We Went “Down Under” for Weekend Trivia!

This weekend of Pour House Trivia featured a special bonus prize of $2.6 million for our top scoring team.  Also, our Saturday night game took place on April 1st.  With two thrilling basketball games in the background, we also witnessed four thrilling games of trivia.  Check out the recaps:

WEEKEND STATS AND FACTS (36 teams across four venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Off Beats (P&P Creations) with 165

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Uncle Jack (Belles’) with 160

–> Highest First Half Score: Gimpin’ Ain’t Easy (P&P Creations) with 90

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagering questions and final): NONE

–> With the addition of a bonus question on our Saturday halftime page, the weekend average was pushed up to 18.6, with four teams scoring 21 points.

–> Exactly one-fourth of our teams earned six points on our 6-4-2 questions this weekend, which dealt respectively with Final Four host cities and famous painters.

SATURDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (33.3% success rate):

–> Released in 1990, what film was the first sequel within the Disney Animated Feature Films canon?

SUNDAY’S FINAL QUESTION (50.0% success rate):

–> First uttered in 1836, which three-word phrase has been attributed to both Sam Houston and Sidney Sherman? (you’ll find the answers later in this blog)


Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick, MD

Saturday night action once again at Belles’ Sports Bar in Frederick!  A great night of trivia as we had ourselves a “quaint” game of six teams battling it out for prizes.  Our first category pick for tonight was absolutely an effective one for our winner’s from our last game as they were they only team to be able to answer our Godfather question correctly.  The other teams didn’t miss a beat for the rest of the round however, and scored well on topics such as a defunct Coke brand, the WB network’s former TV series Charmed, and the Nike “swoosh”. We also referenced this Batman villain, portrayed famously by actress Uma Thurman:

Uma Thurman Trivia

Things got a little funky with our audio clue in round two featuring some Rage Against the Machine, Lipps Inc., and Bruno Mars’ biggest hit “Uptown Funk”.  We also talked about just how common hemophilia is among men, and the equivalency of the Indian/Pakistani rupee compared to the U.S. Dollar.  We measured up some common paper sizes here in the U.S., but our most troublesome question of the round was identifying this current MLB slugger and home run king:

Albert Pujols Baseball Trivia

For round three, we officially turned trivia “fanatics” into trivia “zealots” with a nice little word origin question which also included a two point bonus opportunity.  We tended our crops with the use of some farm equipment courtesy of Bobcat, named the only three U.N. member nations that start with the letter “J”, and went into the surreal with some 21st century reality TV, examining some really bad plastic surgery on the E! Network series “Botched”.  The last question of round three went into the realm of Shakespeare and one of the most evil villains of 15th century England. If you haven’t seen Ian McKellen’s version of Richard III, you should check it out on Netflix as it has more of a modernized spin to the tale.  It is by far some of the best acting in regards to soliloquy:

Ian McKellan Trivia

Our final round was another transformation phase for trivia teams as we had “gossip girls”, “gossip guys”, hell we had “gossip teams” as we slung it all around with the origin of a popular expression.  We had a few struggles with Earth’s “sister planet” in our solar system.  I wouldn’t worry too much as beyond mass, size, and proximity to the Sun, Venus doesn’t have too much more in common with our own sweet home.  Folks did very well matching up Billy Corgan to The Smashing Pumpkins, but only one team could name their most successful hit on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart.  Our teams also did extremely well naming the female characters featured in the classic board game “Clue”. We only had one question wipe our the bar tonight, and it was actually the first question in the final round. Superbowl commercials typically carry tons of “staying power” when it comes to trivia recollection, however this recent commercial featuring John Malkovich didn’t seem to latch on to the collective psyche of our trivia players tonight:

John Malkovich Trivia

Tonight’s final question had only a 33% success rate tonight and really didn’t have too much affect on how the top three teams finished, even with some strategic wagering in effect.  Here are the results:

First Place:  Uncle Jack

Second Place:  Demented & Sad, But Social

Third Place:  The Outwhitters

Next week’s first category will be an audio clue: Famous Guitar Riffs

~ Ronnie

Guitar Rock Music Trivia


Pretzel & Pizza Creations on Hagerstown, MD

We had another big turnout at our Saturday night game of Pour Houe Trivia at Pretzel & Pizza Creations, which included two brand new teams!  I started off with a light hearted April Fools’ Day prank before our game began.

Tonight’s game started HOT!  There were five teams tied for first place after the first round, and even though that number shrunk after the second round, there was a different team first place after the halftime puzzle, round three AND round four!

Once we reached the final question, most teams went the full 12 points, but a couple of our teams rolled the dice on something smaller (one of which played the zero wager, and it paid off BIG).  There were some ties going into the final question, but thankfully they worked themselves out, so we didn’t need to use a tiebreaker!  Unfortunately dropping to third place we had Give Us Your Beer Money!  The ZERO wager paid off for our second place team, Quality Guesswork!  And they were up and down and  up and down all night, but when it mattered most they finished UP for another victory, the Off Beats!

They asked for an audio question for their winners choice pick which is Progressive Rock, so study up and I’ll see everyone this Saturday at Pretzel & Pizza Creations!

~ Jon J

Rush Band Trivia


Captain Benders Tavern in Sharpsburg, MD

Coming soon…

Next week’s first category:  Charlie Murphy’s True Hollywood Stories

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