U-S-A! U-S-A! Beat those Germans! Pour House Pub Trivia’s Wednesday World Cup Match Eve Recap

Pour House pub trivia‘s Wednesday games brought hot and heavy action at eight venues, and was the perfect lead-in for the USA-Germany showdown!

In the interest of generating a little positive mojo for our boys out there, how about a little USA action?

A little Captain America!

[th_youtube id=’srnxYb-hbK8′ name=’USA Germany World Cup’]

And it wouldn’t be complete without the Hulkster, would it?

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Check out the games!

Atlantic Grille – Urbana, MD

Fun times with the Summer Fling of pub quiz at Atlantic Grille in Urbana! Most valuable lessons of the evening are that Bernard Hinault did not win a hot dog eating contest, “yarmulke” has an “R” in it, and it’s a really bad idea to put “Woody Allen” and “tool in the same sentence 😛
Strangers Have the Best Candy couldn’t be caught and finished in 1st with a 30 point lead! Men & Pausers secured a solid second while It’s Elementary, Dear Watson rounded out third! As I am fond of having my ego stroked, next week’s winners’ choice category is Eric is a Famous Eric! Basically a question about a well-known Eric (or Erik) either real or fictional 🙂 See you next week, where my name will be on everyone’s lips!
– Eric 😀
 My friends and I had “One on One” tournaments back on the Commodore 64. I’m just gonna throw this out there…I was a beast with Dr.J! And that game was pretty bad a$$ in the early 80s! Brought back some good memories 🙂

One on One Live Trivia maryland
And  what a game of trivia tonight as well! It was standing room only when we kicked off at 9pm! And it was a horse race for 2 hours, with the top slots bobbing and weaving (which is not a horse race, but a boxing match rather). And then came that final! It was a tough one but not for Phlitches, apparently, who answered quickly and confidently and jumped from 4th to 1st…FOR THE WIN! Good Game Phlitches!
Phlitches Pour House Trivia Maryland
2nd and 3rd came down to a tie breaker between Slapsgiving and Aaron Hernandez Is No Longer a Tight End. The first Tour de France…1903! And Slapsgiving takes down the 2 spot!
Slapsgiving Pour House Live Trivia Maryland
Third Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland
Thanks a bunch everyone for coming out and playing tonight. Hope to see you next Wednesday as our Summer Fling continues. Phlitches have chosen “Mormonism” as R1Q1 for next Wednesday 🙂 Good stuff… see you then. dg
Mormonism Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland



Bennigan’s – Clarksburg, Maryland

Tonight’s game of live trivia had the most twists and turns of any game of trivia I’ve seen in a while. I believe we had a different team in the number one spot after each round. But the only thing that matters is who has the number one spot at the end of the game. With only 2 of our teams snagging a correct response on the final, the game ended up like this: we had Hangin’ with Anderson Cooper finish 3rd, after being in 1st before the final question, Murder on the Polar Express took down 2nd place with a correct response, coming all the way back from something like dead last… Hahah… The team to win it tonight was Team Janet moving from 3rd place all the way to 1st with a correct answer to the final question. That’s how it worked out! John of Uncle Jack won our weekly post game Mini-game challenge tonight with some Vice President pulls that I’ve never even heard of! Great times were had by all. Until next week 😉
1st Place:Team Janet
2nd Place: Murder on the Polar Express
3rd Place: Hangin’ with Anderson Cooper
Next week’s category: Degrassi
[th_youtube id=’4rFZSWVIhoI’ name=’Degrassi Pour House Trivia Maryland’]


The Cellar Door – Frederick, MD

Cellar had it all tonight! Laughter, cheering, fist shaking and even a couple people cuttin’ a rug! The only thing we didn’t have was space!
TNC, thanks for taking one for the team and playing on the side seats.. I’m impressed with your dedication. I’m also impressed with the strategy of our teams tonight, the final twist turned it all upside down.
It was Team Wednesday who shimmied in to 3rd tonight, Grab a straw had led all night but were brought low in to 2nd by a tough final and One Crow Short of a Murder were the only team who got that tough final- catapulting them in to first place!
Nicely done! I will see you all next week for a question on The Office. Have a good week!
[th_youtube id=’_tYfQeVA3qk’ name=’The Office Pour House Live Trivia Maryland’]


Revolution Bar– Fairfax, Virginia

 After a long hiatus, trivia was back at The Bar Formerly Know As Fast Eddies! Revolution Bar saw 4 teams duke it out for the top spot on our first night back, and what a crazy game it was!

The scoreboard changed a number of times; early leaders Mess and Jegg had to fight to hold their position against the charging Movin’ On Up, while last season’s house champs, newly christened as Liquor? We Hardly Know Her! fought tooth and nail against traveling team Sic Semper Tyrannis.

Points of contention from the teams during the night:

Sports video games barely count as video games.

Hulk Hogan certainly does NOT know best.

Apparently when I am not hosting, I moonlight as king of the faeries, Not sure how I feel about that one…

But when all was said and done, only one team got the final correct causing a final scoreboard shakeup. The way it went down is this!

In third place, snagging the correct answer and a spot in the top three, was Sic Semper Tyrannis! Way to bounce back from some tough rounds guys!

In second, holding the lead for so long during the night, but losing it at the last second, came Mess and Jegg! Close game guys, well played!

And taking first by 1 solitary point, the troublemakers over at Movin On Up. With a 2 week old baby in tow, no less! Congratulations on the win, and on such a mellow newborn! She didn’t make a peep all night, even though you all certainly did!

Movin On Up has chosen one of my favorite party games as their bonus category for next week: Cards Against Humanity! If you don’t know what it is, think Apples to Apples for adults. Or crazy people. Trust me though, it’s fun.

See you next week guys! Until then,

Cards Against Humanity Pour House Trivia


The Olney Tavern – Olney, MD

It took us a few weeks, but I think we’ve finally taught our friends from #Dumbasses the finer points of Last Word/First Word! Congrats to them on nailing that, and their early run tonight.

Unfortunately, an early run sometimes leads to a late fade, and that bug bit the #Dumbasses, who fell to third on the final leaderboard.

Taking second home was Only The Lonely!

And the winners, for the third week in a row, though only by a single point were I Just Quizzed in my Pants!

They chose, after a last minute switch, song lyrics from the 2000s! Get out that not-so-oldies station, and pump up the jams!

Lyrics Pour House Pub Trivia maryland

The Sumemr Fling season is rolling right along in Old Town Alexandria, and after a close game all evening, it was Wee Baby Seamus who was able to come from behind to win the game after they were one of thew few teams to hit the final quesstion.  A conservative wager salvaged second place for Trivia Newton John, while It’s OK if Uruguay jumped a few spots by also getting the final question.  Next week begins with a question on Heavy Metal Deaths.  ~ Matt


Valley Grill – Middletown, MD

We stayed inside for tonight’s bar trivia due to the wet weather and as always we had a blast at Valley Grill!

Fat Kids are Hard to Kidnap was our winners tonight after nailing the final for the win! Southpaw Fish took 2nd, and FNQ finished in 3rd.

Join me again next week, where our first category will be TREES. I guess we’ll be strolling through the forest for research.

~ Ronnie

Trees Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland