Ve Vant to Ask You Questions! Wednesday’s trivia brings you tips for better health AND avoiding vampires!

Yet another icy day on this Wednesday, during our seemingly never ending season of snow and storms! 

Wednesday evening’s round of Pour House pub trivia provided some valuable life lessons, including how to ditch that pesky vampire friend, told you who’d arrest you if you break the law overseas and why it’s so important to get your daily iodine intake!

More on the games comes next!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Rhyming giants, Civil War generals, and Broadway showtunes made for an exciting reprieve from the ice apocalypse at Atlantic Grille in Urbana.
Men & Pausers came third while newcomers Spider Monkeys ran the gamut of ranks and achieved second.
Strategic wagering secured first place for Strangers Have the Best Candy.
I’m certainly getting to stretch my performing muscles as well – next week will be no different! Winners’ choice category is Eric as Christopher Walken does Blazing Saddles! Won’t want to miss that – gonna be CRAZY :-P
– Eric :-P
Blazing Saddles Pub Trivia Maryland Answer

Barefoot Bernies – Hagerstown, MD

Tell Pat Riley we had a Threepeat of our own at Barefoot Bernies Wednesday night! Say Hi to Your Mom for Me popped #3 win in a row! Congrats SHTYMFM! (yes…that’s the actual acronym for that team name! LOL! Scary…)

bar trivia company reflections

1) There is power in the area at Bernies dubbed the “Good Little Christian Corner” 

2) Sorry Darius, win as many country awards as you like…You’re always HOOTIE to me!

3) There is more than one ,meaning to “dirty snowball” – Oh yes…at least more than 1…

In addition to these revelations, our trivia game was a great one! We had some new teams (Jason, Late Comers, and Number 1); hope to see you all again. And we had some pub trivia veterans moving and shaking  their trivia parts. The final scoreboard wound up like this:

1st Place: Say Hi to Your Mom for Me – 3 PEAT CITY BABY!

2nd Place: Phlitches – Co- Founding members of “Good Lil Christian Corner” 

3rd Place: Slapsgiving – in a Super Bowl tie-breaker over Thinkers and Dreamer (the other co-Founders of “Good Lil Christian Corner)

Thanx for playing tonight everyone. I know its been cold and full of that wonderful “wintery mix” we’re growing to love right? :) Thanx for braving those elements… Next Wednesday we will kick off with Pharmaceutical Drugs. Have a great week and remember – to quote the timeless philosopher, Little Orphan Annie “You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” Be well everyone…see ya soon – dg :)

pharmaceutical drug pub trivia night

Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland 

We had 15 teams playing tonight, all vying for the top place, but it was solo wrecking crew Stink Floyd who came to Bennigan’s tonight and showed why he is so feared by the hundreds of players in the Pour House Trivia Circuit!
Stink Floyd was up 2 points at half time, 15 points after 3 rounds, and a whopping 19 points going into the final question, locking up the game for him. Yet another venue taken by storm by Stink Floyd. Way to go bud :)
2nd place honors go to Uncle Jack, last week’s winners, and 3rd place to The Usual Suspects. Hope to see everyone back next week!
1st: Stink Floyd
2nd: Uncle Jack
3rd: The Usual Suspects
Category for Next Week: Philip Seymour Hoffman. RIP, sir.
Phillip Seymour Hoffman Trivia Question

Fast Eddie’s – Fairfax, Virginia

It was great to get such a warm welcome at Fast Eddie’s after my one-week travel hiatus!!  I promise to never leave you again, guys!!  
It was a close game all the way down to the final wagers, which proved to be EXTREMELY strategic!  In third were our big brains of Mess & Jeg!!  In second, our team to beat lately, was No Brainz at the Bar!!
The story of the night, however, goes to our first place team FAKE BLOCK who won the WHOLE SHEBANG on a final wager of ZERO!! Very impressive!!
Their choice of first category for next week: Jacksonville Jaguars!! I’ll see you next Wednesday!!   ~Torie
Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Trivia Category

T. J. Stone’s – Alexandria, VA

A wild night of trivia at T.J. Stone’s in Alexandria provided a few “mountainous” surprises as our game progressed.  It was an extremely tight game, but last week’s winners, the B-58s, were able to manage a bit of a lead as round four concluded.  There was definitely some trepidation as the final answer was revealed, but the B-58s were indeed able to hang on for the victory, still perfect in Season 9!  Big Booty Judy utilized the strategic wager to perfection, and came from way back to take second, with Virgins and Congress taking third.  Next week’s game will appropriately start with a question on Abe Lincoln.  Happy 205th birthday!  ~ Matt

Abe Lincoln Trivia Alexandria


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

Teams came out from under the ice tonight and converged on Valley Grill Sports Bar here in Middletown, it was a great night of trivia!
Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap was the ONLY team to nail the final, which brought them up from the middle and gave them the win!
Scott’s Tots strategically wagered to hold onto 2nd, and Xavier Onassis rolled the dice and successfully managed 3rd.
See you all next week, where our first category will be the hit TV show Cheers! ~ Ronnie
Pub Trivia MD Winner Question