What What?!?!? Wednesday Trivia was a Wild One!

Between Cabbage Patch Kids, Goldfinger, and Papa’s Got a Brand new Bag, I am having one helva flashback cocktail! For the record, and for whatever reason, I remember my Cabbage Patch kid’s name :Frederick Jonathon! I wonder whatever happened to him. He was a precocious one for sure!

Wednesday games were on fire! With playoffs, pub crawl and World Series 12 just around the corner, the competition is heating up! And good thing…cuz its been frosty outside!


Belles – Frederick, MD

Belles is always fun, and tonight was no exception. We had a couple teams who were back up to full strength and even more than full strength in a few instances! It’s always interesting watching the dance happen at 6:52 or so, all the people and the available space.  Not gonna lie, it’s strange when people are not in their regular places.. I don’t know where to look when I yell things anymore!

Cedar threw you guys for a bit of a loop, and The Bronx Bull was definitely not Richard Simmons.. I can’t even joke about what Ollie Monsters thought was on the bum of a Cabbage patch doll… it’s funny, but it’s wrong. Ask them about it when you see that at Playoffs or World Series!

We had a couple teams who were all sorts of people over the limit (Yes, a grading teacher counts- as does Sean even though there was no cartoon or candy questions) so we had to do some shifting around  after that rather quick final was wrapped up. It would have been Constantly Changing but as they picked up an extra at the halftime, they get bragging rights. It was Justin’s last night for awhile- we will miss you and be safe over there! 1st fell to Fisted Sister, who showed us all what class looks like and handed off their first category rights to Colonel Angus who were in 2nd since the sisters of Fist will not be joining us next week. Finishing up our podium is Team Wednesday who slid in to 3rd. I will see you all next week when we will start out with Firefly! Awesome. ~Samantha


Overwood – Alexandria, Va

A quiet, intimate game at Overwood tonight as Alexandria’s finest came out for Trivia Supremacy. The game was close throughout, with two of the three teams only apart by a few points at the end but the Flucco’s Took it!

1st Fluccos

2nd Super Troupers

3rd Team Underwood

1st category next week is 80s Horror movie theme music! See you there



Revolutions – Fairfax, Va

Tonight…wow tonight…let’s just say tonight did not go according to plan. Our first game of Pour House Trivia of 2016 at the Revolution Bar was…well it’s only gonna get better from here, I promise.

I don’t think we need to dispense with the details. Suffice it to say that we got through. Big thank you to Brandon (not Randy as I mistakenly called him all night) from GT80 Sauce for saving the day. You da real MVP  tonight. And Mess and Jegg, thank you for being good sports; with everything going so haywire, having a team bow our graciously because of too many players is a blessing, when some can get so angry over a potential prize.

Mess ang Jegg did in fact go on to earn the most points tonight, but as they were ineligible for prizes, the podium looked like this.

In third place tonight, E=MC Hammer, back in action after a week off!
In second place tonight, GT80 Sauce!
And in first place tonight, the Green Machine, keeping their streak alive!

Good job everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a “Paraphrases” question. Famous not-quite quotations. Should be interesting!  Study up, and we’ll see you hopefully for a much better next time!

Until then,



Hard Times – Arlington, Va

What a finish on Wednesday night at Hard Times in Clarendon!  With a surprising result on the final question, it came down to the dreaded “Dawson’s Creek” themed tiebreaker, and by a nose, it was Alice Alice pulling out the win over the Rocket Surgeons.  Third place went to Ken Griffey Jr. Slugfest.  Next week, we’ll start with Bourbon!  Not literally… a question about bourbon (well, maybe literally…)



Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Admittedly, the microphone sometimes entices me into freely revealing things about myself at trivia night that otherwise we’d probably not talk about. So let’s just say, now my friends in Hagerstown know that I was:

a. obsessed with Cabbage Patch Kids in the 80s

b. i might just very well own the box set to Dawson’s Creek

c. and I do in fact do a pretty good James Brown impersonation (I may or may not have practiced in front of a mirror at some point, just sayin)

Rock and Roll! Barefoot Bernies was jumpin’ Wednesday for trivia night. Thanks everyone for coming out and playing! Remember, invites start next week and plyoffs will be held the 23rd of January and World Series will be on the 30th of January! I can’t wait to see how the post-season plays out!

Congrats to our Top tonight! Sad, Fat Dragons came with a mission and decided to go wire to wire FTW! Good game y’all!

Next week we kick off with “Streets of Rage 2 – Video Game.” Until then, have a great weekend and I will see you soon 🙂 DG

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, MD


Tonight was a lot of fun, wasn’t it? Glad to have had a bunch of my regulars back from the holiday festivities! Glad to see a few new faces too! Hopefully  tonight wasn’t too weird for you guys, I know I threw a bit of a curveball at you all but I thought it was fun! For those of you that weren’t there  tonight, I sort of “played-along” with the crowd on the questions in the set that I didn’t actually write myself to see how I’d have done if I were playing too. Taking zeroes on the ones I wrote, I still managed a respectable (I hope?) 145 points on my own. Hopefully no one thought I was cheating at all haha. Glad you guys are cool enough that I could experiment and do that, it was a lot of fun!

Tonight’s question of the night is an early one that I’m pretty sure most of the teams actually got correct. The First Aid question was gotten by most of the teams. Heck, most teams got the 2 point bonus too! I, however, missed it. All of it. This was the only wager question I didn’t know in the game. Maybe I just suck at taking care of myself… Or maybe it’s one that might be easier with more teammates. Either way, it killed me, making it hard to start the game off!

