Wave the White (and Red) Flag for World Series XV!

The 15th edition of the Pour House Trivia World Series featured 89 of the finest trivia teams in the region, each of which was hoping to snag its share of the $5,000 prize pool.  Once again, Hager Hall in Hagerstown, Maryland was the site of semi-annual trivia throwdown.  With more than 60 trivia venues represented, perhaps we would see a team win its first championship.  However, our field also contained five teams that had previously won at least one PHT title.  In addition to months of bragging rights, our winning team would take home the top prize of $2,000 in cash for their efforts.  As usual, the Pour House Trivia family is thankful for all of the teams that came out to play our game.  So how did the game unfold?  Let’s find out…


The toughest question of the night was waiting for our teams right out of the gate, and it involved this advertising mascot:

Hamburger Helper Ad Mascot

While nearly every team earned its wager by knowing which BRAND introduced this character, there were NO TEAMS which were able to earn a two-point bonus by knowing his actual name: LEFTY!  We continued the first round with questions on Venus de Milo and the recent re-appearance of Goldie Hawn in the film “Snatched”.  Once again, a difficult bonus question helped some teams distance themselves from the pack, as only 17% of our teams knew that Ms. Hawn won an Oscar for her role in “Cactus Flower”:

Goldie Hawn Cactus Flower

The round concluded with questions on the Adirondack chair and great American war novels, which were a breeze for most of our teams.  We’re glad to see that everybody remembers their high school reading requirements!  About two-thirds of our teams answered all five wagering questions correctly.  The first round ended with eight teams tied for first place at 34 points.


Our audio question involved our teams attempting to find a specific connection between three different songs.  Our selections varied widely this afternoon, but most teams were successful in determining that the tunes all included the names of rivers in their titles.  Once again, earning the bonus points proved to be a bit of a challenge, as 27% of our teams earned another hard-fought two points by naming “Ferry Cross the Mersey” (by Gerry and the Pacemakers), “Orinoco Flow” (by Enya), and “The Blue Danube” (by Johann Strauss II).  Who doesn’t love a little classical music thrown into their pub trivia?  OK, maybe not…  After a question on international currency, we came upon our Three Clues question, which tonight dealt with a trio of facts concerning New York Knicks star Carmelo Anthony:

Carmelo Anthony

The two facts which would have lead to a two-point bonus on this question were that Carmelo led the NBA in scoring during the 2012-13 season, but more importantly, he is the ONLY male player to have won three Olympic gold medals in basketball.  Any team that knew these facts earned a two-point bonus.  As it turns out, that was good enough for about one-third of our teams to earn that bonus.  We closed the second round with a question on the TV cartoon series “Chip ‘N’ Dale: Rescue Rangers”.  While many of you might have watched this show as a child (or an adult), just how closely were you watching?  Did you know that the two title characters were given outfits designed to mimic those of other fictional characters?  Of course, this question would be easier if our teams had been given a picture, but they had to work it out from memory.

Rescue Rangers Disney Chip Dale

It seems obvious now, but those outfits pay homage to Indiana Jones and Thomas Magnum (P. I.).  Six teams ran the table during the second round with a perfect score of 36 points, leading to a tightly-packed leaderboard as we headed to halftime.


Our halftime page dealt with films that topped the box office over the years on Memorial Day weekend, as well as ten-letters words whose first letters spell out the word “summertime”.  The average score on the halftime sheet reached 15.8, with four teams notching a perfect score of 20 points: PC Principals, Kobe Buffalo Meat, Comfortably Dum, and Sexual Chocolate.  This set up our first leaderboard as follows:

1)  PC Principals 90
2)  Jeff King Experience 89
3)  Comfortably Dum 86
4)  Satan’s School for Girls 85

In addition to these scores, six teams sat tied for fifth place with 84 points, and 12 other teams scored within ten points of the lead as we began the second half.


