World Series of Trivia X – Record Breaking Day of Pub Trivia

World Series of Trivia X – Jan. 31, 2015

A Super Bowl of football and a World Series of Trivia went down this weekend, and both proved to be amazing contests. And both certainly had ups, downs, ins, outs, and end of game craziness to help spice things up a bit.

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We did break our own record as well! 89 Trivia teams in a FREE ENTRY FEE PUB TRIVIA EVENT is a National Record my friends! Thank you to the nearly 500 folks who came out to Hager Hall Conference & Event Center to hang with us and play some trivia. I do so very much enjoy the two weeks that end the seasons – the Pub Crawls and the World Series are like “game nights,” but with a ton of friends in a really big house…with lots and lots of beer!

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And we were excited to add the video screen this season as well. Though, admittedly, it did scare us a bit, as none of us are Power-Point/ AV people.

scooby doo trivia

So that part of it was a bit “sweat-bead” forming. But we plowed forward with the idea, and I am glad we did as it helped streamline the entire process and game and the visual element adds a whole new dimension to the game (and some ideas for future World Series Question types). Thanks for all the feedback on this as well everyone; very glad you all were receptive to it and enjoyed it.

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So how about that game?

tom brady trivia

Not that game…

We “kicked off” with a “Poppin’ Fresh” Round 1, that contained the likes of Chewbacca, Poppin Fresh himself, Kevin James and a Monopoly board – ingredients and foreshadowing for a pretty awesome day to come, in any walk of life in my opinion. The scores were pretty close at this point and teams took 5 to gather themselves for some Round 2 craziness.

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During Round 2, Tom Brady showed up alongside Jerry Rice and Franco Harris for some Super Bowl record bragging! (And Brady certainly hammered it home the following day in his own little championship game in Arizona). Round 2 also introduced us to the first real “hard biting” question of the day so far – the Classical opera question. Luckily, not a lot of folks are drawn to that as a bonus chip category so bullet dodged for the most part!

opera trivia

Half-Time gave us another opportunity to play with Power Point and for the teams to grapple with some non-profit logos. And a “SUPER” Bowl bottom half helped keep it all tight moving into the 2nd half of our game.

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And then Round 3 hit…

Things began to bite harder and “Trivialis Cerebratitis” began to infect some (this is the brain pain caused by missing questions. Luckily, however, Goose Island beer specials does help reduce symptoms here). Everything started out fine and dandy when a Furby with a “Particular Set of Skills” showed up! His act was followed by the California Raisins and Cavemen! But then…Spielberg happened! Oh yes…the game was up in the air now and the scoreboard showed that! Jurassic Park, E.T., and JAWS are a nasty combo!

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Going into the Prego 6-4-2 it was anyone’s game now! Round 4 had some tough music, science and African geography questions to round out the game thus far and set up for what proved to be a very intense final question. And with $$THOUSANDS$$ on the line, it’s no wonder!

It hit: According to its creator, this animated character was inspired by a description in “Roughing It”, a Mark Twain novel about Twain’s experiences in the American West.

In the book, Twain describes “…a long, slim, sick and sorry looking skeleton…a living, breathing allegory of want.”  For your wager, name the character.”

We had a few answers. In the end, however, it was good ole’

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And WOW – what a finish it was!!! The scoreboard got tossed around a bit and everyone waited, including me, as the Top 10 were announced!

Thank you again EVERYONE for coming out to play in World Series X. And many congrats to our Top 10 Leader Board! Finishing in the Top 11% (or so) of an 89 team field of the region’s best pub trivia crews is an accomplishment to remember! So PROPS to all of you!

And a HUGE CONGRATS to our winning team, who made it TWO IN A ROW  Saturday – the Virginia trivia machine known as “High School Prom!”

Awesome work GUYS & GALS! 

Here is a list of the entire field!

 bar trivia contest results

bar trivia results

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Herald Mail Article and Video

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(Photo and Article courtesy of Herald Mail)

Herald Mail did a fantastic story on World Series of Trivia X, including a cool video overview…Check it out at the link above!

And we will have a FULL SLIDE SHOW up this week at

And that my friends…is WSX in the books! Thank you all so very much again for coming out and playing! I wish you all BIG LUCK and BIG FUN in Season 11! And I think I can speak for all of us here at Pour House Trivia when I say, thank you also for the opportunity to present our game to you! It is as much fun for us to host for you and hang with you as it is to play! So we very much appreciate that opportunity! If there is ever anything you think we could do differently, better, less of, more of, etc. please feel free to email us at the “HIT US UP” link on the website: We do continually strive to evolve and improve with time.

Thank you all again and thank you to Hager Hall for hosting the event as well as a HUGE THANKS to our sponsors who help us give y’all some prize $$$DUCKET$$$

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Lotsa love everyone! Enjoy Season 11!