What a Way to End the Summer… with a Trivia Championship!

The 2016 Pour House Trivia Summer Fling Season concluded on Saturday with THREE championship games.  Who would take home the CASH prizes?  Read on to find out…


Frederick Championship – Champion Billiards

Frederick Division Summer Fling Championship is in the books!  What a great summer of trivia we had at all the bars in Maryland and Virginia, culminating in three great events in two states!  The Frederick Division went at it for a couple of hours at Champion Billiards.  Thanks to all the teams who made it out to grapple wits for a bit over some good food, cold bevi’s and stellar one-liners from Samantha and myself!  It was a recipe for some serious good times!

Let’s talk about them questions!  Whew…  we had some fun ones, but there were also some monsters in there for sure!  It kicked off innocently enough with some upside-down cake and Willy Wonka making for a “tasty” Round 1!

Frederick Pub Trivia

I think we had one of my favorite audio questions in a while.  I was actually thinking about what to write about for our Summer Fling Finals, and a fly literally landed on my nose.  Voila!  The AUDIO question, where “Fly Like an Eagle” meets George McFly.

George McFly Trivia

Round 3 started to show its teeth, but that was balanced out with as many “vasectomy” one-liners that we could fit in.  I tried to be fun, but I just ended up shooting “blanks”.

Maryland Bar Trivia

OK OK…  enough of that…  (It’s like “Uranus” jokes – I just can’t help myself).

Round 4 brought it all home, as David Blaine takes down one of the toughest questions of the day!  I remember watching his “Street Magic” TV special back in the day.  He was an innovator for sure in the magical arts.

Magic Trivia

In the end though, it was all about the final Q!  It was a tough one indeed.  The handful of teams that were able to pull the city of Charlotte most likely got some loot for their effort!  I would like to congratulate out TOP SIX Prize Winners of Summer Fling 2016:







Thank you everyone once again for a great summer of pub trivia, and thank you for joining us this past weekend while we brought it to a finale!  I hope to see you at the game in Season 14, and to spending a great fall and winter with you all.  See you soon!  🙂



Maryland Championship – Belles’ Sports Bar

Well, our Summer Fling 2016 Maryland Division Championship culminated with 22 teams battling for the cash at Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick!  We started with an “upside-down” question and ended by finding out just how “good” Charlotte was on a few levels.  A superized Halftime page allowed our teams to rack up a few extra points, but Rice Rice Baby managed to squeeze out to a slight lead with a very impressive 92 points.  There were eight teams within five points of the lead at the break, so it was still anyone’s game.

Rice Rice Baby dominated the second half with a perfect score, bumping their lead to six points over their fellow Hagerstown rivals Sad Fat Dragons.  A trio of teams sat tied fir third, lurking six points behind.  Despite a near perfect game, Rice Rice Baby was unable to come up with the correct response, as was Sad Fat Dragons!  In a cruel twist, each of the three teams that were tied for third heading into the final pulled that answer, and we were set for a Championship tiebreaker!  When the dust settled, we had our winners!

Maryland Summer Fling CHAMPIONS: Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit

Oranges Are Not the Only Fruit


2nd Place: Lowered Expectations

Lowered Expectations


3rd Place: If We Lose, the Terrorists Win

On behalf of Colin and I, it was a pleasure spending some time with you all, and best of luck in the current season!

~ Ronnie


Virginia Championship – Spider Kelly’s

Today at the Virginia Summer Fling finale, we had a blast at Spider Kelly’s and wanted to thank all the teams for braving Clarendon Day during our game today.  One of my favorite parts of today was this question: “This video game series features characters named Cortana, Captain Keyes, and John 117.  In addition, you’ll find a military alliance of alien races known as ‘The Covenant’, and a parasitic species called ‘The Flood’.  For your wager, name this video game series”.  The funny part was once the answer was revealed, I had a couple of teams ask me if I knew the answer, and they laughed as I answered that I camped out for the game.  Going in to the final it was a battle for the top three spots, taking home third place was Menace to Sobriety, second place was the B-58’s, and the only team answering the final question right was our winning team, Pi. Good luck to everyone in season 14!

Until next time,

Chad and Devan

Virginia Summer Fling CHAMPIONS:  Team Pi

Virginia Pub Trivia


2nd Place: B-58s

Virginia Pub Trivia


3rd Place: Menace to Sobriety

Virginia Pub Trivia