World Series, Season XII!


OK…Let’s set the scene….


Unlike the weekend prior and the Playoff fiasco, this weekend was a beautiful Saturday day, high noon in wild and wonderful Hagerstown, MD @HagerHall.

A RECORD 96 Teams piled into Hager Hall – every single one just choppin at the bit and getting last minute tidbits of trivia stuffed into their brains!

Were you there…the day we busted the National record FOR FREE ENTRY BAR TRIVIA EVENTS…AGAIN? It was one to remember for sure! From questions, to teams, to food, to beer, to all the energy and love pulsing through the room – this was our wildest World Series of Trivia to date! And we would like to thank all of you for playing PHT and for coming out to our lil game night we have a few times a year! Hanging out with you all certainly makes our jobs here at PHT pretty darn awesome!

Right out of the gate we had a question that got everyone’s attention- Booze and candy will do that!

The margarita jelly bean caught some people with not so Jelly Belly’s off guard but it was the ROUND 1 Autosomal Dominant Compelling Helio-Ophthalmic Outburst that really had some people reaching for the plentiful buckets of beer!  But hey, it’s pub trivia and beer, sneezing and head scratching go together IN OUR HUMBLE OPINION!

Our second round was an egg slapping good one, started out with an audio of the men we love and hate- Infomercials stars! Tony Little was where we saw quite a few bonus points racked up. Those would prove to come in handy by the end of the game! We wrapped up Round 2 with a 50 states challenge – and no Puerto Rico did not count!

That half time though… let’s just talk about that top half. Any one else having Donald Trump nightmares? Donald Trump’s head on Gollum’s body, on a table, on a BABY! Yikes! But admittedly, after a few brew ha-ha’s this was one stellar and fun half-time challenge!

We read the 96 team score update before we launched into the second half, and that was everyone’s second favorite part of the game- hearing all of the other team names! There were definitely some FUN ONES this season. We give you all mucho props every season for bringing the funny on the team name front and the Season 12 roster took the cake for sure! We will post a list of all of the scores later in this blog. Please peruse the team names and give yourself a good laugh!

Round 3 pulled no punches with a tough VP question right out of the gate, but our “Stayin’ Alive” first aid question breathed a little life into some of the teams. We talked nerdy with an atmospheric phenomenon question where we really could have just asked which Disney Princess has the most apt stripper name… Yeah, it was Aurora (although we have had arguments that it is easily Jasmine). We were all singing into Round 4 -who can resist a first question about  Green Acres and The Monkees? Roman numerals got a littlle squirrely and had some teeth on it! Bangladesh’s capital was a popular bonus for those funny answer slips- everyone was looking to pick up some cash however they can! Question 4 was a fun one- Shoot it, Eat it or Hit it with a Golf Club? It Certainly was a twist on a PHT classic and it came complete with a “Denny Mispronounces Stuff” moment! GEFILTE FISH FTW!!!

Our final question challenged the crews with the broad category of Movies, and quite a few of our 96 teams threw it all in for that 12 point wager. Wing and a prayer, it’s World Series after all! A multitasking citizen of Oz led to much celebrating about that 20th Century movie. Teams awaited to see how the final scores turned out. And we did, in fact, have some crucial jumps into (and out of) the TOP 10 after The Wizard came out from behind the curtain. Speaking of the TOP 10 -great game y’all! Here are pics of your smiley mugs and a shot of how the final score board looked:


And there you have it! Season XII is in the history books and our World Series XII will stand as the LARGEST free entry BAR Trivia Game in the nation! How freakin cool is that??Congrats everyone on a World Series well played! Playing against 96 teams is no easy feat but it is definitely a good time all around – win, lose, or draw!  Please stay tuned as will post MORE WORLD SERIES 12 PHOTOS  to the website in a few days. Thanks for coming a long with us on the journey, and we can’t wait to see you for Lucky Season 13! Which starts…well…NOW!!!

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