When I was young we played pub trivia in the cold, barefoot, uphill…

Captain Benders Sunday Trivia

Yep it was cold outside but a HOT one inside Captain Benders tonight. First place went to the Army of Dorkness camp tonight, the only ones to get the final question!! And that is an official 2 for 2 at Benders for them. Good Job AoD. Second place: Cranius Maximus, staying high in the ranks throughout the game! And 3rd went to Give Us Your Beer $$, holding strong at #1 for the overall Season 8 Rankings. Remember…NO TRIVIA AT CAPTAIN BENDERS NEXT SUNDAY due to a private function. We’ll see you on Dec. 8th, however, with a 1st category of Final Fantasy 7.final fantasy 7final fantasy 7 logo

Have a great Thanksgiving – Torie :)


We had a TIGHT race to the finish tonight at Hinode in Frederick, MD for our little bar trivia contest!! I had a two way tie for first place almost the entire night, until right before the final question! After that  question, this is how it broke down…. in 3rd place tonight was AGAIN the Vitrifiers!(I just KNOW they’re gonna break out of that mold next week!) In 2nd tonight(SOOOoooooo close to taking the win back) was the Witiots, and our game winners for a SECOND week in a row…. I Don’t Know!!! (the team, that is…) They decided on “Carl Sagan” for next weeks first round category, so study up and I will see everyone back at Hinode next Sunday for the Pour House Party… 6:30 sign-ups, 7:00 game time!! Happy Turkey Day ~ Jon J

carl sagan parody