USA! USA! USA! Sorry Ghana! Pour House Pub Trivia Monday Roundup

Pour House pub trivia extends a hearty congratulations to the USMNT for their superb showing today!

Let’s hope Jozy (we’re on a first-name basis, don’t you know?) recovers quickly to help us through the group of death!

But perhaps as important as the USA-Ghana matchup was the live trivia games we had Monday!

We’d like to extend a warm welcome to the newest member of the Pour House Family – The Roasthouse Pub!

On to the games!


Dan’s Restaurant – Boonsboro, MD

Week two of the Summer Fling season ‘kicked off’ (get it?) at Dan’s in Boonsboro, and Big Test Icicles came out of the gate strong and never looked back.  Thanksfully, they had the game sealed up after round four, as they were unable to come up with the correct response on a very tough final, and took down their second win of the season.  Beauty and the Beast (aka Wiseacres) took second, with It’s Just Toothpaste in third.  Next week, we begin with a question on “The Shawshank Redemption”.  ~ Matt

The Shawshank Redemption Trivia Maryland


Del Ray Pizza – Alexandria, VA

No live trivia this week, but next week we start with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pub Quiz Maryland

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

Greene Turtle was off this week, but next week we start with Diabetes.

[th_youtube id=’ILIvPzyK_8I’ name=’Diabetes Live Trivia Maryland’]


il Forno – Frederick, MD

Got an opportunity to substitute for Mr. DG tonight at il Forno… Game went very, very well, with a hell of a finish! We had a packed house with more than 15 teams playing tonight. After all was said and done, the final question beat up a lot of the teams… Wiseacres jumped up to 3rd place with a correct response AS A SOLO! Congrats to him. 2nd place went to Thundercats after a well played game. 1st place went to Latrilla and the Mossy Banks after sniping the final, jumping up from 5th place to secure the W! Great game!
1st Place:  Latrilla and the Mossy Banks
2nd Place:Thundercats
3rd Place:Wiseacres
Next week’s category: Willam Belli
Willam Belli


Roast House Pub – Frederick, MD

We had a great inaugural night here at the Roast House! Ten teams packed in for good food, good beer, and good pub trivia!

And some people were there for the World Cup, but I like to think they were cheering for me. Still, go USA!

The scores were up and down all night! The two-point bonuses certainly came in handy, especially with not one but TWO one-man teams vying for the top spot. And especially when things got loud for a GOOOOOOAALL!

Anyways, after a rowdy night of fun, it really came down to the final category.

Two Captains of Industry dominated the answers. Only one was correct, and with that correct answer came a final leaderboard shake-up.

In third place, came School’s Out! Well done guys, jumping up at the end. And incidentally, props to them for being the only team to know that the Natural Monument on New Hampshire’s State Quarter is the Man in the Mountain, though there was no 2pt bonus for it.

In second place, playing solo, was My Mom Dates Foghorn Leghorn! Love the team name, and mad props for taking the second spot alone!

But standing alone at the top of the leaderboard and snagging that $50 grand prize for our opening night, was Multiple Scorgasms! Well played guys; I can tell you’re gonna be a fun team to host for, keeping me on my toes!

Thank you all for coming out for our first night at the Roast House! I hope to see you all next week, for the first of the Winner’s Choice categories; Multiple Scorgasms would like the category of Cut a Rugby to start things off next week! Should be interesting!

Until next time,