Wednesday Night Trivia: 1.5 Inches of Fun!

It was a busy Wednesday night for the Pour House Trivia crew, as we welcomed 107 teams at 16 venues.  A few of our teams came awfully close to getting their name on the PHT Wall of Fame, so let’s see how it all went down:


Wednesday’s opening round provided very few surprises, as the majority of our field breezed through with flying colors.  We discussed this film adaptation set to be released this weekend:

Murder on the Orient Express

Most of our teams also scored bonus points on our first sports question of the night, by knowing that both the NBA and the NHL invite 16 teams to their respective post-seasons.  All told, 28 teams began the night with a perfect first round score.


The wave of confidence quickly diminished as we began the second round with our nightly audio question, asking our teams to identify three songs whose title ended with “-in’ “.  About one-quarter of our teams were able to earn a two-point bonus with the three correct answers of “Rollin’” (Limp Bizkit), “Jammin’” (Bob Marley), and “Ridin’” (Chamillionaire).  Next, we followed up with our most difficult wagering question of the first half:

–> One of the main attractions at Pilgrim Memorial State Park in Plymouth, Massachusetts is a large boulder which bears the inscription of what year?

Apparently, high school history class is a distant memory, as just under half of our teams answered correctly with this response:

Plymouth Rock

The field recovered in the next subject of Reality TV, by naming two of the three geographic locations mentioned in the titles of spinoff series from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians”.  I guess most of our players have certain priorities when it comes to trivia knowledge…  Anyway, the answers we were looking for were New York (“Kourtney and Kim Take New York”), Miami (“Kourtney and Kim Take Miami”), and The Hamptons (“Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons”).  Begrudgingly, I am forced to admit that 22% of our teams knew all three of these for a two-point bonus.  The first half closed with its most difficult bonus question, in the form of Three Clues / One Country:

CLUE 1: Located two miles from the Pacific Ocean, this country’s University of San Marcos is regarded as the oldest university in South America.

CLUE 2: This country’s northernmost point is located along the Putumayo River, just two miles south of the Equator.

Only eight teams were bold enough to turn in the correct answer of Peru despite hearing only these two clues.  As a result, the only perfect score of the second round was turned in by Hojo Mojo (Bennigan’s – Frederick).


Wednesday’s halftime page had our teams identifying Netflix series and the nationalities of European artists.  Six teams notched a perfect score of 20 points, with an overall average of 14.8 points.  Here are Wednesday’s top scores after the first half:


Wednesday’s third round opened with a question on the 1972 film “The Game of Death”, the last film on which this screen legend worked:

Bruce Lee

We moved on to questions about American astronomer Edwin Hubble and the language of Afrikaans, before concluding the round with its most difficult bonus question:

–> The 2005 song “Speed of Sound” marked which band’s first Top 10 hit on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart?

2-POINT BONUS: This song originally appeared on which album, the band’s third studio release?

Most of the field answered correctly with Coldplay, but only nine teams earned two bonus points by naming the album “X&Y”.  We saw four perfect scores during the third stanza: Flight Level Awesome (Belles’), Sad Fat Dragons (Barefoot Bernie’s), Unfrozen Caveman Lawyers (Clover Theater), and Dave Martinez School of Management (Bennigan’s – Clarksburg).


Our final round opened with a question on these three MLB MVPs who were once teammates in the early 2000s:

Rodriguez Gonzalez MVP

After a question on the Will Ferrell HBO special “You’re Welcome America. A Final Night with George W. Bush”, we continued by asking our teams to name either one of the two national capital cities located on this Caribbean island:


While most of our teams were able to remember which countries are located on Hispaniola, remembering the capitals was certainly much more difficult, but our geography buffs came through with Port-au-Prince (Haiti) and Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic).  Stephen Hawking’s Karaoke Machine (Memories) and Flight Level Awesome (Belles’) were the only two teams to notch perfect scores in the final round.  Here are Wednesday’s top overall scores heading into the final question:

FINAL QUESTION (47.5% success rate):

–> A variety of this animal is the smallest mammal by length, measuring about 1.5 inches.  Give the one word that completes this mammal’s full name: Kitti’s Hog-Nosed BLANK.

Just under half of our teams arrived at this correct answer:


After our teams struggled to earn the Perfect 21 on each of the last few Wednesdays, we saw eight teams take home the honor this week, which is the highest single-night total of Season XVI.  These were your top overall scores from Wednesday:


Valley Grill in Middletown, MD:  Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap  (Next week’s first category: Impressionism)

The Tavern in Olney, MD:  Olney the Lonely  (Next week’s first category: Wyoming Valley, PA)

Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD:  Flight Level Awesome  (Next week’s first category: “Planes, Trains and Automobiles”)

Bennigan’s in Frederick, MD:  Momentary Lapse of Reason  (Next week’s first category: “Stranger Things”)

Nido’s Ristorante in Frederick, MD:  Witiots  ** SIX WINS IN A ROW! **  (Next week’s first category: U.S. Vice Presidents)

Barefoot Bernie’s in Hagerstown, MD:  Sad Fat Dragons  (Next week’s first category: Wrestlemania 33)

TopGolf in Alexandria, VA:  Five Dollar Candy  (Next week’s first category: “Predator”)

Delirium Cafe in Leesburg, VA:  Quiz in My Pants  (Next week’s first category: Pro Wrestling)

Quinn’s on the Corner in Arlington, VA:  Kitten Mittens  (Next week’s first category: “Crazy Ex-Girlfriend”)

Primanti Brothers in Dickson City, PA:  NO GAME THIS WEEK  (Next week’s first category: Indianapolis)

Clover Theater in Cloverdale, CA:  We Guess So Hard  (Next week’s first category: Famous Mullets)

Crab Pot in Long Beach, CA:  Core Four  (Next week’s first category: Sports Champions)

Bennigan’s in Clarksburg, MD:  Dave Martinez School of Management  (Next week’s first category: O.J. Simpson Lawyers)

Memories in Mount Airy, MD:  Hookers and Blackjack  (Next week’s first category: Famous Vegans)

Furnace Bar and Grill in Thurmont, MD:  Aaahh!!  Real Munsters  ** NINE WINS IN A ROW! **   (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 – Celebrities: American or Canadian?)

Applebee’s in Waynesboro, PA:  We Are Groot  (Next week’s first category: Triple 50/50 – Batman or Harry Potter?)