


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

The first game of the new year here at Quincy’s and we still have one of the most competitive games on the PHT circuit!  All of our veteran teams returning after the great holiday weekend, tonight was the time to prove who was the best of the bunch!  Last week we saw Wingardium Triviosa pull their first win of the season against a strong field, they looked to duplicate that result tonight!

Going into the half, the scores were MIGHTY tight as we saw a three-way tie in the lead with Sofa King Smart, Wingardium Triviosa, and Screaming Death Monkey, all of whom had PERFECT scores!  Uncle Jack trailed by two after missing just a single two-point bonus in the first half, they’d look to bounce back in the 3rd round.

Round 3 played tough for a good portion of the field, though our top teams were able to remain ahead.  Uncle Jack was able to move forward, picking up a two-point bonus on the Bermuda Triangle question, while Wingardium Triviosa dropped a bit.  Sofa King Smart also fell back a bit and as we entered the final, it was Uncle Jack who had climbed into the lead, though they were in a dead heat, even with Wingardium Triviosa!

The final tonight played tougher than the usual question.  Only three teams picking up points on the final. Uncle Jack missed while WT managed a get, so the winners tonight are Wingardium Triviosa!  Second place went to Sofa King Smart, while third place went to the OTHER team with a get: Ramblin’ Amblers!  Great game guys!  Playoff invites go out next week, make sure to come get those!  Good luck!!

Next week’s first category: Russian Composers

Russian Composers Trivia