Winning at Trivia Night is Elementary!

Last weekend featured opening night at the Vanish Brewery in Loudoun County!  Be sure to check out this great spot on the first and third Friday of each month.  On to the recaps!

WEEKEND STATS AND FACTS (37 teams across five venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Smarty Pants (Belles’) with 164

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Smarty Pants (Belles’) with 153

–> Highest First Half Score: Uncle Jack (Belles’) with 89

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagering questions and final): NONE

–> Overall, our halftime pages played to an average of 17.4, with 27% of our teams scoring a perfect 20 points.

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (80.0% success rate):

–> In the second literary work in which he appeared, what fictional character spoke the following line: “when you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth”?

SUNDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (37.5% success rate):

–> What distinctive-smelling chemical was named by the Romans, as they first discovered the compound near a temple which honored an Egyptian deity?   (you’ll find the answers later in this blog)


Vanish Brewery in Leesburg, VA

A torrential downpour couldn’t stop our inaugural night of Pour House Trivia from going off without a hitch here at Vanish Brewery!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Back-to-the-Playground-Boys-and-Girls”: I was right there with my teams tonight, not knowing the first thing about playing Jacks. Tensies? Knucklebones? These are things people said? I guess we all gotta have a playground re-education!

In “Might-Be-A-Little-Low-Brow”: The Harold and Kumar question was another one that went over a lot of heads tonight, though I’m much more familiar with them. Maybe the beer was just flowing a little too freely at that point 😉

In “Ending-With-a-Bang…Sort-of”: It’s not often that you have to be worried about a natural disaster stopping a game of trivia, but as hard and fast as the rain was coming down, it’s a good thing we hoofed it through the back half of the game! That thunder and lightning were a bit muffled by the brewery workings but they were still there, and the small children running in and out, soaking wet were certainly causing some anxiety!

Honorable mention went to One Flight Short of a Hangover, who had the highest score, but a few too many team mates to earn prizes.

Our big winner tonight, taking home an extra $50 cash as being our inaugural winner, Times Like These!

A great first game everyone!  When we reconvene in June, we’ll kick things off with an opening question in the category of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Inductees!  That should be a rockin’ good time!  Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian


Led Zeppelin Trivia


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

We had ourselves a quaint little game of Pour House Trivia here at Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, as we welcomed a new team to the game, and had a very tight finish when it was all said and done. The first round of the game pitted the Brady Bunch against the Partridge Family for some triple 50/50 action, broke down some popular acronyms, went to Arby’s for lunch, and then balanced things out with a question about Libra’s.  We also had three clues for this aquatic mammal, but these teams were on point and all scored a two points bonus.


The second round started with an audio clue full of songs that mention famous people, and we followed that up with the tasty dish known as Quiche Lorraine.  Our PGA question featured two events that are named for famous golfers, and mention New Orleans lesser known nickname “Crescent City”.  The round finished off with a reference to this 2012 film and the very specific demographic the subject matter appealed to.

Magic Mike

Third round’s first category had a twist, as I had trivia teams asking ME a question. “Who is Gustavo Santaolalla?” Anyway, they did well with two of the three works which featured Gustavo’s music, Brokeback Mountain and the video game “The Last of Us”.  Not too many teams could remember the Brad Pitt film “Babel”. We certainly had some hockey fans in the room as all the teams answered Scotty Bowman before we even needed to break out a multiple choice option.  We talked about Harper Lee’s LONG awaited second novel, mixed in a little Egyptian mythology, and topped it off with a system of governance prevalent in Medieval Europe.


The final round began with a little-known record set by the hit 80’s sitcom “The Cosby Show”, and followed up with the advocacy group “The Log Cabin Republicans”.  We found out that the term ‘private eye” was courtesy of the Pinkerton Detective Agency, and detailed some staggering numbers on animal species, populations, and pizza!  We finished off the final round with this country music group, shown here performing with Fall Out Boy.

Band Perry

We had a tie going into the final question, and those two teams were only two points off the lead.  After our “elementary” question, it took an Arnold Palmer tiebreaker to settle 2nd and 3rd.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Smarty Pants

Second Place:  Uncle Jack

Third Place:  Demented and Sad But Social

Next week’s first category: 1980’s Music Last Word/First Word (AUDIO)

~ Ronnie

1980s One Hit Wonders Trivia


Pretzel and Pizza Creations in Hagerstown, MD

We hosted another INTENSE game of trivia at Pretzel & Pizza Creations on Saturday night!  It seems like each week, as we get closer to the World Series, the games get a LOT more competitive!  The first round was a breeze for our field, as every team topped 30 points after the first five questions, but the second round threw a couple of curveballs at our competitors.  Two teams that escaped unscathed were the Off Beats and Give Us Your Beer Money, though it was the latter who scored the only perfect 20 on the halftime puzzle page, giving them to a small lead at the break.

Give Us Your Beer Money was firing on all cylinders in round three, as they were the only team to not miss a wagering question in the round, as topics such as Egyptian gods and NHL coaches caused problems with a few other teams.  Needless to say, our leaders put some distance in between themselves and the field.  But oh did things change in the final round!  Our leaders bet conservatively on the early questions in this round, and were forced to lay seven points on a question on modern country music groups.  Unable to come up with The Band Perry, Give Us Your Ber Money was now tied with Quality Guesswork for the lead!

Neither team backed down with their wager and went for the full 12 points, and not surprisingly, both teams came up with the correct response of Sherlock Holmes, so we needed the tiebreaker to find out who would be the winner!  After the answers were in, this is how it looked… Finishing in third place was Your a Quizzard, Harry!  Playing a great game but having to take second place (on the tiebreaker) was Give Us Your Beer Money!  Moving into the tie for first place during the final round and the winning on the tie breaker was Quality Guesswork!!

Our winners chose Triple 50-50: Axis or Allied Country for next week’s first category, so study up and come join us for a game on Saturday at Pretzel & Pizza Creations!!

~ Jon J

World War II Map

(Image courtesy of


Captain Benders Tavern in Sharpsburg, MD

Coming soon…





Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

The battle for the top spot was intense at Tilted Kilt on Sunday!  Our entire field busted out of the gate on a fantastic pace, as the first half featured very few missed questions.  Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap snuck into an early lead as the only team to earn bonus points on our audio question.  They identified all three of our ‘initial’ music groups (ELO, EMF, and LFO).  Not to be outdone, Team Dutchess scored the only perfect score on the halftime puzzle page, which secured a first-place tie atop the standings at 83 points.

As expected, the difficulty of the question increased or the third round, as our teams slowly started putting more and more distance between each other.   Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap took the lead after the third round by only losing out on their one-point wager.  Just as they had done in the first half, Dutchess closed the gap by being the only to earn six points on the 6-4-2 question.  They knew that the Oscar statuette holds a sword in its hands.

Once the answers for the final question were in, only one team came up with the correct response of ammonia (named for the Egyptian god Amun), so we had the Survivors finishing in third place, while second place went to Duchess, and sealing the deal for first place by the end of the fourth round was our repeat winners: Fat Kids Are Hard To Kidnap!  Though they were absent tonight, we would also like to congratulate Poovey Farms as this season’s house champions!

Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap chose NFL Stadiums for next week’s first category, so study up and join us for a game with some great scenery this Sunday at Tilted Kilt!

~ Jon J

NFL Stadiums Trivia