World Series 11 Stage is Set and Pub Crawl is in the…

ROCK! What a Saturday of pub trivia we had in Maryland and Virginia. As a nice cap to a beautiful month of May, over 100 trivia teams threw down for some World Series spots, bragging rights, and of course some COLD CASH! Check out the skinny on how the events went down…


Thanks again to all of the teams that took part in our Season XI Virginia Championship at Spider Kelly’s!  It was our second tournament game at SK’s, and once again, they were very gracious hosts.  As far as the game goes, things were relatively calm for three rounds, but in the final round, questions on Shakespeare, World Capitals, and Home Run Hitters mixed things up at the top of the leaderboard.  One team that came away unscathed were our house champions from Tuesday night at Capitol City Brewing Company: the Capital Hillbillies.  They were the ONLY team to snag a two-point bonus on two consecutive questions, and it gave them a comfortable lead heading into the final question.  Unfortunately, they were unable to come up with the correct response, and they dropped down to third place.  One team that did hit the final were our winners: Eric’s Illegitimate Kids!  They took home a C-Note for their work.  Second place went to the Rocket Surgeons.

I can’t wait to see all of our teams up in Hagerstown, when we start dishing out the BIG money!  ~ Matt


GAME 1A – BELLES: This season we had too many teams for our traditional 1-2-3- wham bam bam Pub Crawl itinerary. So…we added a 4th game at Belles! Ronnie Barrett hosted this thing and we had quite a little romp! The scores in this first set teeter-tottered a bunch in the 3rd and 4th rounds! And we had some monsters lying in the shadows – Let’s just say we will not be doing a “Secret Service Code Name Theme Night.” 🙂

Fun times for sure! Thanks to all the teams who made the trip top Frederick, MD and played with us Saturday at Belles. And congrats to the Top 3 at this event.

1st Place: Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends

2nd Place: Triple Threat

3rd: Lowered Expectation

Awesome game y’all! Thank you again for coming out and we wish you the BEST OF LUCK next Sunday at the World Series!

GAME 1B – CHAMPION BILLIARDS It’s a bash every season to hang out with all of our friends for a little World Series warm-up session! And on the gorgeous Saturday of May 30, 2015 we got to do just that! In spite of the lovely poolside temptation going on outside, we had 30 teams play at our first venue, Champion Billiards. The game kicked off at NOON and by 12:05pm we were kneee deep in Snickers bars and Danny Trejo (sorry if that sounds like some kinky fantasy of mine – don’t judge!). The game was an absolute blast, and a close one to boot! The final question, dealing with HOT, HOLLYWOOD, HEARTHROBS, took the score board and snow globed it! The Pub Crawl was ON! And in fact, we had some teams that were not playing the Pub Crawl, decide to give it a shot since they scored so well! Here is how the overall Top 3 looked at Champions:

The juicy thing was that no one in the Top 3 went into it as Pub Crawling teams…but that changed quick!! Awesome job guys and gals! You Rocked it…I wish you all the luck next Sunday in the World Series! After taking some photos and Laughing about some of the fun questions in this set (I am talking about you 200 FLAPS A SECOND DURING MATING FOR A HUMMINGBIRD) we all made a trek across town for a little romp at the Orioles Nest.


Good times happen at The Orioles Nest! And this Saturday was no different! This is one of our newer venues and they bring it – food, service, bevis! BOOM! Thanks to the 27 teams that made it out to the Nest and carried on with us for a few hours! Everything was going along swimmingly, and then…John C Reilly happened!

Mmmhhmmm…and then it was ON! At this point in the game the scores for Pub Crawl began to take some shape. We had nearly 2 games worth of Pub Crawl points in the bag and a good 10-12 teams were eye-balling the Top prize! The rest of the game contained some serious stuff – Nefertiti, Rock-Paper-Scissors, and Strawberry Sorbet. This is just a serious recipe for a dag’on blast right?!?!?! Alfred Nobel brought this one home and when it was all said and done at the Orioles Nest, the Top 3 birds landed like this:

1st Place: Stink Floyd – this put them in 1st for Pub Crawl as well and a good position moving into bout #3 across town!

2nd Place: Boner of a Lonely Fart (Wow! What a name)- And this finish put them in 2nd Place for the Pub Crawl

3rd Place: Wrecking Ball – good work WB…nice to see y’all playing some post season craziness!

Personally, I had the chicken here and it hit the spot! Thanks to all the crews that made it out to this game Saturday. I hope you enjoyed as much as we did! And best of luck next Sunday in Hagerstown – it’s a blast either way!

The Orioles Nest cleared quick as we had one more thing to do – head across town and contest the last leg of this race, as well as give a whole bunch more World Series invites out. And that brought us to…

Game 3: Belle’s Sports Bar 

This game had an intensity about it before we even started sign ups! It is later in the day; the last one of the day and it is time to straight up let it rip! 30 trivia teams piled into Belles – some hunting invitations, some hunting loot, and some hunting cold bevis and a great time! Either way, all 3 happened for sure!

“Everybody Poops!” opened up the game!

And I now have a new book to add to my summer reading list!

We thought we’d loosen things up by opening with this question (puns for days) and it worked! All night it was a smack talkin’, shooter bettin’, good ole’ fashion good time! But…that don’t mean there wasn’t some business to tend to! With invites on the line as well as Pub Crawl $$$ ready to be sniped, game faces were on baby! I loved the set of questions for this 3rd game. Some fun ones for sure. My fav’s here at Belles gotta go to:

1. Everyone Poops – my inner 12 yr old loves it to no end!

2. H.P. Lovecraft – he’s a boss!

3. The Terminator! – this is just classic film and should always get into a Top 3. The question was tough and Mad Max was a tempting answer.

While Mad Max did not make it into the set, Max Factor sure did! And that final was crucial! It brought it home for some teams and left others pulling hair out into the parking lots! Nothing like a good cosmetology final for trivia night!

Our Top 3 for this last Belles game earned the teams some Belles gift certs – Vitrifiers, Stink Floyd, and Uncle Jack, respectively! Congrats y’all! Great game!

And after 3 games of trivia, agianst some very tough teams, we were able to crown our Pub Crawl winners for the Summer 2015! Awesome work y’all!

And that my friends was the whole shabang! That was a fantastic cap to a great season and a perfect launch pad an for exciting World Series of Pub Trivia this Sunday and a great “Summer Fling” this summer! I hope to see you all at World Series this Sunday. I do very much wish you the best of luck. If i do not get to talk with you this Sunday, I hope you have a great summer! Come out to the summer games and cool off some with us if you can. Definitely stop in and say hello!

Thanks again for playing this weekend everyone. It was a gorgeous day and we very much appreciate you spending it with us! I’d also like to thank our sponsors – Peggy Patschak of Coldwell Banker, Ronald Reagan Jr. of State Farm Insurance, and DuClaw; as well as our host venues Spider Kelly’s, Belles, Champions and the Orioles Nest! Great, great times my friends! Have a wonderful week and I will see you Sunday at The World Series of Trivia! Bring it!