Winning at Trivia Night is Elementary!

So the impending ‘death by snowstorm’ sort of fizzled out on us…  Fortunately, it did not stop most of our regular trivia teams from digging out and enjoying a great game!  Tonight’s final question was an interesting one, as it did not seem to favor any particular type of trivia team.  At many of our venues, teams that normally struggle with the final question seemed to spring to life, and it showed in the standings.  On to the recaps!

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (72 teams across 11 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Last Call (Champion Billiards) with 165

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Wingardium Triviosa (Quincy’s South) with 158

–> Highest First Half Score: Sofa King Smart (Quincy’s South) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Last Call, Wingardium Triviosa, Stink Floyd (Monkey La La)

–> The snack-themed halftime page yielded an average of 17.4, with 22% of our teams scoring 20 points.

–> The first clue on the 6-4-2 question was one of our toughest ever, as ZERO teams knew that the largest U.S. state (by area) completely encompassed by land acquired in the Louisiana Purchase was…  Kansas!

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (28.8% success rate):

–> In each of the six years from 2008 through 2013, which actor earned top billing in at least one film which earned more than 500 million dollars worldwide?  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)

Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

Although Monday night’s snow failed to live up to the media hype, Tuesday night trivia at Cap City never disappoints!  Neither sleet nor snow nor slush could keep Northern VA’s best trivia diehards away from their weekly showdown.  We started the night with a double-dip of basketball questions, in a nod to the impending start of March Madness, and continued on to tour the famed banks of the Seine and less-famed eastern Maryland counties.  The halftime puzzle page sported more crackers than a Wes Anderson movie marathon, as well as a “double” themed bottom half.  By that point, Hillary Did Harambe was just crushing it, holding first place, with Three Million Moose Lambs and Rehab is for Quitters rounding out the top three.

Things Nobody Knows: Where Frederick Douglass was born, Tyler Durden’s “you are not a beautiful or unique snowflake” monologue, John Lennon’s later work, how to spell Suze Orman’s name.

Comedy Honors: No real gut-busters, but “oprah lol” was a chuckle-worthy shrug at the question about the aforementioned Ms. Orman.

In Round 3, we swooned over kitschy pastoral artwork, “ground-breaking” science, and heroines swept away to the Scottish highlands.  Team Harambe faltered here, missing their 5-point bonus category, while Menace 2 Sobriety and the Valley Girls surged – this was a real rollercoaster night for the scoreboard, with the lead teams constantly shuffling.  Excitement was in the air!

Life of the Party: Newcomer team “Winners” barged into the proceedings about halfway through, too late to really contend, but nevertheless made their presence known by enthusiastically singing/rapping along to my entire 2000’s playlist.  Even the hostesses couldn’t help but join in on the fun!

In Round 4, more than one team wagered high and came up dry on the “SoundJam MP” question.  This software would, as we now know, eventually become iTunes, but “GarageBand” and “Pro Tools” were both eminently good guesses.  And I was legitimately impressed by the crowd’s performance on the Name Translation, which found a surprising common bond between a frightening NFL lineman and an Italian opera composer.  The Final was a tough one, which had the squads scratching their heads, with only three teams coming up with the right answer.  The Valley Girls were not one of them, unfortunately, but their conservative wager meant they only dropped to 3rd place from 1st.  Hillary Did Harambe found redemption, leaping up into 2nd place – and locking down the win were Cap City mainstays Menace 2 Sobrietyrecording their first win of the season!  To recap:

First Place:  Menace 2 Sobriety

Second Place:  Hillary Did Harambe

Third Place:  Valley Girls (playing as “Go Big Blue”)

Next week’s first category:  “Taboo”

~ Austin

Taboo TV Series


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

Champions!  Tonight was all about the diehards, thank you for joining me on this snowy night.  I know many of you had the day off, and I was happy to give you some place to escape to once the shoveling was done.  We all know how good the beer here at Champions is after a hard day’s work.  Or a hard day’s napping.  Whatever.

The story of the night was the tale of the underdogs!  Teams were lining up in the top three spots all night who are not usually up in lights.  So much fun to see the celebration – yeah, Hoof Hearted – I’m looking at you!  Party on with your bad Justin Timberlake lovin’ selves…  You guys fought the good fight but that fourth round threw you some hits (I know I’ll be googling “garage band” now) and you just couldn’t recover.

