Wahlburgers? Really? Even we’re more creative than that! Pour House Pub Trivia’s Tuesday wrap up!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday night of questions was a doozy!

Maybe it’s just me and the fact that I was raised on Seinfeld, but I can’t hear Jambalaya and not say this in my head (orrrrr out loud.)

[th_youtube id=’Gx-40XMRuCM’ name=’Jambalaya Pub Trivia Maryland’]

We also covered New Edition tonight in the form of their first hit, “Cool It Now!”

[th_youtube id=’RZUq6N7Gx1c’ name=’New Edition Live Trivia Maryland’]

But let’s be honest – when you think New Edition, you’re thinking THIS song!

[th_youtube id=’qAFg2TQk9v0′ name=’New edition Bar Trivia Maryland’]

While you groove to New Edition, check out the games!


Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Thanks to everyone for treating me so well filling in for the lovely Samantha tonight!
We had a wild game of live trivia, with those podium spots swapping again and again and again. 
Finally, it all shook out like this: In third place, we had the Castaways.
In second, W. 
And your winners tonight: Wiseacres! 
Great games to everyone, and thanks again for the hospitality.
Next week we will start with the Eisenhower Administration! Grab those history books, folks!
Don’t fear – Sam shall return next week!


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

It was a beautiful night for some live trivia and as always the players at Cugini’s in Poolesville know how to have themselves a good time!
Murphs felt the heat through most of the game with Belligerent Midgets giving them a run for the top slot!
It was Murphs that came out on top, with Neverlands catapulting into 2nd and Drunk & Disorderly taking 3rd with their correct final answers!
Good luck at the World Series and remember we start the points for the Summer Fling tourney next week! Our first category will be The Brady Bunch. RIP Alice!
~ Ronnie
[th_youtube id=’pwikvo6EZiQ’ name=’Brady Bunch pub Quiz Maryland’]


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

It was a farewell to Team Freedom with tonight’s round of bar trivia but they went out with a win! Taking the top slot with 151.
If We Only had a brain came in second with 141 and Pinky and the Brain took third with 139!
Next week we start off with the Baltimore Colts​​!


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a great night of pub quiz at Jekyll & Hyde tonight, with several teams vying for the top honors!  
Taking third place were the Brownie Points, playing as a duo!  
Second place went to Nothing But Beer is Good, a hybrid of two of our regular teams!  Great game!  
First place tonight went to Black Steel from behind, being the only team to nail the final question!  Great game everyone!
Next week’s first category is Monty Python, so study up on your silly walks, grab your parrot and we’ll see you next week!
– Brad
[th_youtube id=’iV2ViNJFZC8′ name=’Monty Python Pub Quiz maryland’]


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 

The Schulien’s took a quick break from the Blind Squirrels and rocked Monkey La La tonight with what turned out to be an EXCELLENT SET OF LIVE TRIVIA! They wrote their own questions. And they hosted it as well with their own special blend of “Cathy-n-John-ness.” I loved it! I do so cherish the opportunities to play a bit of live trivia. So a huge thank you to Mr. And Mrs. Schulien for their work and love on tonight’s guest star extravaganza! Tons of fun!

I teamed up with fellow PHT host, BP and his dad BP Sr. We worked hard but were overcome by the force that is Stink Floyd. Stink managed to grab a bit of $$$ too as a little appetizer maybe…for World Series this Sunday…we shall see! 
Thanks everyone for coming out and playing our special guest set night! We might get another one of these up and running before Season 10 begins in Sept. 
Tonight’s leader board went down like this:
1st Place: Stink Floyd – sniped $$$ CASH $$$ as well for the HOST BOUNTY!
Stink Floyd Live Trivia Maryland
2nd Place: TIE – STDB (leader board addicts) and Oedipus and the Mama’s Boys (the PHT Crew)
Live Trivia Maryland Second Place
3rd Place: 3QND – no nosedive tonight! GG 3Q!
Third Place Pour House Trivia Maryland
The first category I will get back to you on! I will catch up with Stink Floyd and grab it from them..be sure to check the website home page 🙂
Have a great week y’all! Stop out to Avery’s tomorrow for some Beer Trivia…6:30pm sign ups 🙂 Til next time… dg 🙂


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA

Our top teams are in fine post-season form, and ready to go for the big bucks on Sunday, as We’re Not Porn Stars Anymore led wire-to-wire, nailed the final and took home an impressive win.  Come On Ride the Bridal Train took second with the Stamp Collectors sneaking into third place.  Next week starts with a question on Isaac Newton.  Good luck to all of the teams making the endless trek to Hagerstown on Sunday!  ~ Matt
Isaac Newton Trivia Alexandria