Two days ’til Turkey! Pour House Trivia Tuesday Recap!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday night brought us ever closer to divine Turkey and fixins’! It was Turkey Day eve eve, but we still hit you with SIX games of live trivia! Take a gander at the games, would ya?

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

What a performance at Cap City Brewing tonight, as Ramparting Ways (tonight playing as ‘Pilgrims are Beer Guzzling Bastards’) turned a close first-half game into a complete runaway, racking up an insane 18-point lead after round four, and icing this one before we even asked the final question.  They missed only two potential points after round one.  Filling out our top three were Capitol City Goofballs and Zissou.  Next week, we begin the Season X homestretch with a question on 1980s Heavy Metal.  ~ Matt

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

You know what I am thankful for this week? Teams who make pilgrimages! I had some familiar faces stop in on a Tuesday night to celebrate Thanksgiving eve’s eve with me on this non-snowy Tuesday night. It was fun watching the teams travel all over the scoreboard tonight, I think some of them covered more ground than I do on my daily commute! In 3rd tonight it was finally, Finally!, Cranius Maximus. I think they had some help stashed in those crutches, good game and good choice on calling in the reserves. 2nd went to the fluctuating team of BTI! When they had less, they did more but it was a helluva impressive tumble back in to the top 3- 2nd at that! 1st though, 1st went to the Giza Strippers. Yup. They came, and they took. Not too many bobbles along the way either; it was a nice game. What wasn’t so nice was their choice of first categories for next week. It’s an audio clue – Spice Girls. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that they will not be here next week. Thanks guys :p Have a very happy and safe Thanksgiving and I will see you next week. ~Samantha

spice girls trivia in maryland

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Thanks to everyone for tolerating my cold-medicine fueled version of our game of trivia tonight at Cuginis in Poolesville. I was glad to be able to come and get another game in with all of you before the holiday. It was a nail-biter of a game, with Drunk n Disorderly going large at the end to jump into 1st! Serenity Now wagered smartly to assure 2nd, and MoMo nailed the final to achieve 3rd. Happy Thanksgiving to you all, and see you next week for a Twilight Series opening question. ~ Ronnie Twilight Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone! Let’s see… What am I thankful for this year? Well, great questions, even better answers, and a great group of teams to share it all with!

Looking to defend their win, If We Only Had A Brain took and held an early lead, even up against some tough competition. With a trio of veteran teams leading the pack, it came down to some surprising wheelhouse questions (their Jay-Z and LMFAO knowledge is STRONG!), IWOAB extended their lead to the point where they had locked up first even before the final question!
Congrats on the repeat win, as well as good showings from American Outlaws in second and Army of One in third. Next week’s first category will be 1970’s Sitcom’s. Is this the week? Is a “Maude” question coming? My old team’s nemesis… the one sitcom I know nothing about!

Markham’s – Bethesda, MD

Happy Thanksgiving Eve-Eve everyone! Markham’s was hopping and pumped up with Thanksgiving cheer, which meant the smack talk started early, as a pile of teams duked it out for pub trivia supremacy! Highlights of the night: Unfortunately, contrary to popular belief, Alcatraz sits smack dab in the middle of San Fransisco, which although relatively closer to Sacramento than say Bethesda, is still not Folsom! At halftime, we had a three-way tie for second at 77, just behind the leader at 78! Talk about a close game! The second half made the difference, as wheels began falling off left and right. Particularly, the Collage and Go questions caused some massive point pile-ups! How would the dust settle? In third place, missing the final unfortunately and dropping a spot, came the Illinois Tornadoes, split off from the Snowmen! Tough break guys, but I’m glad you had fun with parents in town joining the team! In second place, the only team to get the final correct, but wagering a defensive 0, but still letting them jump up the standings came the Chronic Underachievers! Good job guys, way to hang tough! In first place though, leading the whole night, was a NEW team, the Raging owls! Congratulations on the well earned inaugural win guys, and we hope to see you back next week! The Owls have chosen College Mascots for their first round category next week, so study up and get your fight songs ready, and we’ll see you next time at Markhams! Until then, Ian

College Mascot Trivia Pour House Pub Trivia Maryland

Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

What do you get when you cross King Tut, a Cobb Salad,  ‘The Picture of Dorian Gray and a whole lotta tequila and fireball shots? Well…none other than our own little brand of Tuesday trivia night at Monkey La La, of course! It’s the ‘bad boy’ of trivia nights, of sorts 😉 And we certainly were naughty last for sure! With 15 teams of trivia folk battling it out on Thanksgiving Eve Eve, we had a party my friends! And it was fun!

Fun set of questions and answers tonight as well. “My Mom,” made her infamous cameos onto many answer slips tonight. I haven’t seen her show up in a bit, so it was nice to see her 😉 My “fun question of the night” had to be when we had a group sing along of Bette Midler’s “Wind Beneath My Wings.” That tune just brings out the inner “hugger” in me. Just need to be held after hearing that one! “Tough Answer of the Night” goes to COLLAGE! Decoupage, Paper Machet! This question put the rope-a-dope on some scores. Fun times no less! Aweomse game tonight everyone!

Congrats to our Top 3 this evening!




And props to One Crow Short of a Murder and Spoony Richards, who Top 5’d this thing against a field of 15! Good work y’all!

And that my friends, is a Thanksgiving Eve Pre-Game! Thanks for coming out and playing! And I want to say, to all of my friends at all of my trivia nights –  I am very thankful to be able to hang with you all and have some fun every week. I am very grateful and thankful to have all of you in my world 🙂 I wish you and your families and very Happy Thanksgiving.

Next Tuesday at La La we will kick off with some “Denny Sings Disney (No Frozen!). I shall practice over some leftovers all weekend 🙂 Be well everyone! See you soon… Much love… DG