Who you gonna call? Pour House Pub Trivia Wednesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday rocked nine games of live trivia!

We ain’t afraid of no ghosts – nor any live trivia!

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Tonight’s game started with a category that seems to come up rather often. Of course, I’m talking about Maryland NCAA men’s basketball, courtesy of last week’s winners, We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat. After that, we had a question about things that sound like sneezes. I always love it whenever a Pokemon reference shows up, and that question had one of the answers of Pikachu, basically the Pokemon mascot. Rounding out round one was a question about the BALCO scandal that baseball dealt with, most notably proving that Barry Bonds was juicing (as if it wasn’t obvious by how quickly he gained like 100 pounds).

Round two we had a question about alcohol in song titles, and the most fun part of that was the part when we got to listen to the instrumental version of Snoop’s Gin and Juice. A question about the new Ghostbusters reboot was next, and some teams remembered that both Kristen Wiig and Melissa McCarthy are going to be in it as two of the Ghostbusters themselves. Halftime had some cool Andy Warhol portraits, and I thought the inclusion of one of his self-portraits on the page. The other part about matching the TV show to the network it was on was a bit tougher on some of them, although most teams did pretty well.

In the third round the astronomy question about the sun proved to be a little bit of a challenge for some teams, with teams knowing the two most abundant elements in the sun itself. The sweeper of the night definitely went to the comic book question, with none of the teams getting What If? correct. Turns out nobody there was much of a comic book fan unfortunately. I definitely loved the category about birds though, because the bird is definitely the word. The 6-4-2 question about Turkey prompted me to play some They Might Be Giants afterwards, talking all about Istanbul (not Constantinople). My favorite question of the night however had to be about Socrates, because not only did it reference Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure, but I found out that some teams had NO idea how to spell his name. A few of the spellings were hilarious, and people seemed to think that his wife’s name was Mrs. Socrates.

The final question about the mascot that was lended to the US Government for a year, only to be replaced by Smokey the Bear, was a good question I thought. Only one team got it correct, with the guess of Bambi. Unfortunately, they joined late and were too far out to make any serious waves. Third place tonight went to Dalek Dance Party who had a bit of a rough final round. Second place was The Carolina Reapers, who couldn’t quite catch up to first place. Winning tonight’s game, however, was We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, taking down the win in a repeat performance. Congrats! Next week we start out with a question in the category of Pittsburgh athletes, so go get some studying! I’ll see you all again next week!

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Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

We had ourselves and exciting, but ultimately bittersweet game this week. While the competition was fierce, we learned that team’s Cuttlefish and Asian Brian and those White People will be leaving for their respective colleges soon, making this week’s game their last. You guys and girls will be sorely missed. Keep in touch!!

We battled back and forth over the mass of the Sun, the number of Arabian Nights, and the death of Cedric the Entertainer – well, the death of his career, anyway. Also, side note: how do you not know who Beavis and Butthead are, but you NAIL that “Tom’s Apartment” was MTV’s first movie???

As the game wound down, it was still anyone’s game. With all teams betting strategically, the stage was set for an upset, and then a TRIPLE STUMPER gave us our results. In third was Just Those White People (with Brian noticeably absent, the name change felt appropriate). Second place went to Team Cuttlefish (or was it Cuddlefish? We’ll never knowQ). Taking it down for he second week in a row was Drinks Are On the House!! They’ve selected, “The Fast and the Furious” Quotes as next week’s first category, so it’s time for a movie marathon, ya busters.

See you next week!


Ya know, I’m feeling a “Hudson Hawk” theme night coming on! All Hudson Hawk, all the time! That would be a thrill I think – hotter than Habanero Pepper baby! Bring it!

hudson hawk trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

The first half of tonight’s game had a nice flare to it. We played around with the likes of Pikachu, Ghostbusters and Sylvester P. Smythe. And it was all fun and games for a bit. And then Round 3 happened! Oh yes. It had teeth! But we made it through and and finished up what was a great game of trivia. Most of the games, of late, have been coming down to the final Q. And this one was no different. It could have gone any number of directions.

However, it was a tough Bambi final Q that kept things as they were and gave us our Top 3 tonight!

20150805_221755.1 20150805_221700.2 20150805_221559.3

Great game tonight y’all! Well played. Tell everyone you know to sign up for our newsletter by going to the front page of www.pourhousetrivia.com. We will keep you posted on fun stuff and cool events on the horizon!

