What a Wednesday with Pour House Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday is absolutely jam-packed with live trivia! We just can’t stop bringing you the fun on Wednesday, with eight games of trivia coming to you each Wednesday! Check out the recaps!  

Applebees – Frederick, MD

Good times were had by all today at Applebee’s, as another exciting game of Pour House Pub Trivia unfolded on the same day that the NHL had its opening day. One Crow Short of a Murder brought their full force to play and held strong throughout the game, earning another win.  In 2nd place was Spider 2-Y Banana, a name that would make former NFL coach Jon Gruden extremely proud.  Rounding out the top spots was the Exploding Ninjas taking 3rd place. Nice work everybody and thanks for coming out.  The first category for next week as chosen by One Crow Short of a Murder is the band The Damn Quails, whom I am completely unfamiliar with.  Guess it’s time to study up!

Until next week,
 [th_youtube id=’DXE9iVfQ4NU’ name=’The Damn Quails Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]


Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

O hai dere! We hadz gud tiemz… uh, I mean we had good times with pub trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!Tonight we discussed Charles Darwin playing hockey in Charlotte, a remake of Coach starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and Ceiling Cat pwning all your n00bz!It was a showdown between some of our best teams but in the end, Strangers Have the Best Candy took first with Men & Pausers coming in second.Keeping with the religious themes, next week’s category is Triple 50/50 who said it: Jesus or Don Corleone. I can see it now – The Gospel according to Fredo, chapter 1, verse 18: “And Lo, he said ‘I shall make thee an offer that you cannot refuse.”See ya next week! – Eric πŸ˜€

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

While “Gandalf Style,” is certainly my favorite answer of the night, the “Most Likely to draw stink eye questions,” were certainly the ‘for 2pts, spell…’  Paparazzi and Renaissance! BOOM…two monsters to scratch out while slurping down a few cold ones is always fun…and yes always draw a litte stink eye! [th_youtube id=’jKs7u7O-gSE’ name=’Lord of the Rings Trivia Pub Quiz Maryland’]

And that’s the way it went down tonight at our little ole pub trivia contest in Hagerstown, MD. Barefoot Bernies was jumping tonight with some new crews and veteran crews alike! Tonight’s set of questions quizzed us on a ton of fun and diverse info – from Indian Cobras to Antonio Vivaldi.
Thanks to all my friends who came out to play and have at it this evening at Barefoot Bernies. How did it go down? Well, much props to Slapsgiving who put a wire to wire, 12+ Victory down…and did not have to wager on the final! Awesome work Slaps – as an aside they stuck around after and set the house record, at 10 correct, in the category of Superheroes! Nice 2-fer ladies and gents!
Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
2nd went to the fine folks of “I Do My Killing After Midnight,” who slapped down a correct Charles Darwin pull and leaped up the ole pub quiz ladder!
Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
The Top 3 was rounded out by Thinkers & Dreamers who stayed in striking distance; and then did just that for the $$$.
Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
Thanks again everyone for coming out to Bernies to play some trivia. Hope to see you next week, when we begin with “Comic Books,” as our first category – courtesy of Slapsgiving! Have a great weekend everyone…see you soon. DG πŸ™‚
Comic Book Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland


Tonight’s game was a craazy one (note the 2 A’s)! Erotic Friend Fiction held on to the lead for most of the game but were contested closely by Uncle Jack and Settlers of Catan. The final question had tons to do with the outcome of this one however… Erotic Friend Fiction missed the final, but with a defensive wager took 2nd place tonight. Coming from behind, with a correct response on the final, we had Trivial Pursuers take 3rd place. And your winners tonight, with a correct response on the final, jumping up from very far to take down the win was My Favorite Team!!! Grats to you guys! Good win. We’ll be back next week, same time, same place!
1st Place:     My Favorite Team
2nd Place:    Erotic Friend Fiction
3rd Place:     Trivial Pursuers
Next week’s category:     Lord of the Rings Trilogy (movies)
Lord of the Rings Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

What a finish! After a couple of total stumpers tonight, it was anyone’s game going into the final question of the night. And what a crazy finish! Third jumped up to first, first fell to second, and sixth place squeaked into third! ‘Retainer? I Don’t Even Know Her’ took it down tonight, followed by ‘Grab a Straw, You Suck’ in second, and ‘Witiots’ – as a duo! – took home third. Next week’s first category, as chosen by Retainer, is “2014 Notre Dame Football“, so brush up on your current Fighting Irish! I wonder, are the ND locker rooms haunted by the ghost of Manti Te’o’s fake girlfriend? Thanks to Sam for letting me host tonight, hope everyone had a great time! -Nick

notre dame trivia pour house trivia maryland


​​The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Put another successful week of live trivia in the books for the Olney Tavern! I will admit that there was some TOUGH questions tonight (round 2 in particular!), but after the smoke cleared, the top 3 spots looked like this: One of the only two teams to answer the final question correctly and hang onto 3rd place was I Am My Couch! Finishing in 2nd tonight was I Quizzed in My Pants! And your game winners for this week chose “Dinosaurs” for next weeks “Winners Choice” question, congrats to Olney the Lonely!! Hope I see everyone back next Wednesday night at the Olney Tavern!! ~ Jon J

 Dinosaur Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland


Revolution Bar – Fairfax, Virginia

 It’s always a fun night of live trivia at the Revolution Bar, and tonight was no exception! Despite the groans and grumbles at certain categories, the teams tonight fought hard for the podium, as always! Highlights of the night: There aren’t many hockey fans playing at the Revolution Bar, partly from lack of interest, but also because of the reputation hockey trivia questions have; they are severely disliked! That said, most teams did manage to pull out a correct answer tonight, giving me stinkeye through the whole ordeal. I have no idea what or where Wallonia is, nor do I have any idea where in New York City is supposedly named after it. That was the doozy of the night! One thing about the Revolution Bar, is that if I somehow flub something, I can always rely on them, to mercilessly ridicule me for it. I’ve never seen a Closest to the Pin question like that before, leave me alone! πŸ˜› Despite the grumblings, we had a close game going into the final, and it came down to a defensive wager. In third place, Team GT80 Sauce! Good job guys, well played! In second place, after leading the entire night, Movin on Up! Tough break on the final guys, but still a very good game! With an incorrect final answer, but a defensive wager, it was Mess and Jegg taking first tonight! Congratulations guys! They’ve been hunting that top spot for a while now; it was great to see them grab it! For their first round category for next week, they want things to get a little wild; they’ve chosen the category of “That Girl be Crazy”. Should be fun! Until then, Ian


T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

Another great night of trivia at T.J. Stone’s, as our top teams were running neck and neck all night….that is until Round 4.  It was an uphill climb to finish the game, but wee Babay Seamus came through unscathed and was even one of the few teams to hit the final, and cruised to victory.  Two Girls and an Idiot jumped four spots by hitting the final, while Trivia Newton John took third.  Next week begins with a question on the works of Mel Brooks.  ~ Matt
Spaceballs Trivia Pub Trivia Maryland


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to Valley Grill Sports Bar for some pub quiz, we had a great game! Congrats to Drunk Savants for nailing the final to take down 1st, great job! We had a three way tie so it took a closest to the year tiebreaker to settle it out between Brain Freeze,  Buns of Anarchy, and Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap! After the dust settled it was Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap for 2nd, and Buns of Anarchy in 3rd. Join me again next week where our first category will be Star Wars Episode IV, A New Hope! ~ Ronnie

Star Wars Trivia Gaithersburg