weekend Happenin’s!

Belles’ in Frederick, Md

It was a gorgeous Labor Day Saturday so we had ourselves a quaint game of trivia here at Belles in Frederick. Fine game nonetheless, and remember that we’ll be handing out invites for Summer Fling next week. Here are the results:

Uncle Jack in 1st

Swipe Left in 2nd

The Happy August Monks in 3rd

Our first category for next week is a Triple 50/50: Red Sox or Cubs ~ Ronnie

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Pizza and Pretzel Creations in Hagerstown, Md

I was a little worried about what kind of turnout we were going to have for our Saturday night game at Pretzel & Pizza Creations with it being Labor Day Weekend and all, but there was a LOT of teams out!! The fight for the coveted top 3 was pretty intense, but once the final question was answered, this was how it looked… Taking 3rd place was one of my regular teams from another venue that came in to visit, Sanford & Son! I always have to  smile whenever I get to say this teams name for the top 3… In 2nd place was In Last Place! Our winner took a week off to recharge the batteries after having a rough couple weeks once their winning streak ended, and it seemed to have payed off! Back in 1st place once more was The Offbeats!! They picked “Italian Food” for next weeks winners choice category, so study up and come join the fun with us next Saturday at Pretzel & Pizza Creations!!   ~  Jon J

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Cpt. Benders in Sharpsburg, Md

For our Labor Day Weekend edition of PHT it was the few and the proud that were committed to their bragging rights tonight! We had to kick things off with The Outlaw Josie Wales (cheers to Rice Rice Baby), and then we jammed to a few five-letter songs.

You guys #SLAYED the puzzle pages with our brand mascots, gods, and goddesses. Diving back in to our second half with some Broadway musicals and Disney characters, you danced your way through round 3.

With Boh’s & Hoes in the lead followed closely by Rice Rice Baby, the 4th Round played out to Boh’s favor, but alas, the final question threw you all a curveball. A BALL-POINT PEN of all things was able to level the playing field, ending in a TIE.

And the tiebreaker revealed.. Boh’s & Hoes took home the first place prize, followed by Rice Rice Baby in second by a single point, and not to be forgotten were our newbies Midnight Roosters in third place!

The first category for next week… University of Miami (Florida) Football 2016.

See you next Sunday!


The Beacon in Frederick, Md

The Sunday night game at The Beacon started out pretty intensely with only an 8 point difference between 1st and last after the second round, but after the puzzle page through round 3, the separation became a LOT more noticeable! The final question gave most of the teams at least a chance for a top 3 spot, but almost every team decided to just “go big or go home” with their final wager option. At the end, the Jon Jeffries Fan Club finished 3rd, the Witiots took a CLOSE 2nd, and finishing 1st was Comfortably Dum!! So Denny or Matt, they left you the option if you want to do a triple 50-50 or not, but their winners choice category for next Sunday is “Hee Haw: Pickin’ or Grinnin’ “! I hope we’ll see everyone back next week at The Beacon!!   ~  Jon J