On any given night of Pour House Trivia, it is the third round that separates the cream of the crop from the rest of the trivia world.  Not surprisingly, World Series XV was no different.  Right off the bat, we asked teams to identify the letters which correspond to a single dot in both the Braille and Morse alphabets.  Respectively, those letters are A and E.  While most teams knew one of the two, only about one-third of our teams knew both to earn a two-point bonus.  We followed with our Last Word / First Word question, in which we managed to string together two phrases into “Grand Theft Auto Five Pillars of Islam”.  Some teams may have been lulled into a false sense of security, as the Last Word / First Word question tends to be on the easier side in our nightly games.  Tonight was exactly the opposite!  This was the most difficult wagering question of the entire game, as only 12% of our teams came up with this elusive seven-word phrase.  We then included another picture question, asking about this gentleman who dominated headlines in 2001:

Elian Gonzalez    He was much more recognizable in 2001…  Elian Gonzalez

Yes, it was former Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez.  We concluded the third round by asking for either one of the two California venues to have hosted the Super Bowl this century.  Surprisingly, it has NOT been held at the Rose Bowl in almost 25 years (probably due to a lack of luxury suites and giant scoreboard), so the correct answers were actually Qualcomm Stadium (in San Diego) and Levi’s Stadium (in Santa Clara).  At the end of the third round, we were happy to announce a new leader on the afternoon, one who was hoping to avenge a devastating loss from last season’s championship:

1)  Jeff King Experience 121
2)  Dusty Baker School of Management 118
3)  High School Prom 117
4)  Satan’s School for Girls 116

Our 6-4-2 question was rather straightforward, as the six-point clue simply asked for the number of people who have served as Secretary-General in the history of the United Nations.  With some teams needing a spark to gain ground in the standings, about one-quarter of our teams ventured a guess after this first clue, but only TWO TEAMS knew the correct response of nine people.  Not surprisingly, the two teams which earned six points were the two teams currently at the top of the leaderboard.


We began the final round asking about the one-hit wonder music group which included Scottish twin brothers Charlie and Craig Reed.  While you might not recognize their names, you would certainly recognize their voices, as they were known as The Proclaimers in their heyday:


About two-thirds of our teams earned their wager here, while half of those also earned the two-point bonus by knowing their hit song “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” gained popularity after being featured in the film “Benny & Joon”.  The second question of the final round was by far our most difficult question of the round.  This was our last picture question of the day.  The schematic seen below is a representation of the various locations of the title character in which seven-part children’s book series?


It appears that many teams heard “seven-part series” and went immediately to Harry Potter.  But alas, these are the locations at which you will find Waldo in his original series of books (the dotted line in the center represents the page fold).  Only 15% of our teams answered this question correctly, and with many teams tossing in a high wager, their overconfidence had quite an impact on the final standings.  Later in the fourth round, we learned that Carroll O’Connor is the only male performer to have won lead acting Emmy Awards in both the Comedy and Drama categories (for “All in the Family” and “In the Heat of the Night”).

After four rounds, a new leader emerged from the pack:

1)  Dusty Baker School of Management 159
2)  Jeff King Experience 157
3)  High School Prom 155
4)  Wiseacres 153
5)  PC Principals 152
6)  Arrondissements of Ouagadougou 150
7)  High Water Mark 148

It had been several years since we had asked a World Series final question in the category of World Geography, but that’s what our teams dealt with today:

Among the U.N. members whose national flags are comprised of ONLY red and white, which two countries are the most populous?

About 75% of our teams were able to come up with Japan (the tenth most populous country on Earth) as one of the two correct answers.  The second country actually has many more people than Japan, but perhaps its flag is not as well known to Americans:


The trivia elite proved their mettle, as this is the flag of the fourth most populous nation on Earth: Indonesia!  Our final question was answered correctly by 12 teams out of our entire field of 89 teams, but half of those correct answers came from teams that were already in the top ten (including five of the top seven teams), so there was very little movement in the final standings.  In the end, Dusty Baker School of Management hung on to claim its second Pour House Trivia World Series title!

