Who’s headed to San Marino? Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Recap!!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Monday got a little into geography, bringing up our Italian friends in San Marino!

San Marino trivia italy trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Looks like a pretty spectacular place, eh? Who’s booking my trip?

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Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Great game of live trivia and good times here at DRP in Alexandria, it simply amazes me how many players we can squeeze in here each week!

Here are the results of tonight’s contest:
Del Ray Dummies in 1st
Jurassic Parks & Recreation in 2nd
That’s Right BItches in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Taylor Swift!

~ Ronnie

taylor swift trivia

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Today we start with a question about modern video games, more specifically about the BioShock games, courtesy of last week’s winners. The only team to bonus it was the team that picked the category, even though their BioShock expert was unable to make it to trivia due to other issues, which I thought was a bold move. Their boldness paid off though, as they were able to get that Rapture is the name of the underwater city you play the game in. The first round also contained a question where several teams guessed that Ben Kingsley played a pharaoh on a TV miniseries because he always seems to play those types of roles, and a hilarious miscommunication on the autobiography question where a team put down Bono for “Dreams From My Father” instead of Obama, which I found pretty funny. I also had several teams confused on how to describe a kicking tee for college football, with one describing it as that thing you kick the ball off of.

The audio question was fun because most teams could recognize Fall Out Boy because of the singer’s voice, but not as many were able to get that The Munsters theme song was being sampled in the song Uma Thurman. It also turns out that nobody really knows the motto of the FBI, or at least almost nobody knew what the F stood for (Fidelity) but a bunch of teams knew Bravey and Integrity, which was unfortunate since they needed all three for that magical bonus. At halftime I learned that nobody can spell ostrich, based on the way everybody spelled it, and apparently ocelots aren’t as well known as I thought. Also, orangutans are not “orangutangs” as most teams put, I assume because it sounds right and due to the orange drink powder. The other part of halftime, matching the TV show to the Emmy winning episode, I thought was incredibly difficult, since most people (myself included) don’t know episode titles very well at all.

Starting the second half was a good question about The Old Man and the Sea, which takes place over the course of three days as my man Santiago is trying to bring the fish he caught back home. We also had a question about the Pittsburgh Pirates, which I was shocked to see every team get both answers of who are the only Pirates to win World Series MVP in 1971 and 1979. I assumed everybody would get Roberto Clemente, but Willie Stargell was a more surprising one to me. We ended the round with a super hard multiple choice question about male-to-female ratios, and it turns out the Middle East has the highest male-to-female ratio, which was a surprise to everybody.

The fourth round had another question that stumped the bar, this time in the Last Word/First Word 80’s Films category. Turns out everybody knows the line about a dingo taking Meryl Streep’s baby, but nobody knows the movie title. The only team that DID know the movie title for that, missed the other film The Dark Crystal, which was unfortunate. We also discussed the fact that the founder of the city of Providence was NOT in fact God Himself, since the city did not just appear out of the sky suddenly; Providence was founded by a guy named Roger Williams. We also talked about how the comic Bloom County is making a comeback after all this time, and a few teams knew who writes the comic strip (also NOT God), Berkeley Breathed, which was impressive.

Tonight’s final question really put your scrabble knowledge to the test, asking which President’s last name would be worth the most points, at 22 total. I had to make sure everybody knew that Quincy was John Quincy Adams’ MIDDLE name, just in case, but the answer of Jefferson was one that about half the teams got. The final definitely moved a few teams around though. Third place tonight went to Rice Rice Baby, who jumped a handful of teams after getting the final correct. Second place went to the Turtleheads, who bet a little defensively (but still got it right!) after heading into the final tied with another team who missed the final. Winning tonight’s game by a point however was Cotton Candy managing to sneak another victory. Next week we start with a question about the Mass Effect video game series, since the one who picked BioShock this week couldn’t be there. I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

il Forno – Frederick, MD

JAM PACKED tonight at Das Forno with a 17 team field competing for the top prize! In such a big field of players, who would come out on top? Well you’re about to find out!

