Who’ll buy OUR memories? Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Roundup

Pour House pub trivia‘s still smarting a bit from that last-second USMNT tie, but we powered through for FIVE venues of live trivia for you!

We covered Willie Nelson’s IRS woes with his album “Who’ll Buy My Memories?” but I understand there were some other ideas for titles before that was chosen. Some of them:

  • How do you expect me to afford weed now?
  • Can I sing my way out of this?
  • Passing the hat

In case you wanted to know what the soundgarden looked like, we found you a video. But boy, is it unpleasant.

[th_youtube id=’6JpRk4LK50U’ name=’Soundgarden Seattle Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland’]

Since that’s not really pleasant to hear, how about some other Soundgarden related tunes?

[th_youtube id=’VUb450Alpps’ name=’Hunger Strike Pour House Pub Trivia maryland’]

Onto the games!

Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

It was (unfortunately) our last night of trivia at Dan’s in Boonsboro, and it gave the Pur Houe Trivia one-man show of Esophagus Now a chance to take down yet another venue as a solo team, and that’s exactly what happened.  He snuck into the lead by snagging the Belize question, and played perfectly the rest of the way for the win.  Second place wenty to Big Test Icicles and third was Weekend at Bernie’s.  Thanks for joining me for the short time I hosted at Dan’s.  I enjoyed every minute of it!   ~ Matt


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

We were back tonight at DRP here in Alexandria after a brief World Cup hiatus and the players packed the house for another edition of live trivia!

The final moved everything around and it was The Unreliables that took down first! No Money No Problems led most of the game and took 2nd, and WS Champions Rubber Sheets Club finished in 3rd.

Join me again next week, where our first category will be Japanese Godzilla Movies!

~ Ronnie

[th_youtube id=’QgZGx1F9cA4′ name=’Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland Godzilla’]


Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

After a week off for the USMNT viewing party, we had a fantastic night of live trivia at the Turtle, with lots of new faces yet again! Seems crazy to be saying that every week, but I always appreciate having some new friends for the night!

It was a highly competitive night of pub quiz, with four different teams occupying the first place spot at some point during the night, and every one of our teams cracking the top three at one time or another.

So it wasn’t a surprise that four rounds of trivia and a final couldn’t solve all our problems, we had a third place tie between Chances Aren’t and We’re Here for the Free Water. Chances Aren’t NAILED Paul Newman’s birth year, and took it home!

  1. Complicated Tax Return
  2. Miles River Avengers
  3. Chances Aren’t

Godzilla must have been in the air tonight, because they ALSO chose one of his films: Godzilla, King of the Monsters!

[th_youtube id=’XnZ6Ktjynh0′ name=’Godzilla King of the Monsters Live Trivia Maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Latrilla and the Mossy Banks owned most of the game of live trivia until the Thundercats pulled into the lead right near the end. The final question stumped a number of our teams, including 1st place Thundercats, which made way for a new team in the number one spot!
After an intense tie-breaker, Intellectual Chocolate comes from behind to snipe the win! Congrats!
2nd place went to I’m With Geoff, 3rd place went to One Crow Short of a Murder.
We’ll see you all next week!
Next week’s category: Famous Music Conductors
Conductors Live Trivia Maryland


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

If last week was wild, this week was a nailbiter. 

There was drama!
Travelling teams!
Inappropriate references to my mother and Emilio Estavez!

But when the dust settled, we had a tiebreaker to settle in Thunderdome between Multiple Scoregasms and School’s Out. In the end, School’s Out was closer to Paul Newman’s birth year and took the top spot! Congrat’s guys, well played!

It was a valiant comeback for Multiple Scoregasms, but they were happy with second, even if there was some grumblings. You guys are my favorite troublemakers; great game!

Rounding out the top spot was the Book Club Babes! A warm welcome to the Roast House and a good game ladies and gent!

School’s Out has picked Porn Stars for 100 for their first round categories. I dunno how well telling you to study up is gonna go over but there you have it! 

Oh and if you wanna make cracks at my mother I will be happy to call her in next week to whip y’all’s butts. She’ll do it. 😉

Can’t speak for Emilio Estavez though…

See you next week guys!

Until then,
[Editor’s Note: We think you can use your imaginations for a photo on this one. Enjoy!]