Weekend Warriors!

Weekend Warriors is right, stress on the Warriors! Teams may not have been covered in war paint or carrying shields and weapons, but they were armed with intelligence and more than ready for the field of battle!

Belles’ in Frederick, Md

Well our winners came back in full strength and form here at Belles for our Saturday PHT action, and they never looked back throughout the game! Don’t forget to keep an eye on the standings, the World Series will be sometime in June. Here are the results of tonight contest:

Uncle Jack in 1st

Smarty Pants in 2nd

Feagyvillians in 3rd

Our first category for next week is “The Frozen Four: College Hockey” ~ Ronnie

Pizza and Pretzel Creations in Hagerstown, Md

We had a good battle happening for trivia at Pretzel & Pizza Creations in Hagerstown last night! A couple first time teams joined us and a win streak was stopped cold by one team. It one of those games where every team was stumped by a question somewhere, and our top 3 ended like this… Nothing can last forever, and ending an impressive win streak and finishing 3rd was Danny Glover! They were a first time team who kept getting better after each round to finish in 2nd, welcome The Fringe Ninjas!! The had first place after round two and never let go, a very impressive 1st place victory went to Give Us Your Beer Money!!! “Gilbert and Sullivan’s HMS Pinafore” was their pick for next weeks winners choice, so study up and come see us next Saturday night at Pretzel & Pizza Creations!!  ~ Jon J

1. Give us your beer money
2. The fringe ninjas
3. Danny Glover
4. Backstreet Boys
5. Team Bishop
6. Radon

Cpt. Benders in Sharpsburg, Md

We were back from our brief Easter hiatus at Captain Bender’s last night and you guys did not disappoint. As the heat of March Madness was reducing to a simmer, you guys kept things interesting on the trivia front. Through the first round, from Tombstone to Star Wars, you all made it through unfazed. As the second round heated up with a throwback to the 90s, the puzzle page offer some relief, and things were alright, alright, alright… at least for a little while. The third round and the puzzle pages gave you a good mix to work with, prepping you for our Around the Globe final, after which, our reigning victors were crowned: In 3rd place we had Boh’s & Hoes, following our 2nd place winners, Rice Rice (adorable) Baby! And taking home the grand prize was Fisted Sister, who chose Game of Thrones for next week’s first category. See you next Sunday! – Torie


The Beacon in Frederick, Md

We had a CRAZY finish take place at last nights game at The Beacon! The game itself was fun to watch with so many teams changing in and out of the top spots. But after the final question was answered, the ENTIRE order of teams changed!! Moving from 7th place up to 3RD was Southpaw Fish! Moving from 6th place to 2ND was John Lithgow’s Fan Club!! (I should add that both S.F. and J.L.F.C. were competing solo!) Our winners for the week moved from 5th place to 1ST and were Smarty Pants!!! They asked for a three song audio clip question for next Sundays winners choice Matt, “Michael Jacksons Thriller Album”. So study up and come join the fun we’re having every Sunday night at The Beacon!!   ~  Jon J

1. Smarty Pants
2. John Lithgow’s Fan Club
3. Southpaw Fish
4. Just Good Enough
5. Vitrifiers
6. Witiots
7. We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity
8. Entry Level
9. Slightly Stoopid