Tuesday’s round of Pour House Pub Trivia brought a little religion, a little music and a really loud, annoying board game!

I love when a set of Pour House pub trivia questions teaches me something, and Monday’s set did just that – as well as reminding me of one of my favorite childhood board games!

Who else remembers this earworm ad?! 

“POP! Goes perfection!”

[th_youtube id=’YTHNROgxVRs’ name=’Pop goes perfection!’]

I’m sorry that I got that stuck in your head all day. (Not really, though!)

It seems like Guam caused a little bit of a ruckus in our games tonight! That Mariana Trench is a tough spot to explore, and apparently a tough trivia question as well!

If you’re wanting a little more information about the trench (which is really fascinating!), check this documentary out. It’s CRAZY to me that James Cameron of all people has been to the bottom of it!

[th_youtube id=’KuPfn5faawE’ name=’Mariana Trench’]

​​Whip yourself up a Cordon Bleu and check out how the Tuesday games went!

Champion Billiards – Frederick, MD

Guam! Oh my, Guam! That last question shook up champions like a Chilean earthquake!

After the dust settled I think we were all shocked, only one team who was in the top three before the final managed to hold on.

Doomed dropped to third but it was only due to a strategic wager that they were there at all! Second went to Big Money, No Whammies! Glad you weren’t over seven tonight guys… and first? First went to Scuba Steve! 

That’s right, they came out of winter hibernation and took it all tonight! Good game, lots of fun to watch. I will see you next week for a very general first category of Presidents


Presidents Pub Trivia Category MD


Cugini’s Restaurant – Poolesville, MD

Sunshine doesn’t stop THESE trivia players from coming out to Cugini’s in Poolesville for their weekly dose of PHT!
The Murphs pulled it out of the fire for a first place finish! After a tiebreaker it was MoMo for second and Neverlands in third.
Special shout out to Above Average, that made into the top tier though they were only playing for “funsies” tonight.
Our first category for next week is Pixar films.
~ Ronnie
Pixar Films Pour House Pub Trivia Md


Hollywood Casino – Perryville, MD

It’s always a gamble at Hollywood Casino! Who knew Guam would be the final answer? Team Freedom did! They came in first with 152, BUT Trivia Sauras Rex followed behind with 143, and closing out the top three was If We Only Had a Brain with 135.
It was a great game tonight, really something else! Tune in next week to discuss Fast Food!
Fast Food Pub Trivia Category Maryland


Jekyll & Hyde Tavern – Frederick, MD

We had a crazy night of Pour House Trivia tonight at Jekyll & Hyde, and from start to finish teams were jumping all across the scoreboard.
In the end, though, Beer is Good managed to nail down the top slot!  Congratulations!
Second place went to We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat, and third place went to Brownie Points!
Great game everyone!  Next week’s first category is going to be Men’s College Basketball, so hopefully that’s fresh enough in your head for next week, and if not I’m sure ESPN will be full of some recap for you!  
Anyways, I’ll see you all next week!
– Brad
Men's College Basketball Trivia Category MD


Monkey La La – Frederick, MD 

Well, I have a new view of Tiramisu after the shenanigans at Monkey La La pub trivia night. We were in excellent company tonight with 11 teams worth of craziness…La La style! 
QUOTE OF THE NIGHT: “Uranus is in fact a gas giant!” – Team Bats!
Oh I do so love me some good ol’ fashioned, unadulterated Uranus humor! 
Pour House Pub Trivia MD
It was good to see you again Bats! And before I let you know how the game unfolded, one more Happy Birthday to Cathy of Blind Squirrels – thanks so much for the cake and for hosting adult trivia this evening with your hubby 🙂 Very fun night!
And Holy Marianna Trench my friends…That was a game tonight! It was tight, tight, tight all the way to the finish line. We had multiple ties going into the final. However, when Guam hits, it hits hard! The whole leader board was shaken up this evening! And the final Top Three Board looked like this:
1st: Silent Titty Deadly Bang – as a DUO! BOOM! Rocked it…very nice yall!
2nd: In a jump from 5th to 2nd, 3rd Quarter Nosedive! Great game 3QND.
3rd: LEAP OF THE SEASON…GOES TO… THE  BIRTHDAY GIRL AND and the crew of Blind Squirrels…jumped from 9th to 3rd!!! EXCELLENT GAME 🙂
Great times tonight my La La friends! STDB have picked an interesting category for next week’s game – “Movie Star Cameos in Music Videos.” Should be a fun one…Here is my favorite example…
 Walken Dance Pub Trivia Category Maryland
Have a great week EVERYONE. I will see you next Tuesday 🙂 dg


Ramparts Tavern – Alexandria, VA 

Another record crowd at Ramparts in Alexandria, as 17 teams crammed their way into the bar and played a bang-up game of trivia.  Last week’s winners, going by Thanks Hammerin’ Hank! last night, was on the warpath to try to make two in a row, and held a slight lead heading into the final.  But they could not come up with the correct response on Guam, and so it was 50 Shades of Balls who took down their first win ever!  Korner Bar finished second with the Stamp Collectors in third.  next week starts with a question on the Detroit Red Wings.  ~ Matt