Pub trivia is daggone cool!  CONFERENCE CENTER TRIVIA is record breaking!  And that’s what went down live and in technicolor craziness at Hagerstown, MD’s Hager Hall Conference and Event Center Sunday, June 8, 2014!  A record 84 teams – over 450 people – came out to Hagerstown, MD to throw down for a bit and test their live trivia chops against the region’s finest bar trivia crews!  A new National Record was set: we were all part of the Largest FREE LIVE TRIVIA CONTEST in the USA!  BADA BING!  Good Stuff!


All of us here at Pour House Trivia would like to thank all of you for coming out to our little “game night!” It is certainly quite a thrill to watch the ups, downs, ins and outs of how a game like this unfolds. So again, thank you to all the teams for playing in our game. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.



We’d also like to thank our sponsors for their…well… sponsorship 🙂 They put up some $$-ducats-$$ which were given away as prizes. So we thank them for that fo’sho!

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So how did the set and game unfold? Well…kinda crazy close the whole way! Our first round marked the debut of a question style which may be one of my new favorites: “Bieber – Einstein – or Schwarzenegger?” Don’t be surprised if that one pops up again 🙂 Round 2 kicked off with some Kid Rock-Bananrama- and Sly and the Family Stone audio style! The scores were still pretty tight and after we navigated our way through philosophy, film quotes and US States it was time for a little half time page – LAST WORD FIRST WORD STYLE! 

After the break, it was time to head around the club house turn – to use a horse racing term. Round 3 and 4 certainly brought some game changers. And a very aggressive snipe of a 6pt clue on the 6-4-2 gave us a tie for 1st going into the 4th Round! It was ON! Teams managed to stay bunchy and after a dynamic 4 Part final question that tested the gamut of live trivia subject matter…we had to administer a $2,000 Tie Breaker page to decide 1st and 2nd and 4th and 5th! Holy 9 Wager – YES…A $2000 TIE BREAKER! Guess what happened…another TIE! I asked for a towel at this point. 1st Place was decided by the total number of correct answers.

After about 5 Minutes of Tie Breaker intensity…we had our World Series of Trivia Season 9 Winner!


RUBBER SHEETS CLUB! – an excellent group of folks who made that trip from Va and earned $2000 in gas money 🙂 Nice Work Rubber Sheets. We hope to see you at World Series of 10 in January to DEFEND!

Also many props and congrats to “None Pizza With Left Beef” for an awesome game and a very respectable 2nd Place and to the rest of our TOP 10! Its no easy feat to do that against 83 trivia teams all with their eye on the prize!

live trivia champions

2nd place live trivia contest

3rd place live trivia winners

4th place world series of live trivia

5th place world series of live trivia

6th place live trivia

stick men live trivia team

8th place pub trivia live

9th place live trivia team

10th place live trivia team at the bar

Here is the overall Final Standings List:

1) Rubber Sheets Club 169 (tiebreaker)
2) None Pizza with Left Beef 169
3) Slapsgiving 165
4) Army of Dorkness 162
5) Fat, Drunk, and Stupid 162
T-6) We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore 161
T-6) Grab a Straw, You Suck 161
T-8) Wiseacres 160
T-8) Cranius Maximus 160
10) Horseshoes and Hand Grenades 159
T-11) Say Hi to You Mom for Me 158
T-11) One Crow Short of a Murder 158
T-11) Gone Squatchin’ 158
T-14) Ramparting Ways 157
T-14) Vitrifiers 157
16) Southpaw Fish 156
17) Thundercats 155
18) Stink Floyd 153
19) Murphs 152
T-20) Fisted Sister 151
T-20) Phlitches 151
T-20) Too Husky for Sandusky 151
T-20) Washington Foreskins 151
24) Nolo Contenders 150
T-25) Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap 149
T-25) Lowered Expectations 149
T-27) Silent Titty Deadly Bang 147
T-27) Wednesday 147
29) Witiots 146
T-30) Blind Squirells 145
T-30) Buns of Anarchy 145
T-30) Simple Minds 145
33) Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends 144
T-34) Valley Girls 143
T-34) Brain Freeze 143
36) Les Quizerables 142
T-37) Uncle Jack 141
T-37) Optimus Prime Rib 141
39) Korner Bar 140
T-40) Tuna Noodle Casserole 139
T-40) Humanta Ray 139
T-42) Hop Devils 138
T-42) Donner Party 138
T-44) B-58s 137
T-44) I Just Quizzed My Pants 137
46) Boats and Ho’s 134
T-47) Pog Ma Thoin 133
T-47) Master Debaters 133
T-47) Movin’ On Up 133
50) Quick Pink and the Vine Gang 132
T-51) Mess and Jeg 129
T-51) Latrilla and the Mossy Banks 129
53) FnQ 128
T-54) I am the Machine 127
T-54) Momo 127
56) Trivia Newton John 126
57) Strangers Have the Best Candy 125
58) If We Only Had a Brain 124
59) I’m With Geoff 123
60) We Made a Huge Mistake 122
T-61) Second Place is First Loser 121
T-61) Wham Bam Here We Am 121
63) Inneabriati 119
64) Brownie Points 117
65) Thinkers and Dreamers 115
66) Slaphappy 111
67) Smells Like Team Spirit 110
T-68) Men and Pausers 109
T-68) Flip Flop 109
70) Book Club Babes 108
71) Second Place 107
T-72) Janet 105
T-72) Domari Nolo 105
74) Axl’s Doughouse 103
T-75) Depends 102
T-75) We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat 102
77) French Toast Mafia 94
78) One Night Stand 93
79) Clever Team Name 88
80) Wolverines 84
81) Spoony Richards 81
82) Norfolk and Chance 66
83) 70 Bags of Heroin 52 
84) Lotsa Spaghetti 43

Season 9 World Series Questions

1)  Three Clues / One Homophone:

CLUE 1: First name of the man who is the namesake of an annual sports award first given out in 1956

CLUE 2: The 23rd letter of the Greek alphabet

CLUE 3: Name of the pop superstar who was dubbed “Viral Star of 2012” by MTV

2)  1990s TV Shows:

Debuting in 1998, this TV show became the first cable program to earn the Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, when it did so in 2001.  Name this show which subsequenlty spawned a pair of feature films.

