Wednesday was all about that Summer Fling!

Teams were coming out of the woodwork tonight to try and grab those Summer Fling points! Coming down to the wire and teams are feeling the pressure to make it in to the finale. Check out the website to see where you fall.

Valley Grill in Middletown, Md 

Stellar night of PHT here at Valley Grill as we returned outside for a nice and cool August evening, which are typically hard to come by. Tonight’s final and some savvy wagering up-ended the leader board tonight, with only one of the original top three holding onto a prize winning slot. Here are the results:

Scared Money in 1st

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap in 2nd

PMB in 3rd

Our first category for next week is Mount Rushmore ~ Ronnie

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The Tavern in Olney, Md 

We had a nice battle throughout our Wednesday game at The Tavern! Some teams had the game of their life while others had uncharacteristically bad ones. After the final question, we had Moving Forward in 3rd, Shart Attack in 2nd, and for a second week in a row, Blame It On the Butter was our 1st place winner!! The picked an Audio question for next weeks winners choice, “Steely Dan”, so study up and join us next Wednesday night at The Tavern!!   ~  Jon J

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Little bit of an identity crisis here at Belles tonight! Sex Hotline struck again and tonight it was a last word first word team name of Tokyo Sex Hotline… Scoring was interesting to say the least. hehe. Always a fun night with this crew, and especially fun when there’s nail biting moments and good news worth cheering over!

Our final was a tough one and it kicked all of my teams square in the pants, except one team! Just Good Enough were just good enough to use some solid logic to pull the final and move themselves from 7th to 2nd! Now that’s impressive. In 3rd it was Tokyo Sex Hotline and 1st place was Tokyo Sex Whale!  We are sticking with a theme for next week- Japanese Kaiju Monsters. That’s a new one for me.

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Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, Md 

 I’ve checked the records. Officially, Roaming Gnomes have won a bazillion in a row. I promise. They’ve been putting on a trivia CLINIC this summer, never failing to take down a W. It’s been insane! Would tonight be the night they are stopped? Maybe. But first let’s dive into the game!

Returning this week is Down Town Dinky Town, a team who joined us for the first time last week after taking almost a year off from Bennigan’s with their previous team name of Anderson Cooper? I Hardly Know Her! Down Town Dinky Town is legit af. They crushed the first half, held the lead at halftime, and carried that lead into the 6-4-2! No stopping this team at all tonight. Even Roaming Gnomes, our summer untouchables, were having difficulty, actually holding in 3rd place most of the night.
Downtown Dinky Town held their lead throughout the game and was the leader going into the final question with Kill Bill Vol 3 and Roaming Gnomes following decently close behind (it was actually about an 8 point lead IIRC)… Final was TOUGH tonight; 2 teams came up with a correct response. A shout out to Trivial Seekers who got the final correct but were just down waaay too far to make it count 🙁   Better luck next week, I see small sparks of excellence, just put it together!
One other team got the final correct. That team would win the game tonight. 3rd place went to Roaming Gnomes, who miss the final and the streak comes to an end, just before the end of the summer. Nuts :-p … Kill Bill and Downtown Dinky were ahead of RG going into the final. One of them did get the final correct and would win tonight. Kill Bill MISSES the final and takes 2nd place and your winners, leaders for the entire game: Down Town Dinky Town! Just an incredible performance! Real strong. Come back next week and kick some ass again! Until then guys ttys 😉
1st Place:      Down Town Dinky Town
2nd Place:      Kill Bill Vol 3
3rd place:       Roaming Gnomes
Next week:     GOLF

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Memories in Mt. Airy, Md

Plenty of new teams joined our veterans as they all battled for the eternal glory that is winning a late-season Summer Fling game. With the championship looming, it was time for some teams to secure their spots, and for others to make a last-ditch push to get into the championship.

