We got Supernatural on this weekend of Pour House Pub Trivia – Ice-T read some Tarot Cards, even!

Boy, do I love spring! I hope you all got to hang out outside, maybe even cut some of that grass, do a little gardening? I know I got my garden ready to go!
But after a day outside in the garden, there’s nothing as refreshing as an evening of Pour House pub trivia!
We had GREAT games at three venues this weekend. Saturday night’s game included Ice-T, who’s a great rapper, and a decent actor…but I can’t think of him without thinking of this John Mulaney bit!
[th_youtube id=’GLkkYcVVYsQ’ name=’Ice-T Pub Quiz Maryland’]
​​I love that dude.
On Sunday, we hit on one of my absolute FAVORITE bad movies, DEMOLITION MAN!
[th_youtube id=’GTrELyA8prM’ name=’Demolition Man Pub Trivia MD’]
I recently read an interview with Stallone where he said the director explained that the three seashells in the bathroom are meant to be used in a “chopsticks and a scraper” configuration. I am still horrified.
Let’s see how things went with our Saturday and Sunday games!

Belles’ Sports Bar – Frederick, MD

We began Saturday night by watching the fastest two minutes in sports, and followed that up with the best two hours to spend a Saturday night: a little game of Pour House Bar Trivia!  

And that’s exactly what 17 teams did at Belles’ Sports Bar.  There were some ups and downs throughout the night, including a few surprises right out of the starting gate!  

It was Smells Like Team Spirit that played a consistent game all night, and had a comfortable lead heading into the final question. Unfortunately, they were not fans of the final category, and played it safe on the final wager.

That allowed Pog Mo Thoin to swoop in on the homestretch and take down the win with a photo finish!  Smells Like Team Spirit did take home second for their efforts.

Brain Freeze had so many people last night that they had to split into two teams, and it was the ‘spin-off’ team, Half a Brain, that took third. Nice work!

If It’s Not Scottish It’s Crap and Samantha’s Knees Hurt also took home some extra standings points with a top-five finish.

Next week begins with a question on Blue-Footed Birds!  Ronnie will be back next week, but as always, it was a ton of fun filling in!  

~ Matt

Blue Footed Birds Pub Quiz Maryland

Captain Bender’s – Sharpsburg, MD

Our usual suspects rolled in to Captain Benders Tavern in Smithsburg to start the week with some Pour House pub quiz action.  From the very start, it was a two-team race to the top the standings.
Fisted Sister was looking to extend their winning streak to four wins in a row, while the Inebriati was doing their best to break the streak. They were trading blows while pulling away from the rest of the field.
After four rounds, it was the Inebriati who maintained a one-point lead. Fisted Sister went with the conservative wager in order to ensure second place, but they were the only team to get the final, and took home the win. Four in a row!
Inebriati did hang on to second while Almost Mensa took third.
Next week starts with a question on the film resume of Kevin Smith.
It was a great time pinch-hitting, as the lovely Torie will return next week.  ~ Matt
Kevin Smith Live Trivia Maryland

The Raw Bar – Frederick, MD

I would call tonight’s game of live trivia at the Raw Bar & Grill “intimate”, but also a LOT of fun!
With only a couple more weeks of the season left, there is still no definite “House Champion” that gets the free trip to the World Series.
The Witiots and Optimus Prime Rib are BOTH in the running to win this prestigious title, and during the game someone mentioned to me that the Witiots had the slight lead in this category, so I was excited to see how tonight’s game ended!
The final question did have a part in how the game ended, and this is how that went… Moving up to 3rd place tonight (and making the race for House Champion waaaay more interesting) was the Witiots!
Moving up into 2nd place was a team I miss seeing on a regular basis (and it was GREAT to see you back!) The Phlitches!! (I guess you’ll HAVE to come back now to use that 30% off!)
And your winners tonight may have just possibly retaken the lead for House Champs(I’ll have to check the points) Optimus Prime Rib!!
Great game to everyone who came out tonight and I hope to see more of my teams back next week to check out O.P.R’s winners choice question, “Guest Stars on The Simpsons!
Have a great week everyone and I’ll see you next Sunday night at Raw Bar for trivia!!  
~ Jon J
Simpsons Guest Star Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland