Valentine’s Day Trivia was Radioactive!

Yes, last night was our Valentine’s Day edition of Tuesday night trivia, so some of our hosts were showered with gifts of chocolate and candy.  Did these obvious attempts at bribery affect our nightly standings?  Tonight’s set featured two second half music questions that each put a bit of a hurting on the field, but a few teams were able to come away unscathed.  In a rather odd occurrence, the top three overall scores on the night all came from the SAME VENUE, as the only teams to top 170 points on Tuesday were all playing at Quincy’s South in Rockville.  Great job to those teams!  Let’s check out the rest of the recaps:

TUESDAY’S STATS AND FACTS (81 teams across 10 venues):

–> Highest Overall Score: Wingardium Triviosa (Quincy’s South) with 173

–> Highest Score after Round 4: Wingardium Triviosa with 164

–> Highest First Half Score: Wingardium Triviosa with 92

–> Perfect 21 (correct on all wagers and final): Jungle Fever (Champion Billiards), Wingardium Triviosa, Uncle Jack (Quincy’s)

–> Our mix of Valentine’s Day and sports on the halftime page led to an average score of 15.9, but there were ZERO perfect scores on the night (I guess everyone is not a fan of “Love in the Time of Cholera”…)

–> The 6-4-2 question proved to be one of the toughest questions all season, as NO TEAM knew that the first sitting U.S. President to say “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” was Gerald Ford.

TONIGHT’S FINAL QUESTION (55.5% success rate):

–> Name the heaviest element on the Periodic Table (based on atomic mass) whose chemical symbol is represented by a single letter.  (you’ll find the answer later in this blog)


Capitol City Brewing in Arlington, VA

Tonight was Valentine’s Day, so what better way to spend this romantic holiday than with Pour House Tuesday night trivia at Capitol City Brewing!  And we had nine teams in contention tonight, so I think everyone was thinking the same.  Austin was off tonight, so it is I, your substitute host and compere, Chris, filling in for tonight.

Thanks to our winner’s choice category, we started off with two pro football questions, but most of our teams handled those with ease.  Some cleverly disguised questions later under the guise of Turkish language and archaeology had a few teams wince, but turned out to be some easy questions as all of our teams got through those 100%.  Then in Round 2, teams were anticipating the category about Puppies, which led to everyone identifying the pug as one of the heaviest toy dogs.  However, teams need to brush up on the National Parks as only half the teams knew where the four largest National Parks were.  It seems that teams mistook ‘largest National Parks’ with ‘most National Parks in a state’.

We had more tough questions in Round 3 as teams had to identify former Yugoslav countries and which actor once starred in our given filmography.  The trick there was that we never gave the sex of the actor, but some teams avoided our trap and were able to name Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Philippe.  Another 6-4-2 question led some of our teams as naming Obama who once opened “Saturday Night Live”, but that honor instead goes to Gerald Ford.

With a tie for second place going into the final, teams had to identify the heaviest element on the periodic table symbolized by only one letter.  Some of our teams knew to head to the bottom of the table, but those who also knew what the last naturally-occurring element was also knew it was the heaviest as well.  With five teams identifying uranium correctly, here are our standings for tonight:

First Place:  Capitol City Goofballs

Second Place:  Valley Girls

Third Place:  Menace to Sobriety

Next week’s first category:  Albert Einstein

Austin will be back next week so until next time,

~ Chris

Einstein Trivia


Champion Billiards in Frederick, MD

All the chocolate and cupcakes in the house (And there was a lot out there… ) couldn’t match how sweet it is to spend another Tuesday night with my Champion’s crew.  You’re kind (Thank you for the presents!), you’re understanding (Sorry we had to use a speaker!), you’re easy going (Bay Area? Say what??) and damn you’re good looking! (Yes Chuck, that was for you) .

Enough of the parenthesis!  Lets get down to brass tacks.  After a fairly straight forward final, we had a tie for third place between Pookie and the Bwain, and Wiseacres.  Personally, I think the tiebreaker was harder than the final! Wiseacres beat them out, and held on to third place.  Meanwhile, second place went to Crystal Methodists!  I like it! Our winners tonight, well it was the oh-so-stealth-like Jungle Fever.  Color me impressed!

Next week we will start out with “The Big Bang Theory”, and there will be sound.  Huzzah speakers!

See you then!

~ Samantha

Big Bang Theory TV Trivia


Cugini’s Restaurant in Poolesville, MD

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fine teams down here at Cugini’s in Poolesville!  Our first round was a bit of a rough start for a few teams tonight, as the game began with a triple 50/50 question on this guy’s recent Super Bowl performance:

Thankfully, the teams that missed this question did not let their spirits get “deflated”…

Round two rolled out a bit smoother and these folks allowed their “intellects” to shine in subjects including geography, history, and this famous scientist being portrayed on an upcoming TV series:

Fashion brands and Eastern European countries was the bane of many teams in the third round, but folks did well with an Oscar winning actress, and this very talented solo artist who has two current top ten singles:

The dreaded opera question wiped out the bar, with the most popular answer given “The Barber of Seville”.  The teams managed to redeem themselves with a “wet” answer, and a classic late 80’s TV romantic drama.  Our game was extremely close at the end, with only a six-point difference between first and third place!  Here are the final results:

First Place:  What Could Go Wrong

Second Place:  No Clue

Third Place:  Lightfoot

Next week’s first category:  “Manchester by the Sea”

~ Ronnie

Manchester by the Sea Trivia


Orioles Nest in Frederick, MD

We had a very special Valentine’s Day edition of Pour House Trivia tonight, complete with one of my teams sneaking me a few Valentine’s Day gifts in the game.  We started off with a question about the detective Harry Bosch novel series, learning that he carries a weapon made by Smith & Wesson.  The audio question was another Disney songs question, with songs from Snow White, Hercules, and The Jungle Book being used this time.  Halftime asked teams to identify different things with ‘Love’ in the name, as well as listing the 12 different metropolitan areas that have teams in all the ‘Big 4’ of sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL), other than Los Angeles.

In the second half things got more interesting, especially with the Moldova and Reese Witherspoon questions.  The final question of the night was a fun one about the periodic table, but left us with a three-way tie for second place.  Unfortunately the odd team out was We Need an Adult, with third place going to Fill Stick and second going to Book Club Babes. The win tonight, staying away from the tiebreaker nonsense, congrats goes to Suck It Trebek!

Until next time,

~ Chad

Next week’s first category:  “Evil Dead” (first two films)

Evil Dead Trivia


Tilted Kilt in Frederick, MD

And another year passes with no Valentine for me…

…Anyway, we had ourselves a fun game this week!  New teams and veteran teams squared off for trivia dominance, in a set that proved challenging for some.  And that dreaded opera question…

In the end, the wagering on the final locked in our top three before I’d even asked the question!  That’s some defense right there.  Here are your final standings:

First Place:  Poovey Farms

Second Place: Trivia Knight

Third Place:  Simple Minds

Next week’s first category:  “Rick and Morty” (Wubba-lubba-dub-dub!!)

See you next week!

~ Nick

Rick and Morty Trivia


Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, MD

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  Senor Tequila’s was packed tonight with people feeling the love!  That must’ve been nice…but at least out game of Pour House Trivia was fun!

Highlights of the Night:

In “Must-Not-Meltdown”: I’m a Disney nerd.  I wave that flag proudly.  So when we have a Disney question…and teams can’t recognize a song…from my favorite Disney movie…it makes me a little twitchy.  Suffice it to say we will be having a movie night at some point to get y’all caught up on Hercules.

In “Best-Wrong-Answer-of-the-Night”: I guess Genius isn’t very well known yet because while Albert Einstein was an easy pull, almost no one had an idea as to who was playing him.  Such so that I had a Lawrence Fishburne answer for playing Albert Einstein.  I kinda wanna see that now…

In “Down-With-Opera!”: There’s a reason we call it the Dreaded Opera Question.  Everyone got skunked on it tonight, with the Barber of Seville and Figaro splitting the field.  I can understand those though, so you still get kudos.  You put operas at least!

In third place tonight, Beer Pressure!

In second place tonight, Pegging Patschak!

In first place tonight, The Cupid Fan Club!

