Welcome to the Pour House Trivia Family, Bar Louie! Wednesday Recap

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday welcomed Bar Louie to the Pour House Trivia Family, bringing us to ELEVEN venues each week!

How would things fare on April Fool’s Day? Did we have some tricks in store for you? Read on to find out!


Applebees – Frederick, MD

Happy April Fool’s Day to you all! Unfortunately there was no funny business going on throughout the game, but it’s still always one of my favorite days of the year. The audio question about songs with the word “fool” in them was fun, and I’m shocked nobody recognized Fool in the Rain by Led Zeppelin since I play it almost every week at trivia, but oh well. I also was shocked nobody there had heard of the book Native Son (if you haven’t heard of it, you should read it, it’s an excellent read).

In third place we had The Masterminds, who were leading going into the second half but unfortunately had a bit of a meltdown to start the third round and were unable to recover. Our second place team was That’s What You Get For Thinking, who weren’t quite able to catch up to the leader. Tonight’s winner was Dalek Dance Party, one of two teams to get the final question after building a sizable lead, congrats to them! Next week we start out with a question about the TV show Community, that should be fun. Also, as I’ve already mentioned multiple times, I’ll see you all next week at the new earlier time, with a 6:30pm signup instead of 7:30pm.

Until next time,

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Bar Louie – Rockville, MD

Trivia got off to a great start at Bar Louie in Rockville Town Center last night!! 11 teams showed up to play for the prizes, or maybe just for the glory!

We learned a lot about each other, as well as some fun facts along the way. Teams puzzled over some difficult questions, and breezed past others, as they battled veteran teams for the top spot (and $50, as well!) We also learned all about larceny, murder and aggravated assault – and we didn’t even have to do any time for it!

As teams struggled to keep pace with the mighty Uncle Jack, the Final Question loomed in the distance. A last hope for teams in contention for the top honors, but was it a false hope? While second and third places did flip-flop based on a lucky final guess, Uncle Jack had this game in the bag from halftime. They took home first, as well as the cash prize. In second was Furious George, who’s Frozen knowledge saved the day, and coming in third was Dumpster Fire.

Thanks everyone for making it a great first night of trivia! There’s tons more to come, so I hope to see you next week! Uncle Jack has pandered to the audience, and selected EDM (Electronic Dance Music) as next week’s first category, so brush up on your Dutch!!

EDM Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


Barefoot Bernie’s ‚Äď Hagerstown, MD

Live trivia at Bernie’s tonight was no mild dish of edimame! It was a spicy, tangy dish with a bite going down – like a hot pepper sauce!

pepper Trivia hot trivia spicy trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

Oh yes, and the scoreboard was a punching bag. It took hits, it moved and shaked. Tonight’s game of trivia was a shuffler all night! As soon as II could tried to put a finger on an outcome, something wacky happened and scores went everywhere. And this was true all the into the final. I must give props to all of the teams tonight on a game well played! It was a dag’ on fun one to watch! Great job to our Top 3 this evening! These teams kept themselves within sniping distance all night and then on the final, did just that: BOOM! Disney FTW! Great work y’all.

 Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland  Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland  Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

Next week we have a fun one! Old School RED BOX Dungeons & Dragons. This one will bring me back! I think I still have my old red box set – I know I still have the original Monster Manual! Oh yes! This trivia host can play some D&D baby!

Have a great weekend (and Easter if you celebrate it) and I will see you next Wednesday evening. DG ūüôā

 D&D Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


So, Bennigan’s beer taps busted. Beer was everywhere. We were swimming in it. Drunken, beer swimming. Trivia was put on hold!Okay, April Fool’s. We played. There was a lot of beer, but not quite a pool, and no taps busted! Either way it was awesome! Happy birthday to Anderson Cooper?’s own Jen (no joking, this is real!) who brought a HUGE CROWD with them tonight for the celebrations! We also had a large number of new players in the building tonight, bringing us a total of 15 teams tonight competing for the prizes at stake. Scores were all pretty even until the 4th round which proved to be very difficult for the field. We had 2 questions that only two teams received points for.Apparently I was the only one who had Native Son as required reading in high school. And also, who woulda thought that San Jose was in the Top Ten most populous U.S. cities? Questions like these are what separates the men from the boys. And they truly did. Our veteran teams seemed to rise to the top after the 4th round, as we saw Anderson Cooper, Stone Cold Jane Austen, and My Favorite Team all near the top of the pack. The final proved to follow the trend in difficulty, eliminating all but 3 of our teams. With that being said, Anderson Cooper? takes it down tonight! The issue was that Anderson Cooper had too many people so they were ineligible for the prize. Because of this, our winners tonight are My Favorite Team! 2nd place went to Knock Knock, a new team who got the final and played very well all game. 3rd place goes to Stone Cold Jane Austen who missed the final but bet defensively to secure a spot. That concludes our game this week; we hope to have you back next week for more triviaaaaaaaa! Until then guys, see ya soon ;-)1st Place: My Favorite Team (AND Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her)
2nd Place: Knock Knock
3rd Place: Stone Cold Jane AustenNext week’s category: Merry Melodies

Merry Melodies Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


The¬†Cellar Door ‚Äď Frederick, MD

Some nights at Cellar it’s good clean, family fun. This was not one of those nights. lol. This was a night that had me putting my head down because I was laughing too hard to read the rest of the categories. Oh Cellar, you get me! So inappropriate but oh so funny – especially when Glenn is here! Not a single Debbie does anything joke though, color me shocked.

