Tusken Raider? I Hardly Know Her – FTW!

Well the force was certainly strong at Belles on Friday as we had 25 teams show up for our 2nd Star Wars Theme game from Pour House Trivia! All of the players were wonderful, and your comments at the end of the night were truly kind and appreciated.It took just over two hours to create a saga of our own! Your team names were hilarious and inspired, and I’ve asked that the spreadsheet be posted so you can see them all for yourselves.

The Pour House Grandmasters were gracious in defeat, and as soon as they regain control of their Tie Advanced Fighters, they said they will be back next game with a vengeance! Give it up for Tusken Raider: I Hardly Know Her, as this was a repeat win for them as well. Here are the top six teams below:

 Tusken Raider: I hardly Know Her in 1st
Comfortably Dumb in 2nd
Hair Buns of Steel in 3rd
Kylo Ren & Stimpy in 4th
The Force Hits the Snooze Button in 5th
Sith Happens in 6th
Thanks again to all the players, and I am looking forward to the next time we visit the Star Wars Universe together! ~ Ronnie