CHAMPIONS!  Dusty Baker School of Management (from Bennigan’s – Clarksburg)

Dusty Baker Pour House Trivia World Series

SECOND PLACE – Jeff King Experience (from Il Forno)

Jeff King Experience Pour House Trivia World Series

THIRD PLACE – High School Prom (from Basic Burger)

High School Prom Pour House Trivia World Series

FOURTH PLACE – Arrondissements of Ouagadougou (from Captain Benders)

Pour House Trivia World Series

FIFTH PLACE – High Water Mark (from Woodside Deli)

Pour House Trivia World Series

SIXTH PLACE (Tie) – Breadsticks (from Quincy’s)

Breadsticks Pour House Trivia World Series

SIXTH PLACE (Tie) – Flight Level Awesome (from Belles’ – Wednesday)

Flight Level Awesome Pour House Trivia World Series

EIGHTH PLACE – Satan’s School for Girls (from Memories)

SS4G PC Principals Pour House Trivia World Series

NINTH PLACE – Wiseacres (from Champion Billiards – Tuesday)

Wiseacres PC Principals Pour House Trivia World Series

TENTH PLACE – PC Principals (from Basic Burger)

PC Principals Pour House Trivia World Series


1)  Dusty Baker School of Management 170
2)  Jeff King Experience 168
3)  High School Prom 166
4)  Arrondissements of Ouagadougou 162
5) High Water Mark 160
T-6)  Breadsticks 158
T-6)  Flight Level Awesome 158
8)  Satan’s School for Girls 147
9)  Wiseacres 141
10)  PC Principals 140
T-11)  H.R. Puff ‘n’ Stuff 137
T-11)  Heavy Metal Parking Lot 137
T-13)  Roaming Gnomes 135
T-13)  Alternative Answers (Bernie’s) 135
T-15)  Poovey Farms 134
T-15)  Smarty Pants 134
T-15)  Sexual Chocolate 134
18)  Stink Floyd 133
19)  Scoundrels 132
T-20)  Hoboken Squat Cobbler 131
T-20)  No Clue 131
T-22)  Morgan Station 130
T-22)  Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn 130
T-22)  Southpaw Fish 130
T-22)  Kobe Buffalo Meat 130
26)  Alternative Facts (Monkey La La) 129
T-27)  Uncle Jack 128
T-27)  Blue Collar 128
T-29)  Crystal Methodists 126
T-29)  Stupider Sexier Flanders 126
T-31)  Your Mom 125
T-31)  Give Us Your Beer Money 125
T-33)  Sofa King Smart 124
T-33)  Demented and Sad but Social 124
T-33)  Power Vacuum 124
T-33)  Comfortably Dum 124
T-37)  Victorious Secret 120
T-37)  Kelly’s Heroes 120
39)  Witioits 119
40)  Quality Guesswork 118
41)  Donner Party 117
42)  Tequila Mockingbird 116
43)  Suck it Trebek 115
T-44)  Time to Get Schwifty 114
T-44)  Hail Mary 114
46)  Maybe Babies 113
47)  Ya Donkey 112
48)  Salt & Pepper 111
49)  Sloppy Seconds 109
50)  We Need an Adult 108
T-51)  Rock Lobsters 107
T-51)  Pookie and the Bwain 107
T-51)  Fan Club 107
T-51)  Momentary Lapse of Reason 107
55)  Other Sarah 106
56)  Menace 2 Sobriety 104
57)  Jackie’s Team 103
T-58)  Book Club Babes 102
T-58)  Quiz in My Pants 102
T-60)  Screaming Death Monkey 101
T-60)  Vitrifers 101
62)  No Reservations 100
63)  FNQ 99
64)  Fat Kids Are Hard to Kidnap 98
65)  Beer Makes Smart 96
66)  Poe Pouree 95
67)  Literally Anything 94
68)  Schniggles 93
T-69)  Bosom Buddies 89
T-69)  Beer Pressure 89
T-71)  Breakfast for Dinner 88
T-71)  Yinz Winz 88
73)  Wingin’ It 85
74)  Off Beats 84
T-75)  Voltron 83
T-75)  Mischief Managed 83
77)  Dukes of Knowledge 82
T-78)  Alternative Facts (Il Forno) 81
T-78)  Goobers 81
80)  Suck It Trebek (Valley Grill) 78
81)  Potent Potables 73
82)  Blank Space 70
83)  Multiple Scorgasms 69
T-84)  Die Dan Die 67
T-84)  Pugalicious 67
86)  Incognido’s 65
87)  Fellowship 62
88)  Shakeweight 57
89)  Lone Strangers 47