Thursday Night was A’Happenin!

Ups, downs and all the directions in between… A good trivia team can play all the angles and knows when to hold on to that 9er!

Quincy’s in Gaithersburg, Md

We had a tight one at the top of the leaderboard tonight at Quincy’s!  After a rare double-tiebreaker, Breadsticks edged out Lower Expectations to take first place, and the Colin Crampton Fan Club (a truly amazing team name) snuck into third ahead of Smellanella who finished strongly in 4th.
Tonight was a prime example of how trivia breadth can get your team in the top 3.  Some people have a “CM Punk” sort of trivia team, and some people have a “WB Yeats” sort of trivia team – but tonight you needed to be both.
Congratulations to the soon-to-be momma who was celebrating her baby shower with Team Beyonce! I’m not sure if your unborn child counts as an 8th team-member (a clear rules violation), but I’ll let it slide just this once.
Thanks to everyone who showed their patience and support in my inaugural Pour House Trivia game, and a huge thanks to Matt Frost in leaving me with this amazing venue.  I’m excited to come back next week – especially with the first-round category selected by Breadsticks, The Original 150 Pokemon (sans Farfetch’d).  Nobody likes that stupid duck anyway.

Champion Billiards in Frederick, Md  

No Game Tonight… 🙁

Bunker’s in Leesburg, Va 

Well we doubled the amount of teams that we had last week here at Bunker in Leesburg, thanks again for coming out! Our presidential question wiped out the bar, but they all made up for it by giving me a 100% on the final. Great job! Here are the results:
Cranius Maximus in 1st
Your Mom in 2nd
Thoroughly Screwed in 3rd
Our first category for next week is “1st Generation Pokemon” ~ Ronnie

Blue Parrot in St. Pete’s Beach, Fl 

 Coming SOON

Main St. Oyster House in Bel Air, Md 

Our teams came ready to play. It was a fight to the finish between Boogie Friends, and Cup chicks. But there can be only one! Boogie friends secured the win by knowing their horror flick villains, Cup Chicks took second place graciously, and Part Timers rounded out the winner’s circle in 3rd place. Next week we will reminisce about Tenacious D.

Fish Market in Alexandria, Va

Another night at Fish Market, we had an absolute RAGER TONIGHT! 14 teams competing to win the top prize. Saw a lot of regular teams and a couple of new teams too! One of the teams we had tonight was Uncle Jack who is making a run through the venues this season, apparently having tallied wins at over 10 different venues this summer! We’d see if they’d keep it up!
Uncle Jack looked very good early, holding the lead after the first half. A few teams were in striking distance but the way Uncle Jack was playing, it didn’t look likely they’d be caught. We had a number of tough questions in the 2nd half tonight, but Uncle Jack was unphased, pulling out a dominating, near perfect, second half.
Atomic Dogs was in 2nd most of the night, the only team that really showed any sign of being able to catch Uncle Jack but a CRUCIAL mistake on the 6-4-2 cost them points and that was all she wrote. Uncle Jack led by 15 going into the final to make the game a run away; Atomic Dogs would’ve held the gap close enough had they waited for the 4 point clue rather than gambling. Tough luck, gents…
Going into the final, we know Uncle Jack locked the victory, but our 2nd and 3rd place teams were still up in the air. 2nd place going into the final was Atomic Dogs with 3rd place to St Olaf HOWEVER a miss on the final put Olaf back and left room for you’re killing me smalls to jump into the top 3. Dogs take second. Grats on another W this season, Uncle Jack! We’re back at Fish in a week, see ya then guys!
1st Place:     Uncle Jack
2nd Place:    Atomic Dogs
3rd Place:     You’re Killing Me Smalls
Next week:     Nuclear Power

Guido’s in Frederick, Md 

Since Champions was hosting a Battle of the Bands on Thursday, we had a BUSY trivia night at Guido’s Speakeasy! Of course, visiting teams are always welcome to join us at ANY time and I hope some of those teams will come back and see us again! It definitely upped the competition level and made the game more exciting to watch unfold! After the final question was answered, this was how the top 3 finished… Finishing in 3rd place was Blue House, in 2nd was a very nice visiting team known as Teamy McTeamface, and another visiting team took their lead after round 2 straight to the 1st place finish line…congratulations to Multiple Scoregasms!! They decided on a fun winners choice category of “Triple 50-50: Madea or Big Mama” for next week, so study up and join us next Thursday night for some FUN at Guido’s Speakeasy!!  ~  Jon J