TV, Oprah and much more on Tuesday with Pour House Pub Trivia!

Pour House pub trivia‘s Tuesday mixed in some TV, a little weight watchers and a whole bunch more!

Check it, gang.

Capitol City Brewing Company – Arlington, VA

Our last game of 2015 ended with another win for our season leaders the Capital Hillbillies (tonight playing as Christmas Hangover).  They are primed and ready for World Series XII now less than one month away!  Second place came down to our poetry-themed tiebreaker, with I Mustache You a Question pulling it over ALL CAPS.  Our first game of 2016 begins with a question on the Mel Brooks film “History of the World Part I”.  ~ Matt



Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Well it was a bit of a bumpy start for your Hostess but you all took it in stride without so much as a pause. Well other than the pausing everyone did in congratulating each other in making it through another family holiday 😉

It was nice to have everyone together all cheery like! There was a lot to be cheery about tonight as teams showed that they may have let Mr Boston get to heir eggnog but they hadn’t killed all that many braincells over Christmas! You guys and gals were on fire, not much was getting by you tonight. Had a bit of a bobble on the Met vs the Yankees, China Garden and of course the Damn you Mel Torme moment.. I don’t even want to talk about the smack down you put on the final. I think I could have said photo, ’69, London and you would have still slaughtered it.

I had to put my counting skills to work as we had a couple teams tonight who were pushing the limits on how many people you can squeeze in to a table, let alone on a team. So many happy faces! We would have had 2nd place and Jungle Fever in our top two places but they had stacked the deck so were out. In 1st ended up being Quiz in my pants, 2nd went to Hate us cuze they anus and in a threeway (Shocking!) tiebreaker for 3rd it was Thundercats who came up with the year to beat out Wiser but still dead and the new kids of Inclusive Elopement.

Thanks for hanging out tonight, have a wonderful and safe new years and next week we will meet up for a first question of How I Met your Mother. The show. Not my family history.


How I Met Your Mother Pub trivia MD

Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Tough contest tonight going into the final round as 60% of the field had a chance to walk away winners of the last game of 2015 here at Cugini’s!
Run on sentence aside, it was a great game! I want to wish you all a Happy New Year and please be safe over the holiday. Here are the results of tonight’s game:
MoMo in 1st
U Talking to Me in 2nd

You Never Know in 3rd

Our first category of 2016 will be Homeland: Season 5! Cya next year!
~ Ronnie

Celebrity Bar and Grill, Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

Coming soon!

Greene Turtle – Hagerstown, MD

How many teams can we cram into the Turtle. At least 10! The Turtle is the place to be, with new teams Roll It, Boonsboro Patriots, It Is What It Is, and We Thought This Was Speed Dating. Even the Bends had to break off into two teams, creating the new Cerci’s Walk.

This was an amazing game! By the half we had Cotton Candy up by 4 over Cerci’s Walk, but they only kept it to a 2 point lead after the third quarter, with That’s a Niner and the Cobras neck and neck.

In the final, Cotton Candy, kept their lead by one point. Cerci’s Walk took second. But it came down to a tie breaker between the Niners and the Cobras. When deciding when The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere was published, the Niners guessed closer by just 2 years. Congratulations teams!

Remember that we’re back to Mondays starting next week, and Chad will be your returning host. It’s been a great time hosting for the best teams in the league. So long and thanks for all the fish.


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD

Coming soon!

Orioles Nest #331 – Frederick, MD

Since tonight’s game was the last one of the year at the Oriole’s Nest, there were a few questions in the theme of 2015 in review, including a New Year’s themed halftime page. We started the game, however, with a question about the Flash/Arrow Universe on the CW Network, and even doubled up on Superhero questions in the first round. The other question was about Spider-Man, talking about the recent reboot where they named it “The Amazing Spider-Man”, replacing Tobey Maguire with Andrew Garfield.

Opening the second round was an audio question about TV theme songs, and I’d never even heard of the show, China Beach, which apparently came out before I was even born. The theme song was pretty cool though, and it was by Diana Ross and the Supremes, which a few teams knew even though they got the show wrong. After that we had a question about Oprah Winfrey buying stock in Weight Watchers and being in their new ad campaign, with a commercial for that actually coming on the TV a few rounds later (thankfully it didn’t happen during the question!). I thought teams did very well on the idiomatic origins question, figuring out that we were referencing Murphy’s Law.

Ending the first half was a question about the rising NBA superstar Stephen Curry, who exploded onto the scene last year with an MVP, NBA Championship, and winning the Male Athlete of the Year award. Halftime tonight had teams identifying influential people from TIME Magazine’s 100 most influential people of 2015 list, as well as answering questions where the word NEW is in all the answers. A few teams did really well, and overall I was impressed with how teams did, although almost nobody knew Tim Cook or Janet Yellen. We headed into the second half with a few teams tied at the top, and the rest not far behind.

The second half opened up with a question about a pitcher who is the namesake for a surgery also known as ‘ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction’, which is Tommy John surgery. The question about Headlines of 2015 asked about an incident that happened in January of 2015, where Charlie Hebdo was attacked by terrorists and the phrase “Je Suis Charlie” was created and exploded onto Twitter almost immediately. We even had a reappearance of the Last Word/First Word category, talking about Some Like It Hot and Hot Tamales.

