Wicked good Pour House trivia on this wicked cold weekend!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend was chock full of live trivia, with a bit of magic (ILLUSIONS MICHAEL!) and a bit of everything else, too!

Check out the recaps!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

Thanks to all of the teams at Belles’ on Saturday night for welcoming a substitute host.  We had a nice crowd of ten regular teams, and we covered everything from Leroy Gibbs to David Copperfield.  Tonight’s game was essentially a two-horse race: Silent Titty Deadly Bang and Gaza Strippers, making a rare appearance here at Belles’.  They traded the lead for four rounds, but after the fourth round was done, the two teams sat in a dead heat.  Having to go all in on the final, both teams gave it a great effort, but it was STDB who took down another win.  Southpaw Fish was able to take advantage of the tie for first, and a strategic wager got them into second, while Gaza Strippers had to settle for third.  Next week, our first category will be a Triple 50/50 (Cheese or Disease?).  ~ Matt



Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

Captain Bender’s was off tonight, but Winner’s Choice for next week will be “Stalag 17!”


The Dilligad Pub – Frederick, MD

It was a cold but good night at Dilligad Pub on Bentz St tonight for trivia! We were JUST under the cut for the $25 cash prize for one lucky team(if there are 10 or more teams, Dilligad gives me $25 CASH to give to a randomly selected team), but we did have a interesting ending to tonight’s already tight game. Finishing 3rd tonight was You’re Killing Me Smalls! After the final question, the team that was leading 1st place the ENTIRE night went with a 0 wager. The team that moved back to 2nd after round 4 was all in with 12. First place tie-breaker question…. Beverly Crushers made a VALIANT effort to come back for the win but after the tie-breaker still finished 2nd! (Great end you guys!!) Holding on for the nail biter finish was Threat Level Midnight!! They decided to finally go with something they’ve been planning on for a while, “Disney Songs Sung by Jon Jeffries” will be next Sunday’s winners choice question!! (Denny, please be gentle) So you are NOT going to want to miss next Sunday’s game at the Dilligad Pub!!  ~  Jon J

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