Wednesday’s might be wacky…but they’re also the perfect night for Pour House Pub Trivia! Read more on the blog!

Wednesday night brought out Pour House pub trivia at seven venues! 

 Fun facts of the night:

  • Sheik may mean “old man,” but I wouldn’t tell that to the Iron Sheik, no matter how old he is! That camel clutch is no joke.

  • Beer coozies are actually just recycled wetsuits (this is not true.)
  • Goldie Hawn might look great in a bikini…but I’d still rather hang out with Kurt Russell.

Read on for more!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

What a night! Atlantic Grille in Urbana was abuzz and atwitter with all kinds of thrilling twists and turns (and I’m not just talking about the headbanging 4-year-olds rockin’ out to AC/DC)!
It was an epic battle of wagering wits for Baby Got Pratt who narrowly edged into the top spot and took first place against Strangers Have the Best Candy, who took second.
Trailing for most of the game, Men & Pausers showed their might by pulling off the only correct finale answer and breaking a third-place tie!
Next week’s category is all about fictional heroic canines: Dynamic Dogs! No impressions as part of the question this week, but I’ll still have a few on hand for ya! Stay warm, and we’ll see you next week!
– Eric 😀
 Heroic Dogs Pub Trivia Category Maryland

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Every so often we get a splash of new trivia teams that pop into Bernies and spice things up a bit. Tonight we had 3, all of which had some chops! 
Court and Sort decided to pop in and say hello on a Wednesday. Hope you ladies come back 🙂 Congrats to Trivia Haters! LOL…hopefully tonight you loved it – 3rd Place against the Hagerstown crews is no easy feat! Nice game! And much props to Say Hi to Your Mom for Me for taking 2nd Place – go seltzer water! And 1st Place tonight, earning it in a  back to back…was Slapsgiving. Congrats Slaps! 
– WTF are Shout Out Girl Scout Cookies cookies (seriously have you eaten one)? 
– There’s nothing like a nice piece of brass! (doh!)
– Joe Cocker? I hardly know her! 
Never a dull week at the Hagerstown watering hole! Thanx for a great time my friends! Hope you have a great weekend. See ya next Wed…we will begin the game with “Harold Ramis Films.”  See ya then… dg 🙂
Harold Ramis Pour House Trivia Category MD

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

We had nearly 15 teams tonight at Bennigan’s all fighting for the win. Coming out on top was one of our veteran teams The Usual Suspects! They were one of the few teams to get the final right, leap frogging The 4th Spy to get into the number one spot.
Our second and thirrd place finishers, Sparkly Rainbow Unicorns and Where My Pitches At?, both had over our max team size of 7 players so our prizes for second and thirrd place went to The Kennedy Package, coming up with a correct final answer, and The 4th Spy, who was leading going into the last question. We’ll see you guys next week!
1st:The Usual Suspects
2nd: The Kennedy Package
3rd: The 4th Spy
Next week’s Category: Casino Games
Casino Games Pub Trivia MD

The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

 Oh the underground… Cellar has proven time and time again that it can all come down to one single questions… bragging rights and podium spots can come down to one good break. (see what I did there?)

Tonight was no different with TNC leapfrogging from 7th to 3rd in the final.

Second goes to One Crow Short of a Murder and first went to Grab a Straw, You Suck who took first tonight and just never faltered.

Great night all, thanks for the laughs. I will see you next week when we start with Legendary Weapons. Which I may or may not use if I catch you on a cell phone. 🙂 ~Samantha 

Legendary Weapons Pub Trivia Category

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had an awesome night at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax!  We had a great game tonight: some ups, downs, twists and turns, but ultimately, the top teams to take away prizes were…. SHITLERS stealing third after a late sign up! Impressive!
In second, we had Fake Block back from their hiatus last week coming back strong!!
In first with the ONLY correct final answer was NO BRAINZ @ THE BAR!!
Their choice of first category? MARCH MADNESS!! See you next Wednesday! ~Torie
March madness pub trivia category

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

 Another great finish at T. J. Stone’s in Alexandria, as one of our old teams decided to join us after a long hiatus with a new name, Octothorpe.  They were back in the pack at the end of the fourth round, but they were the ONLY team to get the final, and lept all the way into first place!  Great job!  Second was Trivia Newton John with their best finish of the season, and in third we had Winners in Life.  Next week starts with a question on “Seinfeld”!  ~ Matt

jerry seinfeld bar trivia

Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Another great night of Pour House Trivia at the Valley Grill Sports Bar in Middletown, here is how the game went down! Scott’s Tots returned in full strength tonight an walked away with first.
After mounting a comeback, Southpaw Fish managed 2nd, and the Book Club Babes did a nice job of finishing in 3rd.
Join me again next week for our first category, Joss Whedon’s Serenity film.
~ Ronnie
Serenity Pour House Pub Trivia Category