Want to talk about a recovery?  Personally, I don’t suggest you try Zima.  I know it’s coming back out, but trust me, that stuff tastes like broken hearts and lost dignity.  Not to mention what a rough day after…  Stick with the Uno game and Bud light (Huzzah, sponsor plug!) and wake up happy.

Our final tonight was a good one, only two teams picked up the correct answer!  Last Call used the snarky, sassy Robert Downey, Jr. to secure their win tonight!  Impressive, and very well-deserved.  You guys and gals logged some serious brain hours looking for that one.  For our second place team, it was another damn good showing – Racks and Sacks!  You’re getting so close!  You won the Mean Joe Greene tiebreaker with Wiseacres and put yourself right in the middle of our podium sandwich tonight.  For the record, you jumped up from fifth place on the final question in order to be in that tiebreaker.  Wiseacres settled in to third place, but no complaining from them on that one.  Next week we will be snow-free, and we’ll begin our game with a question on the TV series “Little House on the Prairie”.

Stay safe out there and I will see you then!

~ Sam

Little House on the Prairie Trivia 

So I am glad to see that we all survived “The Day After Tomorrow” style of winter storm that came and passed relatively unscathed, and folks were at Cugini’s on time and ready to play some Tuesday night Pour House Trivia. We ran tonight’s game like a well oiled machine so these players (and yours truly) could get back nice and warm, free of frigid winds and black ice, and almost set a record for the fastest game at Cugini’s. The most misses in the first round was in our “Rogue One” winner’s choice category.  After that, only one team missed a second question in said first round, so don’t forget to brush up a bit on your E.U. geography.  Subjects that these teams handled well were a very popular card game, “Magic” Johnson’s career to date, and some hyphenated movie titles, one of which featuring this mystery solving duo:

Scooby Doo Trivia

Round two was equally as successful, and we ranged through subjects such as a famous Maryland-born abolitionist, Steve Miller, Billy Joel, and financial whiz Suze Orman.  We also took a “deep breath” with our bronchi and laughed a little at some snowflakes, not the ones that fell last night, but the ones plaguing college campuses all over North America.  Our puzzle page had me drooling a bit as half of the page was filled with snacks that would break my self-imposed dietary restrictions, and we doubled down on some “double” phrases that sadly didn’t include Double Dragon, Doublemint gum, Daily Double, or even some Shakespeare: “Double, double, toil and trouble…”

Third round three was by far the fastest round I have ever ran in my history with Pour House.  The teams were on point, knowing artist Thomas Kinkade in a two-point bonus opportunity, the respective ends of the Panama Canal, “earth shaking” science, a current series by the genius that is Ronald Moore (look him up), and this former member of N*SYNC.  Sadly, the only two-point bonus left on the table was his album “Justified”:

Justin Timberlake Trivia

Our final round is where some of the cracks started to show in a few of the front runners’ very well played games.  The pre-Apple version of iTunes hit quite a few teams hard, choosing Garage Band instead.  Only one team knew that Stuart of “Beavis & Butthead” fame was a huge Kip Winger fan set the score apart a bit more, and a few teams had no idea that a famous Coke commercial featured Giuseppi Verdi giving over his football jersey, well if you saw the commercial in Rome I suppose.  We even talked about the “Z” man that filmed this incident in American history:


Our final question truly settled it all, as only two teams knew that the 21st century has certainly been a successful one for Robert Downey Jr.!  Congrats to Drunk N Disorderly for their first repeat win!  Here are the results:

First Place:  Drunk N Disorderly

Second Place:  MoMo

Third Place:  No Clue

Next week’s first category:  Marvel Cinematic Universe

~ Ronnie

Marvel Cinematic Trivia


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

Tonight we had a special snowy edition of trivia here at Orioles Nest in Frederick, and things were interesting right up until the final question.  We kicked things off with a question about bourbon, talking about the brand that seals their bottles with red wax.  Of course we were talking about Maker’s Mark, which most teams knew pretty quickly.  The audio question was about sound effects in music, and was as good an opportunity as any to ask about “Paper Planes” by M.I.A., I love that song.  We also asked a question in the second round about the historical figure with possibly the greatest hairstyle of all, none other than Mr. Frederick Douglass!  Turns out that he was born here in Maryland in Talbot County.