I wasn’t alone in being shocked however, You’re Killin’ Me Smalls were quite surprised when they made it in to 3rd by virtue of 2nd place having too many players on the field. 2nd went to the 3 person crew of 2 Live Clue 2:Need a Bigger Butt! And first, well, we all knew who got first. Think all of Market Street heard who got first: Team Wednesday! Nice job guys!

They will be celebrating tonight and want to keep the party going next week for a first question of Potent Potables! Always a crowd pleaser ūüėČ

 potent potables Trivia jeopardy trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


Memories Charcoal House – Mount Airy, MD

What a night of trivia at Memories Charcoal House!! We had ties throughout the game and the teams were hungry for victory!!

Taking home the third place prize after a valiant effort were the Mighty B’s!! In second place were our up and coming contenders, Special K!! But in first, after strategic wagers was XXX!!!

Their choice of first category next week? LAS VEGAS!! See you next Wednesday!

Las Vegas Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Lots of Birthdays were going on tonight at the Tavern during trivia! I had no idea so many people were born on April Fool’s Day, and I’m sure that hearing “Happy Birthday! April Fools!” is not in any way overused to them!

But who would not end up a “fool” and finish in the top 3? Finishing 3rd (even though a 1st was Kate’s Birthday wish) was Team Griffindor! 2nd place was held onto by Olney The Lonely!! Taking 1st once again was I Just Quizzed In My Pants!! (they pretty much dominated tonight!) Have fun with their pick for next Wednesdays winners choice question, IRS Tax Codes (sooo exciting!) and get back to see me next week at the Tavern!!

~ Jon J

Tax Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia maryland


Putter’s Pub – New Market, MD

Fun times with live trivia tonight at Putters’ Pub in New Market! Tonight we discussed Dean Smith eating sliders with the X-Men, Shakespeare cursing those who move his bones to work at Foot Locker, and Pee-Wee Herman explaining the plot of “Native Son” to Bruno Mars!

Our teams changed positions more often than an office worker with leg cramps! In the end, it was 19th Hole who pulled ahead with the lone correct answer with Strange Winers taking second. A tiebreaker put Deep in Thought just ahead of Party in the USA for third place. Next week’s winners’ choice category is the movie Caddyshack. I’ll see ya next week!

– Eric ūüėõ

Caddyshack trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Revolution Bar ‚Äď Fairfax, Virginia

Tonight’s game of Pour House trivia was a roller coaster ride! The¬†Revolution Bar saw the lead change hands early, but then it became a¬†race for the finish. How would everyone place?

Highlights of the Night:

In “Who’s-The-More-Foolish-The-Fool-Or-The-Fool-That-Follows-Him”: The¬†April Fool’s Day music question turned out to be a steep hill to climb.¬†Why Do Fools Fall in Love was the easy one, but the other two proved¬†to be most challenging! Lots of stink-eye on this one!

In “Legendary-Who?”: Not many college basketball fans in here tonight,¬†as Dean Smith went by all but unanswered. My only question is why does¬†he need to give Michael Jordan anything; dude could buy his own¬†restaurant if he wanted to, what does he need another $200 dollars¬†for?

In “You-Stay-Classy-Revolution-Bar”: The San question saw a lot of¬†teams pulling the trigger on San Fransisco. Big city, but not big¬†enough guys!

The final proved to be a doozy, and only one team got it correct. But that was enough to earn them a podium slot; how would things go down?

In third place, creeping on to the podium with a 1 point wager, Mess and Jegg! After battling it back from the bottom of the pack, well done guys!

In second place, as a duo no less, Mosbys! Good job guys!

In first place, taking the lead near the end and never letting up, E=MC Hammer! Congratulations guys, great game!

For their round one question one category next week, Hammer has chosen¬†A-Listers Who Got Their Start In Horror Films! Have fun studying up¬†guys, and we’ll see you next time.

Until then,

Horror Movie Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

T. J. Stone’s ‚Äď Alexandria, VA

What a finish at T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria! ¬†Our overall season leaders, Did You Miss Us?, were cruising through tonight’s game, and almost had an insurmountable lead heading into the final. ¬†I did say almost… ¬†They could not come up with the correct response on the final, leading Trivia Newton John to swoop in for their FIRST WIN EVER! ¬†Great job! ¬†A team visiting us from down the road,¬†MOAA Money, MOAA Problems took second, with Did You Miss Us? settling for third. ¬†~ Matt



Valley Grill ‚Äď Middletown, MD

Thank you all so much for the well wishes are warm goodbyes as a start my new career in radio! LOL. Seriously you all handled my little April Fool’s shenanigans with grace and I really appreciate you all.

Here is how tonight’s game went down:
Stupid Sexy Flanders in 1st
Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 2nd
Southpaw Fish in 3rd

Our first category for next week is a Triple 50/50: Dead or Canadian.

~ See ya then! Ronnie

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