Yo Quiero Tuesday Pour House Trivia! And other assorted references.

Pour House pub trivia is here to help you continue to ease back into the post-holiday work week!

Our old pal Bill “Freakin'” Murray popped up in our set after he grabbed some headlines this week by crashing a bachelor party and giving some sage advice. If you haven’t seen it, check it out: http://theconcourse.deadspin.com/bill-murray-crashes-bachelor-party-gives-awesome-speec-1581953280

It’s pretty wonderful..

Put your VULCANIZED RUBBER on the road, and screech your way through tonight’s roundup! (I’m sorry, that joke was terrible.)

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Tonight could have been any team’s game of pub quiz at Champions. There was a five-way tie for first at the end of round one.
With several lead changes throughout there was only one point separating first and second at the end of rounds two and three.
With a strategic final wager Thundercats held the lead by one point and took first with Doomed in two and a tie between Wiseacres and Jungle Fever for third.
Fortunately we did not have to hold a tiebreaker for third as Jungle Fever had too many players in the game.
Thundercats enjoyed the final question so much that they chose Elvis Potpourri as the first category for next week. 
Elvis Pour House Trivia Maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Man that was one hell of a thunderstorm that moved through Poolesville this evening, and yet the trivia players came out to Cugini’s for a fun night of live trivia!
It took a tiebreaker to settle the game and it was Neverlands that came out on top.
MoMo was right there with them and took 2nd, and Belligerent Midgets rolled easily into 3rd.
Remember, the first letter in the word GROUT is G, and our first category for next week is Mel Brooks films!
~ Ronnie
[th_youtube id=’iLNQv19YpG4′ name=’Mel Brooks Pub Quiz Maryland’]


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Even with the threat of no power, teams showed up to Hollywood to defend their title in a round of pub quiz.
Pinky and the Brain took the third place slot with 130, followed by If We Only had a Brain with 131 and Team Freedom maintained their hold on the first place slot with 144.
First category is the New York Rangers.
New York Rangers Live Trivia maryland

Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a great night weathering the storm for bar trivia at Jekyll & Hyde, and we learned a little bit about Elvis on the way through.
Taking third place tonight was We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, playing the strong game all night!
Second place went to Beer is Good, who were first going into the final but missed the final question.
First place went to Brownie Points, who were the only team to nail the final question!  Great game everyone!  
Next week’s first category is going to be the He-Man cartoon from the 80s!  
See you next week!
– Brad
[th_youtube id=’fO1ChfM94yQ’ name=’He Man Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 


It was all about Salvation Army of Dorkness at tonight’s pub trivia game La La style. They were about business tonight, taking it start to finish and gained some momentum moving into the post season fun – coming up this weekend! Congrats SAoD…but you skedaddled out before I could snap a shot of you…so I found this one as a substitute…
Army of Dorkness Bar Trivia Maryland
Nice job to our 2nd Place finishers as well – Blind Squirrels! Speaking of, John and Cathy of Blind Squirrels will be writing their own guest set for next week at La La, and hosting it as well. That will be fun…and I get to play a little bit 🙂
Blind Squirrels Pour House Trivia Pub Quiz
And once again…the STDB duo – called Iron Titty Maiden Bang tonight – snatched up a Top Three prize! Y’all raked in some free brews this season…nice work 🙂
Third Place Live Trivia Maryland
Thanks for coming out tonight everyone. Come on out next Tuesday night…we begin with Beatles History – and The Schuliens will be hosting, and I will be sure to splash the pot with some extra booty 🙂
Beatles Pub Quiz Maryland
GOOD LUCK to all my La La friends this weekend at Pub Crawl and Playoffs Season 9! I will be there with bells on 🙂 Have a great week 🙂


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

JAMMED would be the best way to describe Tuesday night at Ramparts, as 17 TEAMS piled in and filled every seat for a great set of questions and answers.  Our Season IX House Champions, We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore, had to play absolutely perfectly all night, as several teams were breathing down their neck.  But they were able to hang on and claim the victory.  Second place went to Ramparting Ways, followed by Sorry Folks, Park’s Closed.  Next week begins with a question on “The Jerk”!  But, I’ll see all of you on Sunday with some extra cash to give out.  ~ Matt
The Jerk Film Trivia