Voodoo! Baseball! No, not the film Major League, Pour House pub trivia! Read on for how it all went down!

Wednesday night brought out some furious Pour House pub trivia-ing at seven venues!

We learned a little about voodoo (economics…anyone? anyone?), the best snack foods for a baseball game (at least in 1908!) and what Elephant, Crabeater, Wedell, Carribean Monk and Heidi Klum’s husband all have in common! (They’re all Seals!)

Read on for a full recap of the evening!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Atlantic Grill in Urbana, you never cease to keep me guessing!
Newcomer I’m Your Huckleberry came in as a solo effort and held the top spot for quite some time before sliding into third at the finale.
Rounding out our winners were Baby Got Pratt in second and Strangers Have the Best Candy in first.
I owe all the laughter tonight to three people – OJ Simpson, Gallagher, and Some Asian Guy :-P
I will once again be in the spotlight next week as the winners’ choice questions is Eric Performs “Stewie Griffin is a Hufflepuff.” Study up on your Harry Potter as I grab some cool whhhhip and rehearse! :-P See y’all next week!
– Eric :D
Hufflepuff Triva question Pour House Trivia

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

After a little bar trivia tonight at Barefoot Bernies we were regaled with a rare poetry reading of “Sarah Cynthia Sylvia Stout!” Excellent articulation and interpretation from our own D-Love who did the reading :) And then I actually helped them take some of the garbage out! Hey, a deal is a deal baby!  🙂
Bernies trivia game tonight reminded me of my old see-saw days at the playground! No  not because everyone was making fun of me…but because of the up and down action of the game! I think every team in the bar tonight held every spot in the game at some point! LOL…it was nuts! Props to Slapsgiving though – they whiffed an early round bonus chip but came back and won the game on the final question! Excellent game lady and gents, well played :)
Here’s the way it went down:
1st Place: Slapsgiving
2nd Place: Too Husky for Sandusky (final question snipe and come from behind)
3rd Place: Say Hi to Your Mom for Me (proving defense is a good offense!)
Thanks for hangin’ tonight my friends. I’ll see ya next Wednesday evening when we begin with the category of “House of Cards.” – This is another TV show I’ve been told I need to watch…so this week I begin :) Have a great week and weekend everyone…see ya soon. Be well – dg :)
House of Cards trivia category MD

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

A new team, Team Janet, was putting on a trivia clinic all night, holding the first place position after the first round, and not letting up all the way through the game.
Going into the final question, they led with a couple teams close behind. Team Janet missed the final question and it became anyone’s game. 

Uncle Jack and The Kennedy Package were in 4th place and 5th place respectively, both getting correct answers on the final, jumped into a tie for the number one spot. After a quick tiebreaker, Uncle Jack came out on top, claiming the victory!Congrats Uncle Jack!

2nd place honors went to The Kennedy Package, and the 3rd place team was Hot Dog Stigmata, who wagered a 0 on the final question. We will see you all next week!

1st Place: Uncle Jack
2nd Place:The Kennedy Package
3rd Place: Hot Dog Stigmata


TV Show theme songs trivia category

The Cellar Door – Frederick, Maryland

We had a nail biter of a finish in the underground tonight!

Team Wednesday had an phenomenal night and led the whole game, just giving way to One Crow Short of a Murder at the end of round 4 (On a missed 2 point bonus!) but after a rough final it was Grab a Straw, You Suck who took the win tonight!

They didn’t quite follow Alan’s snazzy suit strategy of “Bet it all!!” but they did bet enough to beat out Team Wednesday who came in 2nd.

In 3rd were the Crows, they tried to shoot for the moon and yet still landed among the stars ;) See you next week when I will be healthy and we will start with 1980′s professional wrestling. Awesome, brotherrrrrrrrr.


80s Pro Wrestling trivia category maryland


Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

We had a great time tonight at Fast Eddie’s in Fairfax, VA!!
Our trivia olympic podium looked a little something like this: Mess and Jeg took home the bronze!
Stealing silver with an excellent final answer and bold final wager was: FAKE BLOCK! Our gold medal winners tonight were our recent team-to-beat NO BRAINZ @ THE BAR!
Their choice of first category for next week? THE WASHINGTON NATIONALS! See you next Wednesday! ~Torie
Washington Nationals Pub Trivia MD

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

What a great finish tonight at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria!  Leading up to the final questions, a bunch of teams were clustered at the top of the leaderboard, but the final question would change all that.  Only two teams came up with the correct answer, and so it was Don’t Stop Believing whoc ame from WAY BACK to steal the win!  Nice job for their first week after a long hiatuts.  Winners in Life took second on the Fjui-esque tiebreaker over the B-58s, who took third.  Next week starts with Famous Comebacks!  I think that is the literal kind, and not ‘snappy retorts’.  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Thanks again to everyone for coming out to the Valley Grill for another edition of PHT, here is how the game went down!
Fisted Sister pulled a correct final answer to leap up into first, Jerrytown pulled it out of the fire as well for 2nd, and Southpaw Fish wagered correctly, but ended up in third.
Join me next week for our first category, Clint Eastwood’s Kelly’s Heroes.
~ Ronnie
Kelly's Heroes Pour House Trivia Maryland