Welcome back Thursday night trivia and Happy 2014!

There is some good ole fashion competitiveness in the trivia air as we move closer to the post season fun. The Thursday trivia games – in both Maryland and Virginia – were hot and tasty like a nice bowl of Borscht. Oh yes! Not cold and sloppy like the weather and Gazapacho. Thanks for playing tonight everyone 🙂 

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Well…no more “Textonym” questions! 😉 When 20 teams look up at you all at once and shoot you stink eye, its powerful! 🙂 it was like a Care Bear stare of trivia energy! LOL-

Good times tonight everyone at Champions. And YES 20 teams!   We had one fun, crazy game of trivia. It was all over the place and so close! It was indeed a battle to earn the FIRST WIN OF 2014! And here is how the leader board wound up

1st PLACE – Momentary Lapse if Reason

2nd Place – Vitrifiers

3rd Place – Quiz in my Pants

4th – Aesop’s Foibles

5th – TIE between: Gators and Master Debaters

Great first game of the year everyone! Let’s have many more like that one 🙂 

CONGRATULATIONS as well to our Season 8 House Champions of Champion Billiards: Master Debaters! Great season MD and best of luck to you guys and gals at World Series 8! 

Have a great week and weekend everyone. Next Thursday we kick of with “Vintage Guitars.” That is a Pour House first I believe and sounds liike a fun one to study up on as well 🙂 Be well everyone! dg vintage guitar trivia

Shooter McGees – Alexandria, Va

Another hotly contested and tight scoring pub game at Shooter McGee’s bar in Alexandria, Virginia! Movin On Up broke on through to the other side and walked away with the top prize in the game! Stop the Bus made it tough for them and took 2nd, and The Hashers rolled into 3rd. I would like to congratulate Stop the Bus as Season VIII House Champions for Shooters! I’ll see you all next week, where our first category will be NWA Wrestling. ~ Ronnie

Bunkers – Leesburg, Virginia

Holy hell, Bunkers you make me laugh… between the jesus is the answer and the longest warcry in pour house history- never boring! I have missed you all! I was very happy to award 1st to Cranius Maximus, they worked hard for that one with a very tight game. 2nd went to Indians, and 3rd were the Thundercats! Next week, same bat time same bat channel but we will start with WW1. 

I was also very proud to crown our House Champions tonight! The ever gracious, and surprisingly large lunged Indians! Those dapper gentlemen certainly put in the work to come out on top this season, great job! I can’t wait to see what you and the rest of my Bunkers teams have in store for the playoffs and world series.. I think you are going to surprise some people 😉

Main St. Oyster House – Bel Air, MD

Tonight was a night where we learned that there is no I in TEAM. Tonight at Main Street we saw who really knows what on Balls so Hard University, and If we only had a Brain. Team Eric- of Balls so Hard – took the top slot, and If relators had a brain – of If we only had a brain, took second place. Followed in third place by Team Paul- of Balls so Hard. It was anything but dull at the Oyster house. Next week we hope to see the teams back together for a true competition of wits. Eric choose the NHL for next week’s winner’s category. I look forward to watching how this plays out.

And congrats to Balls So Hard University for their House Champion Title and an invite to the World Series of Trivia Season 8! 

Guidos – Frederick, Maryland

It may be a new year but some things never change: Guido’s welcomed me back tonight with smiling faces, quick answers, and of course the special Guidos flavor of quick wit as well – and it was AWESOME. In third place after a brutal tiebreaker, was Stink Floyd! In second on the winning end of the tie breaker was The Fourth Spy! Up top safely securing first place was Buttsweat & Tears! Their choice of first category: SCIENTISTS NAMED BATMAN. See you next Thursday

Congratulations to Col. Angus@clownpenis.fart on their Guidos House Champion Season 8 title win! Well fought and well earned gentlemen and ladies. Bring home that $$$ and dat trophy at World Series 8! ~ Torie 

robin boy wonder trivia

Fish Market – Alexandria, Va.

Close game tonight at the Fish Market! Seabass was leading all night until a crucial 5 point miss in the 3rd round, allowing Gone Squatchin’ to sneak up and tie the game going into the final question. After both teams answered correctly on the final, with a wager of 12 mind you, it was still tied at the end of regulation, therefore giving us our very first Fish Market tie breaker question! Total attendance at the NHL Winter Classic? 105,491… Squatchin’ said 108,000, Seabass said 105,711, grabbing the W! Congrats on another well earned win! 3rd place went out to a new Fish Market team calling themselves The Defenestrators! Awesome game tonight. And many props to the Fish Market Season 8 House  Champion: Put it  on Seasbass’ Tab. Good luck in the post season! We’ll be back next week. Same time, same place, with a 1st category of “Dumb and Dumber.” Until then 😉
1st: Put It on Seabass’ Tab
2nd: Gone Squatchin’
3rd: Defenestrators