In the final round, we featured a question that seemed to completely change everything, when we asked about a computer program that Apple bought in 2000 and renamed.  Turns out teams were split between iTunes and GarageBand as the two answers, but the correct answer was iTunes.  We also asked a question that was deemed by We Need An Adult to be a “hidden sports question” when we asked about two people who essentially had the same name after translation.  One of the two people was Mean Joe Greene, and the other was the composer Giuseppe Verdi.  Mean Joe Greene would prove to be relevant to the end of the game as well.

The final question of the night was about Box Office nubers, and asked about the actor who earned top billing in a movie that earned $500,000+ each year from 2008 through 2013.  Only one team managed to get the right guy, who pulled off this feat because he was in all the big Marvel movies as well as two “Sherlock Holmes” films.  That’s right, your answer was Robert Downey Jr!  One team getting it right led to a major shift in scores as we actually had to break a tie for the win!  However, the tiebreaker between We Need An Adult and Suck It Trebek was to guess how many regular season games Mean Joe Greene played in his career.  The tie ended up being broken in a big way, as We Need An Adult guessed too low and the win went to Suck It Trebek!  Our final standings included Fill Stick in third place, with We Need An Adult taking second place and Suck It Trebek taking the win!  Congrats!

Next week’s first category: “Big Little Lies”

Until next time…

~ Chad

Big Little Lies TV Trivia


Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

There was no trivia tonight at Tilted Kilt.  Nick returns next week with an opening question on Technical Theatre.

Musical Theater Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia was quick and dirty here at Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, so tonight I think I’ll keep things brief as well.

Tonight we had several run-ins with foreign languages, including Greek, German, Italian, and yes, I tripped over some English words too.  Titular is a stupid word and should be destroyed… I’m still not entirely sure how to pronounce it.  We also learned that everyone’s a comedian when it comes to puzzle pages that don’t need a color version.  And, apparently, some people have never heard the term “snowflake” used by certain elitist individuals.  I didn’t realize that wasn’t more commonly known…

The movie-themed final question tonight was, sadly, largely irrelevant, because it was a tough one and could’ve made for a much different game had it been closer.  But let’s take a look at our winners anyway:

In second place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In first place tonight, the Fan Club!

Good game everyone; next week we’ll start the game with a question on U.S. Presidents.  Hey, this category includes Donald Trump now!  How interesting!  Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

US Presidents Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

Once again, the snow could not keep these teams from playing some trivia!  Eight teams braved the cold here at Fireflies n Alexandria, and the opening question may have made them regret their decision.  Only three teams could name Celine Dion’s first #1 hit that was actually a cover: “The Power of Love”.  A similarly named song by Huey Lewis could be heard in Back to the Future.  Even though this might not have been the easiest start, it seems this crowd is a real fan of pop culture.  Question 3 about hyphenated movie titles was a hit, all but one team easily named all three for a two-point bonus.

In Round 2, every single team was able to name all three musical acts by the sound effects used in their songs.  However, the bonuses would get progressively harder in this round.  No teams knew that the film “Fight Club” was the originator of the now popular slang term “snowflake” to refer to an emotionally fragile adult (multiple teams guessed Matt Damon movies, sorry Matt).  Also, no team knew that Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County in Maryland.  As for halftime, identifying different types of chips proved to be easy for our teams.  The bottom half only had a couple misses, so overall these teams averaged an 18.  Up to now, Finkel is Einhorn and Let Them Eat Pi have been tied at first place.

If there was an award for best made up answer, I would have given it to Last is a Blast, when they guessed that the album title that contained Justin Timberlake’s song “Cry Me a River” was “Bye Bye Bye Britney”.  The toughest question of the third round came at the end, as we asked about a current TV series following Claire Randall, a combat nurse swept back in time.  One team was so close in guessing “Highlander” – but it was OUTlander we were looking for.  And the bonus about the author of the novels the series is based on?  Only one team was close to getting Diana Gabaldon correct.  Round 4 had another tough question – one that sounded like it was surprisingly difficult across all venues – which music-themed computer program was known as SoundJam MP before it was purchased (and given a new name) by Apple in the year 2000?  The majority of teams answered Garage Band instead of the wildly popular app iTunes.