Great game tonight guys; next week we’ll kick things off with African Countries!  Study up and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,

~ Ian

Africa Trivia


FireFlies in Alexandria, VA

Looks like a few folks were out celebrating Valentine’s instead of playing trivia, but that’s OK…  We felt the love at Fireflies tonight!  Our winner’s choice proved just how advantageous choosing the category can be – only last week’s winners were able to answer the tough question about the classic Britney Spears film “Crossroads”.  All teams knew quite a bit about Tom Brady, Turkish, and archaeology, so the rest of Round One was a breeze.  ALL teams were tripped up, however, by the bonus question about Geoffrey Rush playing Einstein in the new National Geographic show “Genius”.  All SEEMED confident when answering the National Parks question, but only two got it right, with Alaska having the largest U.S. National Parks.

Round Three showed just how few of our players are fast food lovers.  Only one team could name the two new variations of the Big Mac: The Mac Jr. and the Grand Mac.  But Ed Sheeran was the real stumper of the night, with no one able to guess him despite being given his two most recent hit songs (one of which is currently the #1 hit in the country!).  Round Four had one opera lover extraordinaire who correctly answered the “dreaded” opera question AND bonus.  Almost all teams nailed it on the final answer, so it was up to strategizing the final wager to find our winner.  Here are our top three teams tonight:

First Place:  Out Like Flynn

Second Place:  Fun Squad

Third Place:  Einhorn is Finkle, Finkle is Einhorn

Next week’s first category:  Anal Bum Cover (sorry, that’s “An Album Cover”)

Uh oh…  The picture below actually contains the answer to next week’s question!  See you next Tuesday!

~ Kate

Album Covers Trivia


Blue Parrott in St. Petersburg, FL

Love was in the air at the Blue Parrot tonight!  Seven teams competing for prizes, but only three teams get it.  Tough 3rd and 4th round for most teams, making it a difficult comeback for some teams. With a strategic score, GTS pulled through to get the 3rd place prize!  It was Appalachian Rise who took the lead and the win, and Parrotheads winning 2nd.  Thanks to all the teams that participated.

Next week’s first category:  Y2K Country Music (Audio)

~ Brittany

Modern Country Trivia


Monkey La La in Frederick, MD

Love was in the air at Monkey La La on this beautiful Valentine’s night – Sad and Demented but Social was short-handed tonight, but they made a few new friends to round out their squad and took first place!  Reigning World-Series champs Stink Floyd hopped into second after snagging the correct answer of Uranium on the final, and Southpaw Fish took third playing solo!

I’d usually take this opportunity to make a joke about playing alone on Valentine’s day, but I was just as alone behind that hosting table…  The most memorable part of the night was the dreaded opera question – where Barber of Seville was just too good of an answer not to slam a nine-point wager down.  Ouch.

Next week’s winner’s choice category is Last Words / First Words (Christopher Walken).  Good luck, trivia writer.

See you next week!

~ Colin

Christopher Walken Trivia


Quincy’s South in Rockville, MD

Tonight was Valentine’s Day, and for those of you who are SERIOUS trivia players, you’d much rather join us for a night of Pour House Trivia than a date night with your significant other.  We were missing some regulars tonight perhaps due to pre-scheduled love-y events but those of you who dubbed trivia as a bigger priority, we were glad to have you!

We had some teams who turned trivia night INTO their Valentine’s Date night.  I had to work obviously, so my girlfriend Christine was there with me to make the best of it.  Jeff King had a hot date with his iPad… (it’s not as bad as it sounds…).  Scott from Uncle Jack had his fiancee, Hilary and Greg, the newlyweds, were here to celebrate. This is just to name a few of the familiar faces who had a nice trivia date night for Valentine’s.  I’m sure a good number of the players tonight were matched up and coupled out tonight!

That being said, let’s hop into the game.  Wingardium Triviosa had a rough game last week as they barely held on to finish in the top three.  Uncle Jack took down a win last week.  And let ME pick the first category tonight in honor of my birthday!  We started off with a Triple 50/50 Demi Lovato or Selena Gomez, a category idea which stems from an inside joke I have with Brandon Cunningham of The A-Team (PHT Season XIV World Series almost-champions).  A fun one to start with, most teams picking up points there.

After a few rounds of play, Wingardium Triviosa looked poised and ready to bounce back with a victory, missing only four points ALL GAME!  They looked solid and looked nearly unbeatable. An easier final tonight led to another victory for them, no surprise based on how good they look tonight.  Uncle Jack takes 2nd and Sofa King Smart takes 3rd. That’s a wrap! Thanks for joining us, we’re back in a week!

Next week’s first category:  Broadway (AUDIO)

Broadway Musicals Trivia