What does the Mickey Mouse Club and Beelzebub have in common?

Nothing, other than the fact that they both ended up in last night’s set of Pour House Triva questions.  Our ‘demonic’ final question flipped the standings at a couple locations and earned a few teams some end-of-the-night glory.

Here are the Wednesday night’s recaps:

T.J. Stone’s

What a night of twists and turns at T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria.  One of our newer teams, Twice Rejected, decided to go with a more timely team name just for last night, so they began the game as “Too Fast Too Furious Too Soon”.  Ok then……  Anyway, they played a great first half, but hit a couple of stumbling blocks the rest of the way, missing their Mythology bonus and jumping the gun a bit on the 6-4-2 question.  By the end of round four, they had dropped to fourth place as the B-58s took the lead.  However, they were just one of two teams to come up with the correct answer on the final, and landed back in first place for their first win ever!  Great job!  Smarter Than Ryan Lochte held on to second with the strategic zero wager, and a brand-new team, 12,000 Toilets, came from way back to take third.  Next week starts with a question on stuff that happens in this building:

 Supreme Court Trivia Washington D.C.

Yes, Famous U.S. Supreme Court Cases!  See you next week!  ~ Matt

Valley Grill

Fourteen teams and some familiar faces from the past strolled out to Valley Grill Sports Bar to clash over the “trivia gridiron”!  Xavier Onassis played a top notch game and walked away with first by a commanding lead.  Southpaw Fish rallied late to pull into a second place showing, and Dufrese Party of Four held on strong for third.  Your first category for next week is the classic film “A Christmas Story”. ~ Ronnie

Atlantic Grille

Lots of new faces tonight at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!  And just like Joan Rivers, we love new faces! :-P  Always a Bridesmaid battled it out for a third place finish while Wrecking Ball secured second.  But the story of the night was Stink Floyd, who walked in a solo player, held a strong lead and took the top spot.  PHT would like to remind the general public that contrary to popular belief, Pat Boone is not the lead singer of Gwar :-P Next week’s first category is the Dept. of Transportation.  See you in Urbana!
– Eric :D
Gwar Trivia Washington, DC

Fast Eddie’s

Great post-turkey coma game at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax!  Shaking off the holiday stupor we had a memorable fight to the finish.  Mess & Jeg rounded out the winner’s circle in third place!  In second was Fake Block in an impressive game of leap frog between themselves and M&J!  The ultimate champions tonight were a returning cameo from the CKC, nearly 40 points ahead of the pack!  See you next Wednesday!  ~Torie

Cellar Door

 Ayyayayyayayayayaya… what a game at Cellar!  Had some great teams come see me in the underground and they were rewarded with a most excellent audio question tonight. hehe.  Our headliners tonight were no strangers to the limelight: Witioits!  2nd belonged to I like Big Butts after a nearly disastrous “gamble” on U.S. Cities.  Rounding out our marquee tonight was Donner Party!  Nice job guys. I will see you next week when we will be all about the rack……the spice rack!  Get your Moby Dicks and shuttlecock minds out of the gutter! ~Samantha

Spice Rack Trivia Washington DC

Barefoot Bernies

Washington Co. wildness came out in force Wednesday night at Barefoot Bernies! Wow! Great evening of trivia and good times. We had fun with a new phone app tie breaker format, an invisible pole dance in the aisle, and we now know 101 ways to describe a wedgie without saying the word underwear! 

After the dance, it was Phlitches (who took a little stroll down memory lane and came to old stomping grounds) that took the WIN! Great work ladies…like old times! 2nd Place went to Save the Clock Tower, who lost in a Taboo style tie-breaker by one answer. And 3rd Place went to the very consistent and tough crew of Slapsgiving.

Awwesome evening my friends. Let’s kick off next Wednesdays game with a question on War Machine (figurine war game). I had not heard  of it, admittedly, but I did some reading on it and it sounds like a very good game. And being the voracious gamer that I strive to be, i will have to check this one out :) Until next week yall… be well :)

-dgwar hammer trivia