At halftime we had a tie between Blue Steel and Chuck Rodent. A close game throughout, these teams would flip flop the lead up until the final question. Going into the final we ALSO had a tie in the lead between these same two teams! If you’re tied in the lead, what is the play? Do you go all in and hope you get it right? Or do you bet softer and hope for a stumper? Well, both of these scenarios were covered by our leaders. Chuck Rodent went all in whereas Blue Steel held back a bit, hoping for Chuck Rodent to miss, and they’d squeak through with the win! Well, the answer to final question would be the deciding factor…

The final played decently tough with about 50% of the teams picking up a correct response on it. Unfortunately or fortunately, depending on what team you were, both our leaders got the final correct. Therefore, the final scores looked like this. 3rd place, a little jump from behind for Irish Wrist Watches who finish with a 151. Blue Steel finishes in 2nd place with 153 and the winners tonight are Chuck Rodent with a score of 161! Great game guys! We’re back in 1 week! Hope to see you then!

1st Place:     Chuck Rodent

2nd Place:    Blue Steel

3rd Place:     Irish Wrist Watches

Unfortunately, we will have to keep you posted on next week’s Winner’s Choice – luv ya tho 😉


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

The 2nd half of last nights trivia game at the Tavern was CRAZY! The top 3 spots kept changing around because of teams wagering big on incorrect answers or missing their bonus questions. It was just one of those weird nights I guess… After the final question, we did have our top 3 winners and it looked like this. Moving up into 3rd place after the final was a new team that went by Rose Petals! 2Nd place went to Olney the Lonely, and with their first win since the name change at the start of season 12, 1st place was taken by Schweddy Balls!! They picked “The Mad Max films” for next weeks winners choice category so study up and we’ll see everyone next Wednesday at The Tavern!!  ~ Jon J

Applebee’s – Frederick, MD

Tonight we braved these sudden freezing temperatures to play the first game of the new year, and it was a good one! We started with a question about Tudor England which asked about Henry VIII’s children before Queen Elizabeth II took the throne, which were Edward and Mary. Luckily the numbers didn’t matter but most of the teams that knew the answer knew the numbers too.

In the first round we also asked about Cabbage Patch Kids, that fad that everybody loved in the 80’s. I was impressed a few teams knew the name of the creator, I guess we had a few collectors in the house.  The second round featured a TV sitcoms audio question that had one of my favorite shows, Frasier, as one of the answers. They played a clip from one of the funniest episodes, the one where he pretends to be Jewish.

We also had the toughest question of the night, this time asking about the boxer whose life was featured in Raging Bull, Jake LaMotta. That one led to plenty of joke answers because nobody could come up with the answer. We also talked about the final NASA shuttle to be built, which is the Endeavour.  Heading into halftime things were relatively close, and the halftime page really changed some things around.

The halftime page tonight featured people who were in the headlines last year as well as naming things which are also precious minerals. The stumper there was Jasper Johns the American Painter.  The second half started out with a question most teams knew about the film Newsies, but the third round quickly turned brutal. Between the Goldfinger question, the Cedar question, and the South Pole, scores were dropping fast. Even the question about Control tripped teams up, with teams guessing KAOS instead because of the Get Smart clue.

The final round opened up talking about Dawson’s Creek, and featured a question about the ethnic group of the Cossacks, which almost everybody who got it right spelled wrong. The round ended with questions about the word ‘bag’ in music and asked about James Brown’s song “Papa’s Got A Brand New Bag”.

Tonight’s final question was about quotations and asked about the speech given at Brandenburg Gate, which was ‘Mr. Gorbachev, tear down that wall!’. Most teams knew what I was talking about, but some tricky wagering moved things around. Third place tonight went to That’s What You Get For Thinking, who had the lead but lost it due to conservative wagering. We had a tie for first and had to break it using the total episodes of Dawson’s Creek. Second place went to Carolina Reapers who lost the tiebreaker. Winning tonight, congrats to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity on the tiebreaker! Next week we start with The Big Bang Theory (the TV show) so I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

Memories Charcoal House – Mt. Airy, MD

Well that was quite the warm welcome! The first game of 2016 at Memories was also my first game as your new host, and I couldn’t be more excited to be there. This week’s game had everything: laughs, surprises, a birthday celebration and even a Torie sighting!

We learned all about Dawson’s Creek (and that team of 16-year olds who were all named Pacey by their Dawson’s Creek superfan parents…), Jake LaMotta (who is NOT Rocky…) and tried to remember who signed all those Cabbage Patch Dolls.

Our scores were very close headed into the final, and some strategic betting was in order. After a great final, our top three were decided. In third were the ladies of Newbies, followed by Men & Pausers in second and leaving What Had Happened Was alone at the top!

They’ve selected “World Geography Wordplay” as next week’s first category, which I’m sure our writers will have a field day with.

See you next week!


Wolfie’s – Smyrna, DE

All teams tonight were man vs. man. No couples teamed up and no friends teamed up, everyone was out to win. Wolfies had six teams tonight, where we had a close run. To make things interesting and more entertaining, I told everyone if they did not know an answer, if they can come up with something that can make me laugh, I would still give them one point. During the puzzle, we had a little two year old girl singing her ABC’s.  Round 3 stumped almost all the teams! Until Round 4 is when teams pulled away from others in score.

1st Place: Wolf Pack Chick

2nd Place: Whixies Wife

3rd Place: Team Awesome

Our first place chose the category 2004 Trends.


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Well it took a tie breaker to settle 1st and 2nd in tonight’s game here at Valley Grill in Middletown, and we had nearly 1/3rd of the field in the running for a prize! I think my funniest (to me anyway) answer of the night was Leonard Nemo, instead of Leonard Nimoy. Oh well, Star Trek is a lot like a submarine movie. I digress, here are your results:

Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st

Richard Tickler in 2nd

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 3rd

Remember World Series and Pub Crawl are really close. Your first category for next week is “The Gas Giant known as Uranus.”              ~ Ronnie