In the meantime, thanks for playing tonight everyone. Next we kick off with BIOSHOCK, the video game. That’s a fun one! Have fun studying and I will see you next Wednesday night for some more hump day trivia! Be well. DG 🙂

bioshock trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

TONIGHT was truly an historic evening at Bennigan’s. No tremendous scores, no outrageous numbers, nothing too out-of-the-ordinary EXCEPT for our winners tonight… but more on that in a bit. We had a great time tonight at BENNIGAN’S! Had lots of teams getting their skills honed for this summer’s playoff! With nearly 4 weeks left until the Summer fling championship, some teams look like they’re already in postseason form. It was KNOCK KNOCK holding it down through halftime, which they do too often before blowing the game in the 2nd half – NOT TONIGHT FOLKS! TONIGHT WAS THEIR TIME! Knock Knock FINALLY takes down the game! It was legendary! So happy for them (I even got to sneak into the group pic they took! Yay!) Great game guys! 2nd was Just the Tip and 3rd was Can’t Read Good! I’m out guys. Vegas time! I’ll be back MONDAY! Until then, I’ll see the gang back at Bennigan’s in a week! Laterrrrr1st Place: Knock Knock
2nd Place: Just the Tip
3rd Place: Can’t Read Good

Next week: US Virgin Islands

Virgin Islands Trivia pour house pub trivia maryland

It was great filling in for Samantha, and enjoying my first visit to Market Street Fusion, and the crowd of regular provided some fantastic entertainment.  It was rowdy as we progressed into second half, as it became a two-horse race between Constantly Changing Team Name and League of Nerds.  A crucial two-point bonus (on the not-so-forgotten movie “Joe’s Apartment”) put CCTN into the lead as we finished round for.  We had just ONE TEAM pick up the correct response on the final question, and it was actually our second-place team, League of Nerds, who sniped the final and took down the win!  Their first win of the season no less.  Great job!  CCTN did have to settle for second, with Fries Before Guys coming up with a great response on the tiebreaker to take third.  The lovely and talented Sam will return next week with a question on Beers of Pennsylvania!  ~ Matt


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

Had a good time here at Memories filling in for Torrie-the crowd enjoyed my pronunciation on many of the words this evening-I’m defiantly learning this job the hard way! The Moops took a commanding lead and ended with a very respectable 174!Ist Moops2nd Men and Pausers3rd Wolverines

The first category next week is Tommy Boy – Holy schnikes!

 Tommy Boy Pub trivia category MD

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Another exciting game went down tonight at the Tavern for live trivia. It seemed like every team struggled at least once in one round or another, but once the fat lady sang, this is what we ended up with:

In 3rd tonight was an up and coming team to be reckoned with, Suck It Trebek! Ending a two week reign but still in 2nd was Olney The Lonely!! Stepping back into the captains chair with 1st was our game winner, John Lithgow’s Fan Club!!

Their pick for next weeks winners choice was “World Capital Word Play”, so study up and come join us for some fun next Wednesday night at The Tavern!!

~ Jon J

World Capitals Live Trivia Maryland

Tonight’s game of Pour House Trivia was a wild ride at the Revolution
Bar. The game itself was pretty straightforward, but the smacktalk? It
was REAL tonight!

I don’t think highlights can do the night justice. Let’s just say
everyone gave as good as they could get, yours truly included. Can’t
let these rowdy boys and girls get the best of me! If it’s verbal war
they want, it’s verbal war they get! Mess and Jegg, GT80 Sauce, E=MC
Hammer; no one is safe!

The podium was pretty much set after a total whiff on the final.
Everyone was on the right track with Disney characters, but no one
pulled Bambi.

In third place, GT80 Sauce!

In second place, Mess and Jegg!

In first place, E=MC Hammer!
Next week we’re gonna start with E=MC Hammer’s category of Boobs.
Boobs ladies and gentlemen. Boobs. Have fun for that next week!

Until then,

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Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Well it was great to be back at Valley Grill tonight after taking a little mini va- kay to catch a baseball game!

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies, and thanks again to Matt Frost for doing an exceptional job covering for me.

Here are the results of tonight’s game:

Southpaw Fish in 1st

Scared Money Don’t Make no Money in 2nd

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd.

Our first category for next week is the original Ghostbusters film.

~ Ronnie

Ghostbusters Trivia Category MD