Well, it wasn’t St. Patrick’s Day…but it didn’t slow down Pour House Pub Trivia on Monday!

 It may have turned chilly after a sunny weekend, but that couldn’t stop Monday Night Pour House pub trivia!

As always, a round of Pour House Trivia takes you to some unusual places!

We studied some medical drama…and some medical textbooks, said hello to our little friend (and our mothers!) with the American Film Institute, and wrapped it all up with New York’s founding!

Maybe it’s just my inner NASA geek rocketing out, but Brevard County, Florida receiving clearance for the 3-2-1 area code never ceases to make me smile! 

Someone just needs to form the town of Ignition, Florida! Or Blastoff, Florida!

Let’s peruse the games!

Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

Eighteen teams tonight at DRP! I mean WOW! It was a close game as well as the trivia tension mounted going into the final.

Octopocalypse was our first place team tonight, with the Korner Bar coming in second by only one point. TBD made a late run as well and slipped into third by a very close margin. See you all next week, where our first category will be the TV show Archer. ~ Ronnie

Archer Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

It seems like I’m writing this every week, but it’s true – we really are adding new faces every single week at Greene Turtle! It’s awesome to keep bringing new folks into the fold – and to see them coming back!

My favorite wrong answer of the night, in regards to what popular instrument you’d be playing if you were using a Moeller stroke: The Accordion! 

…I guess we have different opinions on the definition of the word “popular!” 🙂

Bring your accordions along next week, we’ll have a polka party!

It was an excellent game, without much room for silliness, as we had a packed house vying for the top score.

In third place, hanging onto the leaderboard after winning last week: The Knights!

In second, we had a duo, with a very, very impressive round that came up JUST short: Oswin Oswald!

In first place by JUST A SINGLE POINT…The Inebriati!

We’re going to kick it off next week with a movie that I’m about to go rent: The Ice Pirates! I LOVE bad movies, and this looks just perfect!

The Ice Pirates Pub Trivia Category MD

il Forno – Frederick, MD

 If I keep wearing shorts I think Mother Nature will get the hint and stop freezing my Uranus off! (Be nice, I resisted and made zero Uranus jokes tonight on the planets question – okay maybe like one… but it that one had to happen). 

Uranus Pour House Trivia MD
Tonight’s trivia game at il Forno was a fantastic one with an awesome finish!  Congratulations to my friends at Latrilla and the Mossy Banks who earned the W tonight against a field of some tough pub trivia crews! Nice job Latrilla! And our new team, I’m with Geoff, is indeed the threat! They put together a crafty crew of folks who hold their own on Mondays! Nice work y’all and congrats on second Place and another Top Three! Third Place went to One Crow Short of a Murder who jumped into the Top Three with a correct final answer. Great game everyone!
Next Monday I am calling it now… SHORTS ALL AROUND! Everyone shows off some leg next week 🙂 Bring it! Next week’s 1st category is: John Water’s “Serial Mom.” And I had an idea tonight I am gonna start implementing next week! Come out and  see what it ’tis 🙂 
Have a good week everyone…See ya next Monday
Serial Mom Trivia Category Maryland