Heading into the final round, we had a 6-4-2 where we learned that Big Bird’s feathers are from Turkeys, which I never would have guessed. Opening the final round was Greek Mythology, talking about Persephone who is usually depicted holding a pomegranate for some reason. I liked having a question about Chandler come up, which is not only Mr. Bing but also is a name for somebody who makes candles. We ended the final round asking about the movies of Nanny McPhee, and asked teams to name the title of the sequel, which generated some humorous answers. My favorites were Nanny McPhee: First Blood, and Nanny McPhee: Going Postal.

Heading into the final question, things were pretty close, with a final about “Iconic Images” which generated some odd looks. However, the question proved to be rather gettable, with most teams nailing the final, which talked about an iconic photo taken in 1969 in London of a certain person or group. Most teams got that we were talking about The Beatles, with the image being the cover of the Abbey Road album. Third place tonight went to Smarty Pants, who played tough all the way through. Second place went to Black Steel, who couldn’t quite close that 1-point gap. Winning tonight, congrats goes out to Eddie Money’s Kids on the victory! Nice job! Next week we start with a question in the category of Headlines of 2016 (in honor of the new year starting up this week). So looks like you only have to study for a week’s worth of headlines, and I’ll see you all again next week!

Until next time,

Quincy’s South – Rockville, MD

It’s starting to get cold outside but luckily it’s been HOT here at Quincy’s for live trivia night! Packed house tonight and once again we eclipse the double digit team number! Everything was shaping up to be a great game and I’m glad I was a part of it!

Lots of teams coming out strong tonight but the team that looked the most untouchable had to be If We Lose the Terrorists Win. Here’s a team that began with a single player who joined up with a duo team early on in the Quincy’s trivia game. Those 3 joined up with a team of 4 that joined a bit after that. Apart, they were decent, but together, they are pretty freaking good! This trend continued tonight as they held a pretty strong lead going into the second half.

The hardest question of the night tonight based on the percentages was our Greek Mythology question. We asked the teams to identify what fruit Persephone was holding in many pictures and depictions in culture. Lots of apples knocked people down a bit BUT a few teams picking up points on that one!

Going into the final, If We Lose held the lead with Rock the Cash Bar holding onto 2nd place and 3rd was rounded out by newcomers Heroes in a Half Shell… The final question would be where we find out if those teams held onto their placements… Well here’s how it all unfolded… Every single team got the final question correct, a rare occurence at a PHT game but it happened here tonight! Great job to all teams! What that means is that our top 3 going in finished in the top 3 going out. Congrats to our winners tonight If We Lose the Terrorists Win holding off the Terrorists for another week!

Have a good rest of the week guys, I’ll see ya in 2016! If 2016 is as good as 2015, then oh wow am I excited. Later all!

1st Place: If We Lose the Terrorists Win
2nd Place: Rock the Cash Bar
3rd Place: Heroes in a Half Shell

Next week: 1980s One Hit Wonder AUDIO

1980s hits

Senor Tequila’s – Germantown, MD

In “Unexpected-Doozies”: When I hear ‘The Christmas Song’ without fail I go straight to Nat King Cole belting out those first six words: Chestnuts roasting, on an open fire. So when I see teams putting down Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree, and We Wish You a Merry Christmas, I gotta fight hard not to have my eye start twitching. Was not expecting that to be a tough one, and yet we had a lot of high wager misses!

In “I-Can-Only-Do-So-Much”: People shouting out about Oprah joining Weightwatchers? I can talk over them and shut that down. Oprah’s weightwatcher’s commercial coming onto the TVs? Yeah nothing I can do about that…

In “Oh-My”: You all have quite the vivid imaginations when trying to come up with answers to the title of the Nanny McPhee sequels. Some of them were tres risque!

The final was a wash of correct answers tonight, so the podium was pretty much set.

In third place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

In second place tonight, the Ollie Monsters!

In first place tonight, the John Lithgow Fan Club!

Great game tonight guys! When we reconvene next year, we’ll kick things off with a Sherlock Holmes category. Specifically the books, not the movies! Study up, and have a happy New Year!

Until then,

Sherlock Holmes Pour House Pub Trivia MD

Tilted Kilt – Frederick, MD

We had an exciting holiday game of live trivia this week, with teams looking forward to a short work week. Teams were quick to answer and the scores really added up quickly! With only a few weeks left in the season, it’s down to the wire to decide our House Champion.

We learned all about Stephen Curry, the highest-grossing kids movie of 2015, and we all heard about Chip Kelly’s firing as it happened. Sorry, Philly fans. Or is that congratulations?

As we arrived at our final, it was still a close game. In the end, Poovey Farms once again claimed the victory and those sweet, sweet points. In second was Duchess, followed by Team Deez!

Poovey Farms has chosen, “Friends” as next week’s first category, so get watching and I’ll see you next week!

Friends trivia pour house pub trivia maryland


Whole Foods – Ashburn, VA

A busy night at whole foods as 11 teams came out to play! We had a lot of frontrunners up to the end (and they even got through an awful example of first word last word…) but it was the final question and some good wagering that decided it all!

Ktnns got the most points but played over the limit

1st Taco Tuesday
2nd Southern Dandies
3rd Clueless

First category next week will be 70’s Rock.

See you then!


70s Rock Pour House Trivia