Whack-a-Mole Wednesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Just when you think you’ve WHACKED us, Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday night pops back up for more!

Wednesday’s game loosened you up with a little MD-2020, laid one on you with a little KISS action and then…asked you about presidential lineage.

Sorry, we didn’t mean to let you down like that.

Check out the games!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Exciting things going down tonight with pub trivia at Atlantic Grille in Urbana!
Tonight we discussed US Presidents in KISS makeup, vile disgusting scorpions reciting Shakespeare, and the abysmal luck one has after killing an albatross with a NERF gun πŸ˜› Definitely not a runaway for Strangers Have the Best Candy tonight – they managed to hold first place by ONE POINT after Momzilla turned in the sole correct finale answer and took second!
Baby Got Pratt rounded out our winners tonight with an impressive third place showing. Break out your Batarangs and hand me the Shark-Repellent Bat-Spray – next week’s winners’ choice category is “Eric is the Caped Crusader!”
We will focus specifically on the subtle drama and cinematic glory that was the 1960’s Adam West “Batman.” I don’t think y’all realize just how excited I am for this question… πŸ˜€
Will Eric be able to pull off the perfect question? Or is it a dark doomsday for the dynamic duo? Tune in next week – same Bat-time, same Bat-channel!
– Eric πŸ˜€
[th_youtube id=’RLZQ3OLEJWE’ name=’Batman Pub Trivia Maryland’]
From Boog Powell to Adam’s Apple  it was a good ol’ fashioned trivia throw down tonight – live at Barefoot Bernies! And as the category names got a little more playful so did the teams :)- 

Fun Facts – that are NOT TRUE
– Ron Jeremy did NOT portray former Yankees Manager Billy Martin!
– Triumph the Insult Comic Dog puppet does NOT have more than one “puppet hole”
– Apparently “Whack-a-Mole” has a different meaning for some teams tonight…i can NOT confirm anything other than what our question asked (admittedly, however, I am curious!)
Congrats to PHLITCHES who WON tonight, in spite of the question set having three sports questions!!! GG Phlitches. 2nd Place was decided by a tie-breaker about the world wide box office $$$ for Dumb and Dumber film. And 2nd Place went to Thinkers and Dreamers – GG ladies and gents! And taking 3rd was the crew over at Who the Hell JFK? Great time tonight everyone…
Third Pub Quiz MD
Second Pub Quiz MD
First Pub Quiz MD
Next Wednesday, Summer Fling 2014 continues at Barefoot Bernies; and we kick that game off with “Denny sings 80s Hair Bands!” Til then…Rock and Roll baby!    
 I love it πŸ™‚ Have a good weekend everyone! dg

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Tonight’s game of bar trivia saw two teams flip-flopping the lead throughout: we had Murder on the Polar Express and Hot Dog Stigmata trading all night. Going into the final, Murder had the lead… but that final question means a lot.
I had two teams come up with a correct answer on the final. Uncle Jack got it right and jumped up a bit, going into a tie with Murder for 2nd place after Murder missed the final. Uncle Jack won the tie breaker and took 2nd; 3rd went to Murder. 1st place went to Hot Dog Stigmata, the only other team to get the final question correct! Congrats to them!
Tonight’s Post Game Mini Game was won by Suckman himself, Matt Frost, who came out and played with us after the game, proving that he is good at remembering the names of random scientists and putting “-ium” at the end. Thanks a lot guys, I’ll see you all next week!
1st Place:Hot Dog Stigmata
2nd Place: Uncle Jack
3rd Place:Murder on the Polar Express
Next Week’s Category: Bob’s Burgers
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The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Ninja Extreme Rage Force! New bar trivia name down in the Cellar, I loved it.. πŸ™‚
We also proved that there’s a lot to  be said for birthday magic! Our 3rd place finish tonight was a come from behind placing-  true Cinderella story, well if Cinderella was celebrating her 21st birthday… it was Raven in 3rd! 2nd went to Grad a Straw you suck who bobbled a bit on that final question, and 1st went to the ever excited Team Wednesday! I think it was the alcohol question that did it πŸ˜‰
I will see you next week for Sex and the City.. again- not a show and tell question! Looking for a first question on the much loved HBO series.
[th_youtube id=’ftj7yH8nQXg’ name=’Sex and the city Pub QUiz MD’]

The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

I said it tonight and I’ll say it forever: I will take on ALL COMERS in a game of Whack-A-Mole! 

I can’t be stopped.

Once I got done bragging, we got down to business – a live trivia game on a rare not-raining Wednesday!

We had a few lead changes, but Only The Lonely started their steady climb to the top after the puzzle page, and held onto it the rest of the way!

In second was last week’s winners, the Hammerjacks!

and in third, Moving Forward, who keep steadily moving forward up the leaderboard! Good game ladies!

First Category is Knitting

See you next week!


Knitting Pub Quiz MD

Revolution Bar– Fairfax, Virginia

It may have been raining elsewhere, but live trivia at the Revolution Bar it was dry and fiery! Veteran teams battled for the top spots, with a number of lead changes throughout the night.

Highlights of the night:
There was a noticeable absence of Movin On Up’s little one, but for a while we had a cute little substitute, even if they weren’t playing and didn’t stay long.
My English accent thrills no one it seems. But my singing went over OK.
I also thoroughly jinxed myself when I was forced to say the name of the Scottish Play; I was a mess, even after an attempted cleansing ritual. Grrr.
Much to one teams chagrin, Alexander Hamilton was not a president. Nor did he have any children who became president. 
After leading for most of the night, Movin on Up, riding a 3 week win streak, missed the final and dropped to third place. Still a great game guys! It was a tough one!
With a shaky start, Mess and Jegg were happy to come back and take second! Well played guys! 
But taking the top spot tonight, with a correct answer, was Liquor? We Hardly Knew Her! Way to go guys, a well earned win!

Liquor? We Hardly Knew Her! have chosen a somber topic for their first round category next week: the 27 Club aka famous people who have died at the age of 27. There are enough that there’s a club, it’s just not one you’d want to be a part of. Either way, go study up a bit and we’ll see you next week!
Until then, 
27 Club Pour House Trivia

Another day, another vicious thunderstorm…  We did get nine teams into TJ Stone’s on Wednesday night in spite of the the weather, and out of the gate, it was Wee Baby Seamus laying waste to the field.  They played a PERFECT first half, even nailing a 20 on a difficult halftime sheet, and tied a PHT record with 92 POINTS at the half!  They were sitting comfortably in first, but a couple of small hiccups kept them from having the all-important insurmountable lead heading into the final.  Alas, they could not finish it off, and it was the B-58s (the ONLY team to get the final) that swooped in for the win!  Seamus did finish second, with Trivia Newton John taking third despite a very rough start.  Next week, we’ll keep with the movie theme by starting with a question on “Jaws”.  ~ Matt

Jaws Movie Trivia Alexandria

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Man we had 18 teams converge on Valley Grill tonight for our Pour House bar trivia, it was chaotically good fun! FNQ were our winners tonight, with Turd Ferguson coming in a tight 2nd place.

It took a tie-breaker to settle 3rd, and Fisted Sister came out on top! Join me again next week, where our first category will be the daytime soap General Hospital!

~ Ronnie

[th_youtube id=’KNRUGVcB1nE’ name=’General Hospital Pour House Trivia MD’]