Xmas gifts, New Years resolutions and fist bumps…now that is a first night back to Wednesday Trivia Night!

Pour House Trivia’s 1st night back to most of our Wednesday venues went down tonight. We talked about some very interesting Christmas gifts indeed, made official some lofty and admirable New Years Resolutions and shared some intense fist bumps during what turned out to be a great first trivia night back in 2014. Happy New Year everyone :)

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Save the Clock Tower mentioned that they got a trivia book for Christmas and that there has been some intense studying going on. Well…it paid off tonight because they pulled off one sweet turn around on the final tonight. Great work yall and congrats on the first Barefoot Bernies win of 2014! 2nd Place tonight went to Thinkers and Dreamers, who leap frogged into that 2 spot…BOOM! Nice stuff…and 3rd Place went to Slapsgiving, who told me when they wagered on the final, that this was their first ever ZERO wager…and it worked – earning them a 3rd Place prize.

I’d like to also ship some more props to Slapsgiving, for earning the Season 8 House Champion title at Barefoot Bernies. They will be at World Series 8 in full force. And I;d also like to congratulate all of the playoff teams for a great season. I wish all of you luck in the post season games…gonna be some great fun!

BUT NEXT WEEK…WE KICK OFF WITH SOME CLASSIC SCHWARZENEGGAR – Terminator 2 will be our opening question next Wednesday Night! Unitl then, much love everyone…enjoy your week and I will see you next Wednesday :) dg

terminator 2 trivia theme

Atlantic Grill – Urbana, Maryland

Tonight at Atlantic Grille in Urbana, teams braved the heat wave and cooled off with half-price bottles of wine and an electrifying game of PHT. House champions Alcoholics Unanimous took first after a serious neck-and-neck struggle with newcomers The Kennedy Package. They took second after a miraculous comeback with a correct final answer to one of the toughest questions I’ve seen in awhile! Rounding out the winners tonight was mainstays Always a Bridesmaid in third. Next week’s winners’ choice category is Georgia Tech Traditions courtesy of Alcoholics Unanimous, who will be singing their new team anthem next week – “Baby Got Prat!” And much congrats to them for earning the HOUSE CHAMPION TITLE AT ATLANTIC GRILLE! See y’all next week!
– Eric :-P

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

What a way to start off the New Year! We had a packed house at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax with some new teams trying their hand at some trivia tonight! We had a cameo from Team Awesome that landed third place after a daring fight to the finish in round four! In second was our dynamic duo Evan & Kit with a strategic final wager! The top dogs tonight, though, were the devoted men of Fake Block with an eight point lead! Their choice of first category next week? ARCHER (the TV show)! See you next Wednesday!

Valley Grill – Middletown, Maryland

Allow me to first congratulate Southpaw Fish as the house champions for the Valley Grill Sports Bar Season VIII! We had a real tight game tonight, and Southpaw Fish displayed their World Series readiness with a win. Dufrane Party of 4 played a tight game, and had them up till the final, but sometimes the most strategic of wagers can backfire. Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap wagering chops did succeed however, and they jumped into 3rd. Our first category for next week is Abraham Lincoln. Cya ~ Ronnie

abraham lincoln trivia

Cellar Door – Frederick, Maryland

Cellar Door! We have had a heck of a season! Many great games under our belt, and the sum of all those point tallies? Why, it is I love Big Butts who are our house champions! Great job guys and gals- we have some serious competition in the underground, and you earned that top spot! I am expecting big things from you at World Series on the 25th. Congrats to all my teams who will be headed to the playoffs on the 18th, come ready to battle. Also, nice pick up tonight TNC! Not only did they double venue in to WS (and give Butts a run for house champs) but they picked up a win tonight! 2nd went to TeamWednesday after a decisive final and after a last minute tiebreaker it was the traveling team of Stephen Hawking’s Karaoke Machine who pulled a 3rd over Trivia boobs. I will see you same place, same time next week and we will start with another triple 50-50, this one is Ronald Regan Reagan or Ronald McDonald. Can’t wait to see that one. hehe. ~Samantha


Ronald Reagan Ronald McDonald Trivia

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, Virginia

It was our first game of 2014 at T.J. Stone’s in Old Twon Alexandria, and all of the usual suspects joined in on the fun.  Fourteen teams comprised our field tonight, and we had a different team winning after each of the last three rounds.  When we asked the final question it was Smarter Than Ryan Lochte holding a very slim advantage, but the final shook everytyhing up, as Gone Squatchin’ came back from sixth place after each of the teams ahead of them missed the final, and they took down the win.  STRL did take second, with the B-58s taking third on the tiebreaker over Dirty Mike and the Boys.

We’ll start next week with a little Hair Metal.  See you then!   ~ Matt

Hair Bands Trivia