BUT FIRST, the Question of the Night: San Marino. San Marino, a small enclaved nation within Italy, we asked what their national language was. Perhaps in a desperate attempt to convince themselves that Italian was too easy, perhaps reading too hard into a false clue that suggested Latin because San Marino dubbed itself the oldest nation, or perhaps having no effing clue where or what San Marino was, I got a wide variety of answers including even Greek and Portuguese. San Marino’s official language is Italian, as it is essentially part of Italy, and completely surrounded by the nation.

A few more terrifyingly difficult questions (including one about the Middle East that wiped out 16 of 17 of the teams playing) and we had a pretty solid picture of how the game might turn out. Going into the final we had Thundercats up a good 10 points, 2nd place was I’m with Sarah, 3rd held by The Moops! The final question tonight played very difficult, which made for some last minute changes to the prized places! 3rd place tonight, with a correct response on the final went to MC, who jumped up quite a bit! 2nd place, another team repsonding correctly on the final was Chicken McThuggets! Your winners tonight, even though they missed the final, they were up enough that they were near impossible to catch, the Thundercats! Great game all! Summer Fling tournament coming up in about a month, keep playing, keep practicing, and keep having a blast! I know we do 😉 Until next week!

1st Place: Thundercats
2nd Place: Chicken McThuggets
3rd Place: MC

Next week: 90s boy bands

90s Boy Bands Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Maryland National Golf Club – Middletown, MD

Week 3 from our new venue in Middletown, Schroyer’s Tavern, is officially in the books and it was a pretty good game! Two teams were really crushing it tonight while battling for the top spot. They were playing so well in fact, that all the other teams only had a chance to fight for 3rd place! We also had an interesting curve ball after the final question tonight.

The bartender, waitstaff and a couple cooks have been enjoying the games so much, they asked if they could be a team and play tonight. I said, “Of course you can play, but unfortunately you won’t be eligible to win any of the prizes, even if you do finish in the top 3.” They were totally fine with that and played just for fun. The only reason I’m bringing this up is because even though it didn’t count, Team Tavern did finish 3rd in points so I wanted to give them a shout out!

So tonight, 4th place was actually 3rd place and the points go to The Mountain Dolphins! Playing a great game but coming up just a little short to finish 2nd was One Crow Short Of A Murder!! Making a great 2nd half comeback to take a small lead that they never gave up, congratulations to this weeks champions, Southpaw Fish!!! They picked Current Green Bay Packers for next Mondays winners choice, so study up, and come check out our new venue at Maryland National Golf Club, Schroyer’s Tavern!!!

~ Jon J

Green Bay Packers Pub Trivia Maryland

Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

Between a VERY intoxicated team, some absolute doozies in the set, and a change in scenery, tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia at the Roast House was interesting to say the least!

Highlight’s of the Night:

In “What’s-The-Point-of-the-Music?”: You know, the music is there to help muffle the chatter of teams discussing answers. But when a team CONTINUALLY, despite NUMEROUS hints, to SHOUT answers, I might as well not play anything at all. Seriously, STAHP!!!

In “Can-You-Say-Obscure?”: Asking for one obscure movie in a last words first word question is rough. Asking for TWO obscure movies in a last word first words question, that’s just plain rude!

In “Wait-Why-Are-You-Over-Here”: Due to some work being done on my usual booth, I was in the complete opposite corner of the bar tonight. This did not sit well with some of my teams. There were several “misfires”…silly teams!

Tonight’s final was a last minute switcheroo!

In third place tonight, Plan B!

In second place tonight, Gang 4!

In first place tonight, Team Ben!

With the only correct answer on the final, congrats to Team Ben for their leap into first! Good game everyone! Next week we’re gonna start things off with Stephen King Novels! Should be fun!

Until then,

stephen king trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

Spider Kelly’s – Arlington, VA

It’s always good to see teams returning after a few weeks away from trivia, and so we had nine teams battling it out on Monday night at Spider Kelly’s in Clarendon.  After most of our teams cruised through the first half, the second got a little (ok, a lot) tougher, as there were a few questions that truly separated the pack.  One team that was not fazed by the second half was Swedish Police on Vacation, who nearly held an insurmountable lead heading into the final.  They capped the night off with one more correct answer to take down their second win in a row.  Ding! Fries Are Done took second, with Ives Mansion jumping a few spots on the final to take third.  So, we’ll begin next week with a question on Swedish athletes (other than this guy…)  ~ Matt