Tuesday’s Teams had their Eye on the Prize!

June is fast approaching with our World Series! Teams are feeling the pressure and pulling out all the stops to get those points! Check out the recap here..

Whole Foods in Ashburn, Va 

A great night in Ashburn as we packed the house at Whole Foods. A high scoring game as several teams almost reached the 170 mark. it came down to the wire but Mini Van Mafia took tonight’s prize.

1st Mini Van Mafia
2nd Taco Tuesday
3rd Donald Trump Speech Writers
First category next week is Gilmore Girls, see you then!

Tuesday night trivia at Capitol City Brewing in Shirlington always has a very competitive game, and tonight was no exception, as our top five teams were only separated a few points after each round, leading to some bold wagering heading into the final.  It was a tough question on World Geography, but we had several teams turn in their “best guess” at the last second, which for many of those teams was correct!  As a result, our top team Menace to Sobriety hung on to their lead and took home their first win of the season.  Second place went to Capitol City Goofballs, with Shirley You Can’t Be Serious in third.  Next week, a question on 1980s One-Hit Wonders, a personal favorite of mine!  ~ Matt



Cugini’s in Poolesville, Md

Close game down here in Poolesville, with tonight 3rd place team making a really nice comeback in the 2nd half to get back in it! It was strange for the sun to still be out at game start, wasn’t it? Anywho, here are the results of tonight’s trial:
That’s What She Said in 1st
MoMo in 2nd
Lightfoot in 3rd
Remember we will have two Winner’s Choice questions next week: “Classic Movie Monsters” & “Forrest Gump” ~ Ronnie

Back at Quincy’s tonight! Strong showing tonight. Lots of teams. Getting super competitive as it seems we have a new team winning each week. Tonight we’d see if that tendency keeps or if Big Ole Balls is able to start a streak!
Round 2 saw our hardest question of the night, surprisingly. Usually the most difficult questions pop up in the 3rd or 4th rounds but our Space Exploration question tonight played interestingly tough. Only 2 teams able to pick up points with “Mir”, the Russian satellite whose name means “peace” and was launched in 1986. Lots of “sputnik” responses, which I believe was launched sometime in the 50’s. Not terrible for a desperation guess, just a few decades off.
Off to a strong start was If We Lose the Terrorists win, up over 90 points and in the lead going into the 2nd half. Uncle Jack close behind with Big Ole Balls in 3rd. These 3 teams have pretty much solidified themselves as the teams to beat at Quincy’s, though none have been declared as the dominant threat among the 3. If We Lose was trying to make a point to be considered in that conversation.
Going into the final, Uncle Jack had pulled ahead, with If We Lose in 2nd and Big Ole Balls trailing back in 4th or 5th place. The final played hard tonight, only 2 teams getting it correct, so we had some mixing up in the top 3. 3rd place, a big jump for Big Ole Balls who got a correct response to finish in the money! 2nd place Uncle Jack who missed and winning tonight’s game is If We Lose the Terrorists Win!! Great game guys! We’re back next week to see if they can add to the current streak of 1!
1st Place:     If We Lose the Terrorists Win
2nd Place:    Uncle Jack
3rd Place:     Big Ole Balls
Next week:     Downton Abbey

Coming Soon..



We had an exciting Super Tuesday, as teams showed up in force, ready to do trivia battle for those coveted House Championship points… or just to game the system for those dual-venue points (no judgement, it’s a great strategy!)

With politics (and March Madness) on the brain, our teams delved right into our questions, though we did get led astray for a second on the prospect of combining the two into a fantasy competition for the ages: The Fictional Presidents Championship! I have to imagine that your divisions would be Action/Drama/Sci-Fi/Comedy, and that the #1 seeds would be Harrison Ford/Martin Sheen/Bill Pullman/Kevin Kline… I’m getting carried away again.
Anyway, strategic betting on the final was a risky play that panned out, as both the second and first place teams bet zero on the final!
Third Place: FUBAR
Second Place: Axis of Ignorance
First Place: FNQ
FNQ back-to-backs Tilted Kilt, and has selected, “Jacques Cousteau” as next week’s first category. Get exploring the depths (of Wikipedia), and I’ll see you next week!
Inline image 1

Senor Tequila’s in Germantown, Md

Tonight was a roller coaster of a game of Pour House Trivia at Senor Tequilas! New Teams dropped in and out like a revolving door, and old ones battled it out on the leaderboard and with some biting words!

Highlights of the Night:

In “You’re-In-The-Matrix-Charlie-Brown”: Well, some of you anyway. I thought people were going to get it on the movie clue, but it was still one of the tougher ones tonight it would seem!

In “Pulling-The-Trigger-too-Early”: The 6-4-2 was a big trap tonight, and a lot of teams feel for it hard. That’s why if you’re not 100% sure, you gotta wait! Could’ve made a big difference tonight!

In “Anybody-Got-A-Map-or-A-Clue?”: The Final tonight was murder, and wagering was the key to victory! Tragically, the only team to get it right, missed out on a third place tie by 1 point, a 3rd place finish outright by 2. So honorable mention tonight goes to Deep Blue!

In third place tonight, Beer Pressure!

In second place tonight, the John Lithgow Fan Club!

In first place tonight, Axl’s Doghouse!

Good game everyone! Next week we’ll kick thigns off with a category about Austin, Texas! Study up, and we’ll see you next time!

Until then,


The pre-St.Patty’s love was out in force Tuesday night at Monkey La La trivia night! What a game we had. Besides a fun set of questions, we had 9 teams romping around La La style for a bit on what turned out to definitely be a SUPER TUESDAY!

I think my favorite question of the night had to be the 6-4-2 and good ole’ Madison! We referenced Splash from back in the day; a day where Daryl Hannah (before the armpit hair rumors) had my heart. Let’s just say I’ve had a thing for mermaids ever since…

I also liked the Boy Scouts question as it reminded me of my days as an aspiring Eagle Scout.

Great times my friends. Thanks for coming out and playing. And congrats to our TOP 3 tonight. It was a wild game that saw about 3 or 4 different teams grab the top spot at least once in the game. When it was all said and one, however, our leader board looked like this:

fla trivia nightfla trivia nightfla trivia night

Thanks again y’all. Have a great St. Patty’s Day! I will see you next Tuesday night when we kick off with a question in the category of “Super Bowl History.” Til then…Love ya 🙂 DG