After a highly competitive night (and one BIG Steven Tyler clue), we reached the final. Would strategic betting change up the leaderboard right at the end?
Third Place: We Hate The Moops
Second Place: Team Awesome
First Place: Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me
WWDTM takes it down, and selects, “The Office (U.S.)” as next week’s first category! I’m having deja vu…
See you next week!
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Applebee’s in Frederick, Md

Tonight we started with a pretty funny question in the category of ‘Triple 50/50: Pokemon or Prescription Drug’.  There’s so many good choices on this one, it’s hard to pick just two Pokemon! Teams did pretty well on this, with the choices being Decadron (Drug), Vulpix (Pokemon), and Umbreon (Pokemon).

Tonight’s audio question asked about artists with songs involving furniture, like Billy Idol’s super creepy ‘Cradle of Love’ song.  I liked the halftime page today, as it asked teams to match TV theme song lyrics to pictures of characters from those shows.  We also asked for the ten most populous countries in North America, which after the big three got kinda dicey.

In the second half things were pretty close, and the shared last names question tripped up several teams right before the final.  Tonight’s final asked about The 50 States, asking for the state, one of the original 13 colonies, which was named for the peerage title of Thomas West, an English nobleman.  Turns out that Thomas West was the 12th Baron De La Warr, which is pronounced exactly like Delaware.

Turns out nobody knew that, so we ended up with scores basically the same, needing a tiebreaker for third place. After the dust settled we ended with third place being Peanut Butter and Jealous. Second place went to Dalek Dance Party. And tonight’s win went to We’ve Embraced Our Mediocrity, congrats!  Next week we start with a question about Rock Stars in Film, so study up!  I’ll see you all then!

Until next time,

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Pokemon or Prescription drug? In my opinion. when you start off a trivia night with a question in that category, the rest of the night is just good times! And that’s what we did at Bernies in Hagerstown, MD Wednesday night! Trivia night extravaganza and fun times for sure. Besides that little gem, my fav’s of the night were definitely:

  1. Cher Ami the carrier pigeon – reading on this was very interesting!
  2. The Baconzilla – it sounds like a cheat day is coming soon for me
  3. Stranger Things – my favorite new show

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Thanks for coning out Wednesday for some trivia my friends! I know summer is winding down and folks are getting in those last cookouts and such so I appreciate you coming out and spending some of your Wednesday at trivia night. And congrats to our TOP 3 –

hire trivia company in VAhire trivia company in MD

3rd Place was Blank Space who bolted before I could snap a shot of that smiley mug.

Great times everyone…and thank you again for playing. Next week we kick off with a classic: “Jackie Brown.” I hope you have a wonderful weekend and I will see you soon. Dg 🙂

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Another Wednesday night, another hard fought game of Pour House Trivia here inside Bennigans!
Highlights of the Night:

In “Hey!-Behave-Back-There”: My parents and their friends…*sigh* now is NOT the time to be discussing the current beer menu with the managers! Wait til the game is over before unleashing your beer preferences on people! They did nothing to deserve this!

In “Unexpected-Success”: It’s not often that we have over half the teams turn in answers to the 6-4-2 on the first clue. Even less often do they all get it right on the 6 point clue! Still, 4 teams knew right off the bat about Steven Tyler’s country album! Sounds like I may need to give this a listen!

In “So-It’s-Just-Me-That-Knew-This?”: I actually did know Martha Graham, which few teams did. But only because I knew Lindsey Graham, and once I had the last name, all I could think about was Robin Williams in The Birdcage going, “Martha Graham! Martha Graham! Martha Graham!” If you haven’t seen the Birdcage, you should. It’s hilarious. And that particular scene is one of my favorites. Partly because of Martha Graham.

The final was a tricky one tonight, with correct answers sealing top spots for teams that got the correct answer!

In third place tonight, One Crow Short of a Murder!

In second place tonight, Swipe Left For a Better Team Name!

In first place tonight, Pop Vultures!

Great game everyone! Next week we’ll kick things off with a question about the musical Hamilton! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,