We wrapped up this week of Pub Trivia with a PACKED HOUSE at Belles’! Read on for a full recap!

Saturday night’s alright for fightin’ … for cash and prizes at pub trivia!

Belles’ was absolutely packed to the gills with teams getting one last game in for the week. 

The most important thing we learned? Grand Marnier has more bang for your buck than Fireball!

Read on for a full recap.

Belles’ – Frederick, Maryland

WOW! We had EIGHTEEN TEAMS for our Saturday night game at Belles Sports Bar, tying our house record for the venue!
The game was decided by the final question, and it was Brain Freeze who came out on top for their first win at Belles, great job!
Boomers played a great game as well, and wagered smartly to secure 2nd. FNQ nailed that final, and leaped up into 3rd.
Join me again next week, where our first category will be Bruce Springsteen. ~ Ronnie 
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