Wednesday’s Pour House Pub Trivia wrinkled brains at 8 bars!

Dear Weather Gods, We at Pour House pub trivia can function just like the post office – we’ll play in the snow. We’ll play in the rain. We’ll play when it’s cold. But could we just…could we just have those pretty days back? I was so enjoying them. XOXO, Pour House Trivia Our game Wednesday night took you through the changeover on the $1 coin from good ol’ Ike to Susan B. Anthony (me, I prefer the gold one!). I love Last Words, First Words. It’s easily my favorite PH category. And tonight’s was one of my favorite! Shirley Temple of Doom!!! Shirley Temple of Doom Pub Trivia MD We also checked in with my future wife, Anna Kendrick, via Pitch Perfect! You’re going to have this stuck in your head all day – enjoy! [th_youtube id=’cmSbXsFE3l8′ name=’Anna kendrick Cups Pour House Trivia MD’] Let’s check out the games!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

What a night! Atlantic Grille in Urbana was on fire with questions about Roman mythology, Japanese westerns, and 525,600 laughs!
Team Jared came in halfway through and battled their way up to 3rd place!
Second place went to Shameless, making their second appearance here at the Grille (any more cliches involving the number two, and I’d think we’re in the movie “Batman Forever!”).
From the outset once again, Strangers Have the Best Candy held first from the start and could not be caught! Break out your bell-bottoms and leisure suits – next week’s Winners’ Choice category is Eric Sings the Bee Gees!
Strangers – if I keep doing this, I’m officially requiring you to change your name for next season to Sweet Toof and Six Asian Guys!!  See y’all next week, same Bat-time, same Bat-bar ‘n’ grille!
– Eric 😀
Bee Gees Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
Nothing like a cold hump day trivia night at Barefoot Bernies to warm up the room a bit! Bernies never, ever, ever, fails to deliver a contest! We had some Frederick crews come up to the H-town to try their chops on the Washington County vets. We also had a few brand new teams and some out of town returning crews – it was quite an eclectic night. Thanks to everyone for playing. How did the leader board play out?
Well…it was a grappling match all night, with Too Husky for Sandusky throwing down some nasty final question Ju-Jitsu for the WIN! And that is two in a row, no easy feat – looks like Husky is setting up for some post season momentum! I like it…great game ladies and gents! Say Hi to your Mom for Me went with a little defense on the final and snatched a nice second Place for WS 17pts! And our third Place crew of Thinkers and Dreamers also bet on the house and went ZERO WAGER on the final to sneak ahead of Slapsgiving (fourh) and Team Awesome (fifth Place). Excellent work tonight y’all.
I’d also like to thank I am the Machine for their dirty mnemonic devices to help remember the planets 🙂 Which got me to thinking we should add a dirty mnemonic and/or dirty limerick round;and we certainly can not forget about the twerk off tie breaker! Just some food for thought for future PHT game ideas and themes 🙂
Happy Easter everyone – if you do not celebrate it, Happy wonderful weekend to you! I am keeping my fingers crossed for some warmth next Wednesday night! Until then, Too Husky for Sandusky has chosen Seattle Seahawks for next weeks R1Q1, so break out the old Seahawks Alamanac (don’t we all own one?) 🙂
 Until then, be well… dg 🙂
seahawks pub trivia maryland

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

After a hard fought season with many second and third place finishes, Team Janet finally snipes a win!! Congrats guys! Feels good to announce your victory. Second place went to our veteran’s Uncle Jack, third place went to a new team calling themselves Captain Awesome and the Wonder Friends! Good game with a bunch of new faces, hope to have you out here next week!!
1st Place: Team Janet
2nd Place: Uncle Jack
3rd Place: Captain Awesome & the Wonder Friends
Next week’s category: The Princess Bride
[th_youtube id=’VYgcrny2hRs’ name=’The Princess bride trivia question MD’]



The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Man, you were hoppin tonight Cellar! People all over the place, 14 teams battling it out. Thanks for joining me in the underground, always a good time. Once the final song was played and the strategic scores were tallied it was Loose Caboose in third, Grab a Straw, You Suck in second and in first… it was that sneaky quiet team of Donner Party who ate up the competition! Fun game to watch…. next week is bound to be a good time with a first category of 90’s Brit pop. Oh my. ~Samantha Britpop trivia category Maryland



Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had an awesome night tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax!! There were some ties throughout, but in the end it was the final that separated the masses!
Rounding out the winner’s podium was Movin’ On Up!! In second place with some strategic wagering was No Brainz @ the Bar!! Our top team of the evening was Mess & Jegg!!
See you next Wednesday!
Game of Thrones Pub Trivia Category



The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

Man, did we have some fun tonight at The Olney Tavern! The “getting to know each other” bit has started to tail off, and we are getting into a great rhythm! Except for those Olney speed cameras. I still don’t like those. I do have some fun answers to share from our evening! 1. The two worst free throw shooters of all time? Shaq and “That tall white guy with brown hair!” Sorry guys…not even close! 2. The phrase “My very excellent memory just served up nine” unfortunately does NOT help you remember the Seven Dwarves. The rest of the game was pretty exciting too! In third, we had I Just Quizzed in My Pants. Second went home with the #Dumbasses! And your winners tonight, who pulled into a lead and held on tight all night long, were Only The Lonely! They will go for their THIRD WIN IN A ROW next week! They have chosen “Classic films” to kick their triple crown attempt off! Tripp Classic Film Pub Trivia Category MD



T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

It was a fine performance turned in by last week’s winners, the appropriately named Winners in Life.  They set a BLISTERING pace by topping 90 points after the halftime sheet, and were inching closer and closer to a record score, but admitted before the final question “We suck at Grammy trivia”, and alas, they were not able to come up with the correct response.  That opened the door for Gone Squatchin’ to take the win!  Winners in Life did take second, with Trivia Newton John in third.  It’s going to be a tight race for the house championship!  Next week, we’ll start with a question on beer!  ~ Matt Berrylium Pour House Pub Tribia



Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

The final decided it all tonight in this very close game of trivia at the Valley Grill Sports Bar! After a tie-breaker it was The Witioits that came out on top of our game tonight, with Scott’s Tots taking down second. Buns of Anarchy held in there and finished in third. Our first category for next week is U.S. Presidential Elections. ~ Ronnie Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD