What a beautiful weekend of Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s weekend was spent lounging in the sun, enjoying the gorgeous weather, and bringing you three games packed-to-the-gills with all the trivia action you can handle!
Check out those games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

It was a tight game of pub quiz that we got into the books here at Belles for our Saturday edition of PHT.

W was our winner, with Wiseacres on their heels for 2nd by only one point!

If Its not Puerto Rican, it’s Caca was our 3rd place finishers.

Ms. Samantha Brooks will be your guest host here at Belles next Saturday, so in honor of her visit your first category will be horses!

~ Ronnie

Horses Pour House Live Trivia Maryland

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD​​

​​We had an awesome summertime game of Pour House Pub Trivia at Captain Bender’s!!
With an unprecedented 3 CLUES FINAL, the rankings looked like this: in third place was the Innebriati!!
In second place after an excellent final showing, was Erin Go Braghless!! Up top tonight was Fisted Sister who have proven unstoppable!!
Their choice of first category?? The movie Platoon!! See you next Sunday!!
[th_youtube id=’pPi8EQzJ2Bg’ name=’Platoon Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland’]

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

Another good week of live trivia is in the books from the Raw Bar & Grill this week! Maybe it’s the $25 random cash prize that we give out here every week, or maybe it’s my shining personality, but we’ve had some good turnouts lately!
It was a tight game tonight with some decent movement in the top 3 spots, but this is how it ended… In 3rd place tonight was Silent Titty, Deadly Bang!
My 2nd place team was a familiar visitor, Esophagus Now!
And your game winners tonight won it by one point! Give it up for Optimus Prime Rib!
Round two question five and round three question four were the randomly chosen Cash Prize questions, and the team that had the highest score on those two questions was Get Your Ass to Mars!They’re walked out of here with $25 cash!
O.P.R. chose the film “Labyrinth” for next weeks winners choice question, and every Sunday there’s always one team walking out of here with $25 CASH, so come give us a try at Raw Bar sometime soon!!
~ Jon J 
[th_youtube id=’H_88xTvWEsw’ name=’Labyrinth Pour House Pub Quiz Maryland’]