At the end of Round 4, it seemed as though Finkel is Einhorn was securely in first place and Let Them Eat Pi was a practical shoe in for second.  But only half of our teams were able to answer the final question correctly, and Pi did not fall into that category tonight, slipping to fifth place.  Your winners were:

First Place:  Finkel is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkel

Second place:  Barflies

Third place:  Donkey Kong

Next week’s first category:  Famous Bartenders

See You Next Tuesday!


Cocktail Film Trivia


Shuckin’ Shack in Frederick, MD

Your humble host and seven teams braved the worst cold and snow that Frederick has thrown at us this year to rock trivia here at Shuckin’ Shack.  The game proceeded relatively predictably, with the newest team, Sweater Hugs, and perhaps the senior team, Bowling Green Massacre, trading places for last place.  But it’s a long game, and we’re glad these teams did not too discouraged…

Mother Shuckers absolutely dominated the first half, including having the only perfect score on the puzzle page. Alas, persistence paid off for Donner Party, who made a strong move in the third and fourth rounds to firmly ensconce themselves as leaders moving into the final, final, final question.

But wait!  A clandestine assault was being conducted by Sweater Hugs, who played well enough in the second half and OWNED the final question to move, improbably, into second place!  They themselves were shocked, I assure you. 🙂  A great game on a bloody cold night. See you next week, my pretties.  Here is what our medal podium looked like at the end of the night:

First Place:  Donner Party

Second Place:  Sweater Hugs

Third Place:  Mother Shuckers

Next week’s first category:  Calculus (Blame Donner Party, not me.)  Get out your slide-rules!!

Fair Winds and Following Seas,

~ Chief

Calculus Trivia


Top Golf in Ashburn, VA

There was no trivia tonight at Top Golf in Ashburn.  Zach will return next week with an opening question on Green Day:

Green Day Trivia


Primanti Brothers in Hagerstown, MD

The Valley Mall may have been closed due to the snow, but Primanti Brothers was open for Tuesday night Pour House Trivia!  Plenty of teams (including new ones!) came out after winter storm Stella to answer the call of Pour House Trivia.  Welcome to The Killers and The Cardinals!  With these last-minute additions, we played an intimate game with our teams huddled near the fire feature.

Our first half featured a stellar performance by the Arrondissements of Ouagadougou, who were going for a bit of history this week.  After wins on both Sunday and Monday, they are hoping to become the first team in PHT team in history to win FOUR games in one week!  Well, they did not miss a wagering question in the first half, picked up 20 on the halftime page, and sauntered out to a very impressive 86 points.  But the Cardinals were just four points behind!  Would a rookie team ruin the fun?

The third round did not provide much separation, but we had a very interesting 6-4-2 question.  There were many confident early answers, but unfortunately all of our teams whiffed on this one, and we had no change in the score between the final two rounds.

No matter, the question brought the game to an end with a great question about movies.  The Legends and The Killers traded places when The Legends cinched the right answer to take third, their first time in the top three!  The Cardinals played a great game and came in second.  While AoO kept a tight lead all night, and with one of just two correct responses on the final, they took the win.  Three wins on three straight nights!  Wow!

Next week, we’ll start off with a question on the Lakes of the World.  So… not these then.

~ Sean

Great Lakes Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

We had an incredible night of Pour House Trivia here at the Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg!  Our field feature eight teams, some newbies and some pros, all of which were serious contenders for the gold medal tonight.  The night was filled with pop culture questions, sports trivia, Lemon Drop martinis and shouting (though I love all of our teams at the Blue Parrot, I must admit they really hate losing!).

Romeo’s Revenge and The Quiz Knows jumped out to the front of the pack at the end of the first half thanks to a pair of perfect scores on the halftime page.  Later, Romeo’s Revenge extended their overall lead as they were just one of two teams to score points on the “Outlander” question to close Round 3.

However, things would change rather quickly in the final round.  Romeo’s Revenge picked up the first question, but dropped big wagers on each of the next two to relinquish the lead.  The Quiz Knows took advantage of the mistakes and built a healthy lead after round four, giving them the ability to make a small wager on the final question.  That final question was harder than any of us thought… how could we all have forgotten about Robert Downey Jr’s epic Ironman / Sherlock era?  Even though they missed the final question, the Quiz Knows were able to hang onto the lead and take home another win.  With the ONLY correct answer on the final question, the Parrotheads salvaged a tough game by jumping three spots to take second place, while Romeo’s Revenge had to settle for third.