3)  Scrabble Mania:

In a game of Scrabble, the word “ONE” is worth three points if you add up the face value of the individual tiles.  What is the only number that is worth its own value in scrabble points?

4)  Bieber, Einstein, or Schwarzenegger?

For each of the following, tell me whether each statement describes Justin Bieber, Albert Einstein, or Arnold Schwarzenegger.

A)  Studied violin at the behest of his mother, Paulina, and could play Beethoven’s violin sonatas at 17 yrs of age

B)  At the age of 19, he was charged with vandalism in Brazil

C)  His mother Aurelia wanted him to go to trade school; his dad Gustav wanted him to be a cop

D)  He never obtained a driver’s license

5)  Literary Characters:

This literary character supposedly just chose to never speak; we learn this in Book 8 of a series by L. Frank Baum, when this character finally did speak for the first time.


7)  Name that Philosopher:

The year was 1880, and in this philosopher and logician wrote the following as an explanation of one of his working ideas- “We draw two circles, and make them include or exclude or intersect one another”. Name the philosopher.

8)  Historic American Locales:

What is the significance of the line of latitude marked at 39 degrees 43 minutes north?

9)  Famous Film Quotes:

On the AFI’s list of the Top 100 Film Quotes of all time, this one that is ranked #10 is the highest-ranked quote that is posed in the form of a question.

10)  Speedy States Word Game:

The letter ‘A’ serves as the last letter of 21 different U.S. states.  There are only three letters of the alphabet which serve as the last letter of EXACTLY one state each.

11)  “I Hardly Know Her!”

Each of these answers ends in “-ER” (regardless of the number of words)

A)  You can stay in 2000’s to find the most recent Oscar winner for Best Picture that fits the category

B)  Either of the two elements on the periodic table that fit the category (ONE GUESS ONLY)

C)  A popular infomercial product which is essentially a sound activated electrical  switch

12)  So I Had to Change My Name:

He didn’t want to get teased, tso this Motown singer decided that adding an ‘E’ to his last name would help avoid this!

13)  Name That Year:

Each of these events occurred in the same calendar year.  Your answer must be within one year (either way) of the correct answer.

EVENT 1: Broderbund introduces the video game ‘Myst’

EVENT 2: The U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum opens to the public in Washington, D.C.

EVENT 3: In his first season with the San Francisco Giants, Barry Bonds wins the National League’s MVP Award

14)  Thank You Doctor!

After giving birth in Paris in the late 1950s, an American woman named Marjorie Karmel wrote about her powerful experience with this man in a book partially titled “Thank You”, and later founded what is now an international organization named for him.

15)  U.S. Geography:

Rank the four time zones of the contiguous United States from most populous to least populous.

6 – 4 – 2 QUESTION:

6:  I am an entertainer.  In 2001, I starred in the highest-grossing film at the domestic box office for the week ending Feb. 8th, while simultaneously having that week’s #1 album on the Billboard 200 chart, thereby becoming the first person to accomplish this feat.

4:  I am a female entertainer, born in New York City in 1969.

2:  I have been married to singer Marc Anthony for the last ten years, and I sometimes known as ‘Jenny from the Block’.

16)  Presidential Firsts:

Name the first U.S. President to preside over all 50 states.

BONUS: Name the politician that this man defeated in each of his two presidential elections.

17)  Name that NBA Team:

In 1976, the NBA merged with the ABA, absorbing four teams from the rival league.  Only one of those four teams has gone on to win an NBA Championship: this team which won the first of its four titles in 1999.

BONUS: Name any one of the other three former ABA teams. (ONE GUESS ONLY)

18)  I’m Such a Cliche:

Edward Bulwer-Lytton is known for an infamously bad opening line from his 1830 novel “Paul Clifford”.  Name that seven-word opening line which precedes “the rain fell in torrents”.

BONUS: Name the fictional character introduced in 1950 who was certainly not afraid to continue to use this line.

19)  Men of Science:

What is the most unique distinction shared by these 3 men: Geman physicst named Gabriel, a Swedish astronomer named Anders, and an Irish engineer name William Thomson?

20)  Advertising Icons:

Author Ann Turner Cook celebrated her 87th birthday this past November.  While she is responsible for the Brandy O’ Bannon series of mystery novels, she might be best known for the fact that since 1928, her image has been used to help sell this specific line of products.                                

FINAL:  Chain Reaction:

For this four-part question, the first letter in each answer will match the last letter in the previous answer (the first and last answers are not related)

1)  Title of the film that features the line: “I coulda been a contender”

2)  Name of the world city formerly known as Edo

3)  The name of an “existentialist penguin” or a word that means a musical composition by a major composer

4)  The signer of the Declaration of Independence whose family ran a successful malt house


And World Series 9 is in the books my friends! We took a ton of photos and will be weeding through those this week and will be posting a slide show of all your smiley cheeks on the website ASAP! We will let you know via Facebook and Twitter when that goes live!

Until then, however, THANK YOU AGAIN FOR PLAYING TODAY and helping to make this day fun, exciting and RECORD BREAKING! Good Luck in the Summer Fling, which begins this week at all venues. 

Summer Fling Live Trivia Maryland

Have a wonderful summer everyone. We will see you at the games! 

Be well.. dg