Please join us next week for another awesome game at the Blue Parrott!

Next week’s first category:  Professional Women

~ Brittany & Mel


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

All of our teams braved the storm Tuesday night, and we had an amazing night of Pour House Trivia here at Monkey La La in Frederick!  We even had a brand new team that shoveled themselves out to join us – shout out to Apple Bottoms on their debut!  Thanks for bearing with me during our very special oral halftime, but it seems like we all had fun.  Big thanks to Matt Frost for digging deep into his trivia brain to pull out a fun verbal halftime.  Reigning World Series of Trivia champions Stink Floyd took the lead early and didn’t let go – their prowess of two-point bonuses catapulted them into victory.  There were several instances in which Stink Floyd was the only team to pick up a two-point bonus, but by far the most impressive of those bonus answers was knowing that Frederick Douglass was born in Talbot County, and that Diana Gabaldon wrote the “Outlander” series of novels.  Not to be outdone, Tuesday’s Gone scored the only two point bonus by knowing that the Justin Timberlake song “Cry Me a River” first appeared on his album “Justified”.

Rounding out our top three teams tonight was Demented and Sad but Social, who snuck into second place with a snipe of the final, and Sloppy Seconds, who rounded out our podium with a third place finish.  After nailing our Winger question, Stink Floyd has chosen All Things Mike Judge as next week’s first category!  See you then!

~ Colin

Mike Judge Office Space Trivia


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

Uncle Jack has been RED HOT these past few weeks here at Quincy’s South in Rockville, building up some sort of a winning streak!  Was the cold weather and the snow enough to cool this team off? (yeah, lame I know…) Well, it might just have been!  Uncle Jack wasn’t the main threat tonight, as Sofa King Smart jumped off to a HUGE lead, missing nothing but a mere two-point bonus in the first half, a bonus that EVERY team missed! Sofa King left no room for any team to gain ground on them, just increasing the lead further and further as the game went on.

After the halftime page, Sofa King Smart had a strong 90 points, with a few teams sprinkled in the 80-point range. Wingardium Triviosa, Uncle Jack, Screaming Death Monkey, and newcomers Shiven all looked like they wanted a piece of SKS in the 2nd half! These teams would need some luck to catch up as Sofa King continued to dominate, racking up a strong 124 points going into the 6-4-2!  SKS led by 6 points and looked like they were poised to win the game tonight! This is when it all went down hill…

In addition to three other teams, Sofa King Smart goes in early on the 6-4-2, missing on the six and earning zero points for this one. Wingardium Triviosa sat back, waited for their four points and took them very graciously. Another slip up by SKS came with the technology question. Formerly Soundjam MP, Apple bought this and changed its name in 2000.  Lots (and I mean LOTS) of teams putting Garage Band for their highest wager, somehow forgetting or writing off iTunes as a thing.  Well, it was iTunes.  Sorry for those of you that were super confident… SKS dropping 13 points in a matter of three questions!  A lead that was six points was now a seven-point deficit to Wingardium Triviosa!

WT held the lead going into the final question. Looking for a win, we needed an actor who was in a ton of stuff in the late 2000’s.  Sofa King looked to salvage a bad 4th and try to end in the money BUT they were unable to come up with a correct response.  A hard fought game, a game where they looked dominate, ends up with no $$ finish and the team with their tails between their legs.  Mark said to me after the game “I’m sure you’re gonna tear us a new one with the write-up.  Man, we really blew it!” (pp)…  Well Mark, I think you all took it hard enough tonight that I don’t need to say more, but I am sorry for the implosion.  Bounce back next week!  Get Jeff King off that high rocker of his…

Anyways…  Third place tonight went to Shiven, a new team, who got the final correct and moved up a bit!  Second place to Uncle Jack who finish in the money after being buried in the standings all night!  Would’ve been a win if not for our leading team tonight: Wingardium Triviosa!  A great rally at the end to build up a significant lead and finish off with a correct response on the final!  What a game!  We’re back next week!  See ya then!

Next week’s first category:  Tennis

Tennis Trivia